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Taking the Reins? (IceWings) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Taking the Reins? (IceWings) Dragon10
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Taking the Reins? (IceWings)

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Taking the Reins? (IceWings) Empty Taking the Reins? (IceWings)

Post by Snowblaze Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:13 am

Snowblaze grumbled slightly to herself as she stood at the top of her tribe's current mountain home. They'd just... existed for so long, but it made logical sense, but they could try to do more than just survive, but that would put everyone in danger.... Gah! Snow wished her brain would just pick one way of thinking right now. She looked out, sighing a little. She had to think.

The dragoness would finally get up and walk back into the cave though, looking at anyone there as her icy tail barb dragged along the floor. She sat down, thinking more before getting ready to speak.... Except she had nothing.

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Taking the Reins? (IceWings) Empty Re: Taking the Reins? (IceWings)

Post by Gemna Fri Feb 05, 2021 2:06 pm

"Isolation, something truly made of madness and despair under the guise of peace, silence, and humbling the exiled or isolationist. Many have wanted to it, spouting their disdain of loudness and crowds, let alone even a loved one or a colleague. As time goes on in a lonely state, one would go from wanting that peace and quiet to truly having a desire to speak to others in months to come, see them again even though they do not realize it. It'll continue as hearing "things" in the corner, feeling something tap on your shoulder or perhaps a soft whisper of chill on the back of your neck; only for nothing to exist there. Chatter in the head becomes loud vocal arguments and riddled thoughts, eventually, one would succumb to seeing "things." Some day, if isolation persists, one would become paranoid and suspicious and leave the mind, no matter how intelligent or wise, to degradation and eventual madness. "Isolation," is far more damaging than actual wounds."

That was a personal excerpt of what happened to one such Royal Guard, Gemna; one of the last IceWings. It had been nearly months, if not a year, since he'd seen another of his kind, straying from this new, "Mountain Kingdom," as he loathed close spaces. It wasn't until recently that he rediscovered the remnants of the failed ice tribe, a very small, surviving collection of individuals. It was enough that Gemna couldn't help but fly here about three times a week, collecting material and food out of simple kindness. And despite protests from others who asked him to stay Gemna was adamant about it.

It was a white lie that he chose to remain in his home, rather, Gemna studies and watches the Great Wolves from a distance, away from all others and even his home. It gave the wyvern something to do and perhaps gain a knowledge of these beasts. He hungered fir knowledge, even carefully scouring the ruined kingdom for answers when most wolves were away hunting in their packs. A scroll here, a relic there, Gemna was careful and weary of what he chose to take and what to leave behind, and re-recording history the best he could from ruined scrolls and scripts. Nowadays, he seemed more a scholar than a royal guard... But these remnants had no real leader at all, instead, lived in a community of few.

The mountain was protective enough, the Great Wolves seemed... Intelligent, just enough to keep away from a defendable place they would need to climb. No, instead they stay in the flats and the tundras of the icy realm. Gemna was on his way yet again to see how the dragons were. He flew through the harsh and cold winds that would easily affect other species, but not him. Gemna was nearing the mountain when he could already se le a glimpse of a dragon. Dragoness mind him. Any time Gemna visited it always seemed more like an inspection, seeing what goes where and so forth, and of course, Gemna was always brutally honest with no regard with how he spoke, despite any attitude. This much was true toward Snowscale.

As he landed on an edge of a high-up entrance he noticed something bothering the smaller dragon. Normally Gemna would leave it alone however couldn't help but ask bluntly, "Is something the matter?"
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