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Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath) Dragon10
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Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath)

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Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath) Empty Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath)

Post by Tenebris on Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:30 am

The Ebon Spire of the Island of Tremendae, is the dark heart of the Nightwing Potentate. From this colossal tower of obsidian stone the administration and conforming of all the Nightwing's practice of Slavery is conducted, here where the mind and spirit are broken so that the those captured and bred by the Nightwings can serve their purpose in the greater good to sustain the Tribe. Built through decades atop blood and bone, even Tenebris himself knew that if the walls of the Spire could talk, he'd beg for deafness. Though one cannot hear the whispers of the ages, all knew that coming to Tremendae was to feel the remnants in the tales of lives lost and deaths of agony, they remain cloistered in the Spires dungeons and the various camps and internment housing of the Slave communities throughout the Island. A constant echo of despair surrounds the obsidian twisted rocks which define the Island. There at the precipice, atop of the Spire Archon Tenebris awaited his guest in a wide open aerie, which provided an open view of the entire island. The Spire itself was a stark contrast to the magnificently crafted Palace of Shadow's Refugee, for the tower was more akin to a carved hollowed-out rock of Obsidian Stone, appearing as though a dark talon which extended upright to grasp at the heavens from the island of Tremendae below.

Tenebris sat remaining at the apex of the tower, brooding in silent contemplation. He wore none of his usual attire of silver, not even a ring adorned his horns for he rarely ever desired the public appeal of being sighted at Tremendae. At either side of the Archon, he was flanked by his Inquisitors Seth and Hastur who remained just as quiet as their liege and master. Present also was ten cages each housing one of the more troublesome slaves which proved difficult in the conforming rituals, which Tenebris was more than happy for Chorgath to use in his demonstrations as he saw fit. Two younger Nightwings stood opposite the Archon, setting up what appeared to be a makeshift laboratory with various elixirs and apparatus's on standby as well as the purpose for the two apprentice Apothecaries to take accounts and notes of the upcoming demonstration. Now the Archon had only to wait for the Guardian's to escort Chorgath to Tremendae and the Ebon Spire.

Tenebris's Bio
A look at one of Tenebris's Publications as a Scholar

Tenebris's backstory

"Destiny isn't a matter of chance, its a matter of choice. Only we can claim our Destiny when the path opens" ~ Tenebris lamenting.

"Oftentimes in reality, the realists are in the position of the antihero. Neither those on the side of good, nor the side of bad really trust them, as their truth is universal." ~ Tenebris, Archon of the Ebonwing Potentate.

Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath) Tenebr10
Archon of the Nightwings

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Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath) Empty Re: Dealing with Darkness Part 2 (Chogath)

Post by Chogath on Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:06 pm

The great wing beats of the drake known as Chogath echoed over the see as on his flanks his minions flew right alongside him. Kog had a chest strapped to his back as Zix carried many vials of other nature in a large satchel. Chogath himself carried quite a bit of ink and various venoms with him, as he spotted the island in the distance. His serpent like tongue flicked eagerly as he drew closer, keeping to the clouds to minimize those who noticed his arrival. Chogath did not hesitate to begin heading for the palace, knowing that that is where Archon Tenebris would reside. He spotted the aerie and banked with his minions to arrive there, gliding in slowly as he landed neatly within. A thud echoed across the room as Kog set down, Zix nearly silent in comparison. The trio dipped their heads to Tenebris in respect, as Chogath’s smooth, almost hissy voice sounded from his maw. “It is a pleasure we get to speak again, Archon. I have brought many of my concoctions, weapon and otherwise, for you to see in action.” If Chogath knew the history of this place he gave no sign, or perhaps cared little for it. Both were possible, considering his apathetic response to Tenebris ordering a dragon to disembowel itself before him. His tail curled neatly against his paws as he waited for the cue to raise his head back up, his frill presently lowered and tucked away as he didn’t need it. For now, anyways, it always assisted him in keeping attention when he was explaining his potions and weapons.

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