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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Dragon10
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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Empty Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

Post by Soshi on Sat Aug 01, 2020 1:15 pm

Soshi sat close to the fireplace of what had become a new home for both her and her odd companion, Paradox. She looked around before tossing some fire into the wood there, smirking before going back to something she was working on. She quickly used her powers to form some earth in her hand, and attempted to mold it into the appearance of a fire phoenix. Then she tried to set it, only to have the earth crumble away.

"For the love of all that's good! Why is this an issue!?" She grumbled a little before tossing the dirt aside, quickly sending it back to where it came from. She grumbled a bit more, just sliding the dirt back to try again. She only hoped she hadn't annoyed Paradox or someone else with her yelling.

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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Empty Re: Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

Post by Discord on Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:21 am

Some time had passed since the God of Chaos and (for the time being) her companion, the first human Goddess, had arrived in the village. Though village might not be quite fitting, as the settlement they came to call their home for the time being was larger than the average village, though not by enough of a margin to be called a town by human standards, something that Paradox came to learn of quickly enough. Just how Chaos was bound to not shape, always willing to adapt and reshape itself to its surroundings, so was Paradox willing to learn of human norms, standards and etiquette, not that it bothered him. His plans were grand, far beyond a scope any present here could even come close to understanding.

The house they resided in was not lavish by all means but comfortable was a fitting word nonetheless. Unlike the dragon dens of old, carved into mountainsides and deep into the earth depending on the draconian heritage, humans were much more uniform in their choice of residence. A house could be built anywhere where there was flat and solid land, could be as large or as small as one wished for, if provided the resources, and could hold any amount of interior utility and decoration, making each house unique by default. After discussing the potential ways of creating such a residence, Paradox finally simply decided to conjure the amount of payment needed for the locals to provide the materials and expertise both of them were lacking.

Now finally, by all means, they could be considered part of the community. They had a house they lived in, professions to work if necessary and neighbors and other members of the settlement could visit them at any time, they could attend events and celebrations, simply put they were finally able to live a normal human life, though the definition of normal was rather lacking seeing how it was still two beings of unimaginable power who simply decided to settle down among their own kind, at least as far as Paradox's companion, ally and, yes, even friend was considered.

Such friend was it who disrupted the quiet of their home, as she failed in a task she set out for herself. Paradox, in the meantime, or Eris as she came to be known among humans, looked up from her selection of reading material, though what she was reading in particular would remain unknown for anyone but her for reasons unknown to anyone but her. Closing the book, as the page she stopped at wasn't important to her, she leaned forward to take a look at her friend.

What's the matter, Soshi. It seems something is quite bugging you.

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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Empty Re: Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

Post by Soshi on Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:24 am

Soshi sighed, licks of fire flicking from her hair. She looked at "Eris," sighing as her flames subsided. The goddess looked at her friend, not sure what to say. The woman shook her head bringing together the dirt again, this time into a lizard-like form, before standing up and letting the new puppet climb to her shoulder.

"I'm able to...!" She took a breath before getting quieter. "I can use magic to turn someone into a dragon... to an extent and a long story I don't want to explain, but I can't make some dirt into a crystal." She demonstrated with the puppet, only to have it fall apart like the design before.

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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Empty Re: Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

Post by Discord Yesterday at 11:40 am

Eris leaned back into her chair as she listened to her fellow deity's issues. Her fingers twitched for a moment, all her poise lost as a flicker of memory flashed before her mind, a memory of a time before her divine status, of where she was just a normal dragon, as normal as she could be at least. Though that memory was just as quickly crushed as it came, she took the moment to close her eyes and take a deep breath. Was she getting careless, ahead of herself, as a human no less? No, that couldn't be it, the situation was simply too familiar for the chaotic human-dragon. She opened her eyes again, regaining her sense of control as she found herself not in the dusty old library of her memory but rather in her human home, next to her human friend.

Eris looked over Soshi as she considered her next words, thinking back to exactly what she tried to achieve and what the goddess of chaos had witnessed. Say, my dear, how familiar are you actually with your own powers. Have you ever managed to take the time to attune to your realm? It was a simple question, something that would be self-explanatory for the dragon gods. They came with an innate understanding of how to access their powers, likely due to their close resemblance to Him, the Creator. The question, as obvious as it may have seemed, was asked in seriousness though, as the human goddess might have experienced it differently, something not even Paradox would know for certain, though he himself was an oddball among gods in his past experience with divine powers.

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Totally Normal Humans (Paradox) Empty Re: Totally Normal Humans (Paradox)

Post by Soshi Yesterday at 1:44 pm

Soshi slowly moved to another chair in the room. She looked over at Eris, noticing her in thought. Whatever was on her mind seemed to pass as her friend spoke up though. And then Eris went and confused the poor goddess.

"Attune to my realm? What the heck are you talking about? Like, to the elements? I mean, I literally lived in hills for decades." Soshi wasn't trying to sound harsh or anything, but she really didn't know how to explain everything.

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