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Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd] Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd] Dragon10
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Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd]

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Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd] Empty Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd]

Post by Hydra Wed Oct 07, 2020 5:44 am

The lurking midnight dawned upon the twilight eve, but Midnight felt uneasy, like there was a gloom, itching away at his restless heart.

The haunted skies were cloudy, and though there was no sense of precipitation, the dry atmosphere was calm otherwise.

"Well, what a peculiar evening," thought Midnight, his surging memories seemed to recall his former life, and though the dragon was notoriously known for being a creature suited for an apocalypse, the grimly named Twilight Devil, was surely a dragon nonetheless,

In his solemn environment he usually preferred solitude. But it had been years since he had even spoken to a dragon or anything for that matter, and it was often that they'd lower their poised shoulder and not reply, or at least that's how it seemed, no matter how much he tried to engage in conversation. Again, at least it would seem that way, as he'd tried to remember with a foggy mind.

He had been wandering for hours or so later into the night… and came across archaic steps that seemed to beckon

Suddenly, Midnight drew his attention at a sound followed by rustling in the bushes. And although midnight was blind, his sense of instinct was adept, so he followed the sound with his echolocation and stumbled into Soulcry, the two had never met.

"What the hell do you want?" Said the proud soulcry, he puffed out his chest to seem strong in front of the much larger Midnight,

"I was hoping to find a snack," he quickly touted, "but I guess on this disgraceful disagreem-"

"Yadda yadda," interrupted Soul, "I am looking for my brother, long lost, it's important, seldom do I ever see him, so if you will excuse me… I must be going, huh?" Soulcry abruptly stopped himself and curiously encroached intimidatedly, which is a first for him, the very confident and brave type. He looked depressed, and dismissed Midnight.

"What's the matter?"

"Do not follow me!" Darted his shark like mask like face over his shoulder,

"Alright alright, fine," and quickly Midnight withdrew and proceeded back to the steps. The moth effect of these archaic steps lead up to a glass looking portal, but was very different from the multiverse portal.

Although Midnight was blind, he could feel, or sense that someone was looking for him. Perhaps waiting for him, as if calculating his every movement…

When he arrived at the last step, there he could feel five eyes from the portal staring through his soul,

And he heard a voice like a thousand souls say to the haunted midnight,

"Set me free, and I will grant you a wish…"

Sadly, the voice had a strangely forbidden will about it, luring him to make a wish, without knowing who it was or what it was, or even how to set him free even if he wanted to...

Meanwhile Soulcry was distraught, he stood in front of a stone statue that looked like himself, but wounded, and parts of it crumbled.

"Phase?" He asked in denial, as if awaiting a response… "No no, this can't be happening!"

Phase was Soulcry's twin brother, whom he hadn't seen for ages… And Soulcry committed to avenging the death of his brother, where he was never seen from or heard from again.

In front of the portal, Midnight was entrenched by captivating fear, and he allowed himself, reluctantly yet in a sense of hope the words;

"I wish to see what I am, what I truly look like…"

And the portal, which apparently was a forbidden seal of the ominous and mysterious entity, nearly shattered, but kept the five eyed beast within confinement, but at once the reflecting image was shown to Midnight, but simultaneously he had forgotten everything, who he was, what he worked so hard for, he felt dizzy and stumbled away, eventually tumbling down every step… He began to transform, violently shaking and resisting his transformation. The confused Midnight was terrified and he began to look like his former self, before he became notoriously known as the twilight devil.

Sadly, his cold blood began to slow down as he'd eventually stumble into a half crumbled statue, only about a mile from the steps...

Soul of Sorrow and Ice
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Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd] Empty Re: Forbidden Lore : Reflections and Deceptions [solo/closdd]

Post by Hydra Wed Oct 07, 2020 10:28 am

One day, years after hunting for any form of paranormal intuition that may lead him to one step closer to his brother, he was baffled by the lack of results, therefore, he decided to return to the near the place of origin where he noticed a trace of stone footprints that seemed to get larger with each step. Soulcry was in discord after all this time, he was driven by rage and frustration.

Upon settling to the end of the steps he saw a weird creature laying in the dusk. It was stone just as his brother had been seen, this creature's mouth seemed like a shark but hollow, diseased, and broken.

Tracing the opposite way, he was lead to an obelisk. It seemed to be a strange riddle, why was this phenomenon happening to him. His intuition was riddled but stumped until he ...it lead him to a shrine and then towards steps that lead to a reflective portal.

The stumped Soulcry didn't like these kinds of vibes. Quite frankly he found them to be extremely creepy, but that is a surprise from a paranormal intuitive dragon such as the three eyed masked shark dragon.

The obelisk was pointing to a mountain with a bizarre structure. And inside there was a very strange looking cave.

Not needing to waste time the bold and proud skywing quickly leapt to the skies, hoping to to again not waste any time.

Fortunately after a few minutes of flying he roosted on the plateau, it seemed like a strange feeling walking here, maybe it was the same place he had met those other dragons, (wake, kelarth) but if it was the same place surely it had become much colder.

He approached what figured to be yet another stone dragon. This time it had a gold node on its forehead and no eyes.

It was completely still, in a very poised yet peculiarly, humble posture.

Soulcry encroached the dragon but his keen eye didn't detect any movement, soon enough he was literally within nearly kissing distance away, but much to Soulcry's surprise, the grey and gold dragon moved subtle back a bit its head.

Soulcry, brave and poised, did not even flinch, though, his heart did quickly turn nervous, the dragon affore him was more than three times its size.

"What are you?" Soul inquired

"Oracle." The dragon stated a one word reply, but it was a strange feeling for Soul who was maybe going to get the answers he needed after all. "Where you found the body of your brother, go find and return to that place, and you will find your answers there,"

Soul was curious, and though zealous to the point of martyrdom for the avenge of his brother insisted on asking a series of questions.

"Can't you just tell me who did this?"

The dragon seemed very mechanical in its movements, but did not seem to reply anything.

"Why was he stone, tell me who you are, where did you come from?."

The dragon still did not reply and stood humbly still. Frustrated, Soulcry left hastily looking for answers.

Gliding from above and with eyes like a hawk, he saw eventually recognizing the area where his brother was. He dove and a bolt of lightning stuck the earth, a tree was split in half as the birds terrified flew away, scattering the air below him.

Gracefully he dove into the the trees where eventually he gently glided to a roost. His eyes were menacing, expecting company, answers, or better yet, vengeance to appease his spite. but much to his surprise once again, the stone was not there where it however, before, and soulcry was left with no clues still yet frustratingly more mysteries to figure out,

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