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New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian] Dragon10
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New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian]

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New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian] Empty New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian]

Post by Helia on Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:53 pm

(This is a follow up to 'Leaving home' and still in need of a Guardian of the Imperium to find Helia and Attor and take them to Baldi)

Helia had been transfixed by Attor's colorful stortelling of his adventures in the Imperium. Oh, how she hoped her time here would be this great too. The Imperium offered a lot of chances for her studies and for her to get out of her house a bit more. Even though it was a risk to leave the Starlight Territory and come here, she was feeling hopeful. The king of the Imperium might still turn her away, but Helia was confident she could make a convincing point with her research and the opportunities of enhanced communciation and relations between the two Tribes. But there was still a chance that he would turn them away, the thought made her nervous, making her stomach tingle.
At least until she noticed the big trees beneath them. Green and large, yet so different from the jungle. She couldn't find se any vines hanging from the leaves, connecting the trees with each other and the sounds were different too. At least she didn't recognize any of the birdcalls sounding up from the forest. Oh it was wonderful! Exciting!
Nervously she looked to Attor to see if he knew how long it would be from here. Would they just fly right into the territory? That seemed a little rude, but Helia wasn't sure what the right action was. Should they wait? Try to find someone? Or did they just fly in?

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New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian] Empty Re: New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian]

Post by Attor on Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:26 am

To blunder into ones territory without thinking is foolish, to do so knowing it was their territory can seem either brace or shown the idiocy of the trespasser. Indeed, it had been far too long, years even, since he'd seen the different oaks and hazelnuts. True, he'd only been here once, that once had caught his attention and there'd been some study on the different flora and fauna in the Earthen Regions. Or, the Night, Fire, and Earth-wing territories.

Attor had been speculating whilst he blindly told his ramblings to Helia, a fellow scholar who wanted to expand her knowledge. And a wise choice that is, as any information on the other dragons cultures and their general situation could greatly give Attor an idea on what to help with and how to help, if he could help at all. It was a major risk coming to this place to begin with, but he'd supposed for the power of knowledge, and to visit the Earth King Baldirak Sapiens Draco again, was well worth it. Though Attor fell silent, he took the similar route he did before those few years ago. He thought that maybe the defenses of the Imperium was high, probably those techniques of ground manipulation and defensive techniques of those Earth-wings, the sheer firepower of the Fire-wings, and the great knowledge and stealth of the Night-wings.

Attor had never met the king's betrothed, nor had he visited the self proclaimed Archon Tenebris. He didn't know if they were still around or not, last time he was in the Imperium Attor had been here he'd met the massive King Baldirak. And recently, the earth king made it a point to travel all the way to Attors land to reclaim a fallen juvenile and in return he helped the Venomous Kings people. Well the settlement as a whole, rather. Attor almost hummed to himself when he remembered Helia was still with him, he kept pondering on perhaps collecting some seeds from the foreign fruits these people have; the Sky Lands didn't necessarily have any winters, though the wind gets chilly from time to time, the land was perfect for crops.

"If you've never seen an earth or fire dragon, don't be intimidated," Attor finally said after several long minutes of silence, "Also, if you planned on learning just about everything about the Empire, don't share a lot of the Starlights knowledge. You can talk about the religions, our culture that's being rebuilt, and what the settlement is like. But do not speak of any plans we have as far as expanding the settlement goes, nor about our storage and such. Last thing we need is someone raiding us for supplies."

Though his tone wasn't serious, there was warning in it. It was nice to trade information on the people, however Attor wouldn't dare speak of extra munitions lest it was for gain, to another ally, or for the best situation. Crazy as he was, Attor set up two different religions, one that was primarily for the Sky Dragons, and the other for Light Dragons. One that worshipped all gods, the other that worshipped solely Shardas. Both were good, but it was up to the individuals as to where the religion room them. Shaking that from his head, Attor continued in silence, waiting for any questions Helia might have.

Valcroaza easily defeated Attor in size, yet, he was defeated himself both physically and emotionally. And he roared in frustration, slowly dying from the poisons and wounds, "How could an insect like You overcome a Lord?! I am Valcoaza, warmonger of the Rouges!!"
Attor laughed at the big dragon, walking towards the fallen creature as he prepared the stinger at the end of his tail, "You had the strength, might and size no doubt, what won me the war my friend, was speed, stealth and patience. You would have certainly won had you not been arrogant enough to try and torture and taunt me, taking your simple time to finish what You started. I won because of your mistakes, I won because you grew careless and sloppy, thus meeting your end."
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New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian] Empty Re: New Arrivals (Helia + Attor) [In need of a Guardian]

Post by Vilkas on Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:33 am

Vilkas was patrolling the borders of the safe zone today. Normally, it was Tulvir II's job, but the FireWing/IceWing Guardian was currently confined to his den on Healer's orders. Vilkas didn't mind having more work to do, though. As usual when patrolling, the King's nephew was in his mutant form ((see Vilkas' app if you don't know what it looks like)). He drug his club behind him as he looked around for any medium threat level monsters that might be lurking. Sure, they really only bothered the Lesser Species, but they would go after a Hatchling or teen if they spotted one. Fortunately, lately the mediums were the only threat around. Still, only Vilkas was allowed to travel alone; it was still mandatory that everyone travel with at least one other dragon, even if they were in the safe zone... It was possible for a high threat level to show up at any time, maybe there was one lurking in the safe zone still.

As Vilkas dealt a death blow to a smaller medium classed Dentum Magni, he spotted two dragons approaching the border. The direction they were coming from suggested they could be from the smaller continent, home of the LightWings and SkyWings. Vilkas raised his club above his head and swung it around, hailing the two dragons. If they noticed and came over, once they were close enough, Vilkas would ask, "Are you Rogues or Tribal, and where are you headed?"
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