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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Dragon10
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Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Addali Chezie on Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:00 pm

Addali had been preparing for this festival for months, having heard of the news that the Anthropinos was beginning preparations. The huntress typically stayed far away from cities and large gatherings of people, but she knew that it would be a perfect way to spread her leather works to those that needed them and further her customer base. She wasn't sure whom she would meet or the types of things she could witness at this festival, but she had mentally preparred herself for such things.

The smells were what greeted her first as she rode into the city, hearing her stallion's eager steps reverberating in a muffled manner and the panting of the wolf that followed her closely. They were foreign to her, spices and mixtures that she herself hadn't experienced before. It wasn't in the least unpleasant, in fact it nearly made her wish to search for the source and investigate but alas, she had her own matters to attend to.

As Addali drew closer, the sounds of music could be heard and the merry mixture of voices in gleeful conversation. She offered nods of greeting to any that spotted her, a smile on her lips to ease herself into a more social state of mind. There was a bothersome anxiety at the idea of being in such a surrounded setting, but with a deep inhale, she forcefully shoved the ideas aside.

The huntress reached her destination and promptly dismounted, calling the wolf over and commanding him to lay down before beginning to unload the rolls of hides and leather from her saddle, listening idly to the nearby music and singing that came from a group not terribly far from her. Within an hour, she had set up her area and settled on a spread of hides within her tent. The festival was said to go on for days and she had prepared for such, sighing and leaning back, closing her eyes as she awaited the call of either a familiar voice or questions from a potential customer.
Addali Chezie
Addali Chezie

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Re: Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Soshi on Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:12 am

Soshi had heard about this festival a while back, and figured she may as well she what the others from every corner of the world felt about various things. She was more wondering how others might react to... her honestly. In her bag, she had some gems she'd crafted, but they weren't ordinary gems. She had some ideas, and hoped that she might could find someone to give one too.

She would soon find herself walking into a tent, seeing the various hides. "You seem quite skilled, hunter."

Meanwhile, Sul and his daughter, El, slowly walk in. They were there to show the culture of the desert town of Ammos. At least Sul was. El was just dancing the music, with the teen getting a chuckle out of her father.
"Ok you, give me hand with these." El rolled her eyes a little and helped off load the rugs before going off to explore.

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Re: Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Addali Chezie on Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:26 am

Addali sat upon her personal hides, slowly working on a thin piece of leather she had processed from the hide of a wild rabbit. Her wolf was settled at her side with his keen yellow eyes focused on the flaps of the tent, ready to defend his master with his life if needed. The huntress sighed in content and settled back against one of her pack bags, pushing her legs out in order to cross her ankles as she continued to work while a soft hum left her nostrils, one of the songs being played familiar to her during her travels.

A soft chuff from her wolf and the sound of fabric swishing against itself signaled to her that she had a visitor. Lifting her blue eyes, she offered a kind smile to the newcomer. She was adorned in her own fur and leather made clothing, her long coffee curls tied back in a thick, tight braid that dangled down her back. The female's comment caused her to chuckle slightly before setting her hide aside and stood,

"Why thank you." Addali said with a smile, making her way toward the female, extending her hand in greeting, "Addali, it's a pleasure I'm sure."
Addali Chezie
Addali Chezie

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Re: Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Soshi on Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:07 pm

Soshi looked at the woman, Addali, and smiled, shaking her hand as she spoke up. "Soshi, and the pleasure's mine." Soshi smiled, slowly feeling one of the furs, and was surprised as how well it looked. "I don't where you found these, but they're beautiful, and feel warm. Anything other than trade bring you to the festival?"

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Re: Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Tenebris on Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:58 am

A small army of nobles, knights, and their retinues had descended upon Anthropinos. The Leostonnian delegation wasn't just one to share in the festivities but one of a much greater purpose. This contingent represented Leostonnia and served to strengthen the diplomatic ties between the City-state of Anthrophinos and the Kingdom of Leostonnia, in essence behind the guise of the celebrations the entourage was to act as envoys both politically and to show the strength of Leostonnia. To this end, it wasn't one but two Princes of Leostonnia which attended the Heritage festival of Anthrophinos. Solomon was accompanying his elder brother, Crown Prince Alexander Wyrmfyre who intended to meet the Queen of Anthrophinos to strengthen the cordial relationship between the two nations.

The Leostonnian's were granted permission to set up upon a large open park within the City centre a day before the festivities began. The park had now become a jubilant encampment to kin a military camp, a sea of pitched tents with colourful pendants fluttering in the mild wind denoted the coat of arms and colours of individual nobles and knights. Their coat of arms and standards littering the park in what seemed like a maelstrom, forming a circle what seemed to protect the merchant tents what called out for the citizens of Anthropinos and others who had arrived for the festival to browse the wares of Leostonnia. At the heart of the maelstrom, the largest attraction of Leostonnian culture was set up in the form of a tournament ground. Pavillions and stands surrounded a melee pit where knights in full plate duelled one another, and a jousting field had risen up alongside it.

Countless individual bouts, jousts, and feastings had already been conducted from the early hours of the morn' despite the Royal box Pavillion of Leostonnia remaining empty, with the Crown Prince engaged with pleasantries up in the Palace of Anthropinos meeting with the Queen of the City, while Solomon himself sought to explore the rest of the festivities of the City before having to fulfill any official duties overseeing the champion bouts what would rage on in the evening of the day. To this end, Solomon, accompanied only with his page stalked the streets of the City, taking in the sights, wares, and the exotic smells of food from the various cultures of humanity that had come to embrace the heritage festival. He still wore his armoured attire, although his Helm was being carried by his page, the crest and coat of arms upon his surcoat showing the colours of the Wyrmfyres of Candor.

It was then that Solomon stumbled upon the tent of Addali Chezie, unknownst to himself, as he paid no attention to Addali nor the Woman who spoke to her, instead he was fixated upon the hides. Kneeling as he examined the hides in scrutiny seeking to find a suitable replacement for his saddle, thus the hide's would be ideal ingredients for the leatherwork which was no doubt to follow. His page meanwhile remained stood behind him, carrying his helmet yet turned to face the two women and bowed his head accordingly. Like his master the page wore the surcoat of Solomon, however, he had no armour to accompany it, only a plain gambeson underneath the colours. Remaining in silent as his master Solomon continued to browse the wares of the small tent. Solomon himself still oblivious to those around him.

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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Tenebr10
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Heritage Festival ((Open to All)) Empty Re: Heritage Festival ((Open to All))

Post by Solomon on Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:59 am

[I meant to reply to this a while back, but as per usual chaps, forgive me my tardiness haha. Also, not gonna lie, as I was writing this I was also thinking of the song "prince Ali" from Aladdin as I imagine the Leostonnian's entering the City]

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