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Our Future Generations! [Finished] Dragon10
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Our Future Generations! [Finished]

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Our Future Generations! [Finished] Empty Our Future Generations! [Finished]

Post by Cosmos on Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:43 pm

Our Future Generations! [Finished] 2cole10
Your Character is somehow placed in a world skipped 8 Generations further then his old one. Everything has evolved! Even humans. Wolves can now grow up to 2-8 tails and stand as tall as 13 ft! Dinosaurs are extinct? Think Again! Most Modern reptiles are half/as big as the ancient Dinorsaurs! Back then we didn't need tailbones, but humans now have tails! Depending on what kind of tail you have (Wolf, Cat, etc.) will determine how you interact with that living animal. Maybe you can speak to that animal? Tame it? Who knows, all they know is that depending on your tails will decide your fate with that species. Technology, isn't how we hoped. Humans have once again become feral, and live in tribes. Groups of people that have traditions and customs. What else has evolved, you ask? Well, the Sabers are back, and BIGGER. Imagine A saber with fangs as long as your arm! Everything has evolved! And it's your job to survive in the new and improved hostile world! Then again, we shouldn't have added "Improved".

Note that:

  • Technology is gone

  • Humans are feral, slightly bigger, and faster. And have physical abilities, depending on their tails.

  • Tribes have been established

  • Dinosaurs technically exist now

  • New foods, places, and well...everything's NEW

Out with the Old and In with the New! Can you survive in this new and hostile world?
Link- http://ournextgenerations.forumotion.com/

Sign up now so you guys can help me build the Future Of Our Past o3o xD~ Cozzy


Our Future Generations! [Finished] 10mqyci
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Our Future Generations! [Finished] 6f61bk
Cosmos was the cutest baby..

Our Future Generations! [Finished] Y02tD Our Future Generations! [Finished] F8SbH
Our Future Generations! [Finished] 3URvl
Our Future Generations! [Finished] VqYGx
Our Future Generations! [Finished] LXpqY
Our Future Generations! [Finished] SlOs5
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