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Post by Poem on Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:01 pm

ever onward went Poem walking across the rocky terrain, mountains covered the right side of his view, deep cliffs and their heavy water below on the left. night was almost near, the sun just beginning to dip below the horizon of the ocean. He dragged the heavy blade at the end of his tail, growing ever so tired. he knew he had to find someplace to sleep, he was so used to sleeping on sand he was a little worried. but he knew he felt better closer to the water, as he felt its pull. he looked over the cliffs to see some sand below. it was black as ash, "well its still sand" he looked on how to get down. it was at least a 200 foot drop. He paced in a circle as he wondered if he was really this desperate. but he felt the call of the ocean, it gave him some courage. He slowly backed up, as he ran knowing he could try and glide, the blade behind sparked across the rocks as he ran towards the edge. He stretched his wings out as far as he could then jumped, he winced from the pain, as they still hurt to use. The sting upon holding them out was manageable for the distance he needed to cover. He slowly glided over the ashy sand and eventually over the water, then he just let go. falling a hundred feet into the ocean. He dove into the welcoming waters. He noticed that the waters were surprisingly clean from his understanding of what the condition of the sand was. "how is it so clean?" He shook the thought from his head and began to swim to shore. the sand was just like normal sand, it felt the same smelled the same, it just looked different. he began to dig a hole in it one that would fill with water, enough to submerge him completely. he then curled himself up in the hole. the sun now has set entirely, and the moon appeared before him. in his achieved comfort he shut his eyes and then let everything go to black.

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