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Poem, the lost

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Poem, the lost  Empty Poem, the lost

Post by Poem on Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:27 am

Type of Character: (Dragon)
font= Papyrus]Personal Info[/font]
Name: (Poem)
Alias: none
Age: 56 years old
Gender: (Male)
Sexuality: (unknown)  
Personality: Poem is known to be quite friendly to those who don't offend him. for the few, he meets and may call friends he enjoys the company of. though being quite nice and empathetic he is sometimes very sinister and sometimes hopes the bad instead of the good would happen. but he tries to fight that side and look at the good parts of life, and at the beach is the only place he can see them.
Fears: Poem tends to fear not being near or close to a body of water that he can feel the tides from.
He will get anxious or worried and will try and find the nearest source of water if possible. However, if any source of water that is at least 5 by 5 feet long has a constant but steady ripple he will be okay and will calm down.
Strengths: poem is very strong-willed and hard to be persuaded by any means including torture. Even though he doesn't have much of history he has had no problem getting along with other dragons. And is generally a nice dragon to be around. Poem is incredibly strong and is very determined in battle and will always fight his hardest in order to win.
Weaknesses:  dry landscapes with no water to control. Poem will instinctively seek water at this point and will push through any obstacle to get to a body of water. And will only fly willingly if he is over a body of water, on land not so much.

General Appearance
Height: 27 ft
Scales: the scales themselves are a bright blue with tinted green tips that go all the way down his spine. And almost purplish scales at his tail. With bright green spots around his face. From his legs, top to bottom goes from a blue-green to a bright green.
Eyes: (bright seafoam green
Appearance: Poem is a sturdy built dragon and has dark ocean blue horns that both have spiral patterns. he has webbing in between his talons, his wings are turquoise and have a purple gradient close to the tips of the wings. at the tip of his chin, he has two barbels that are at least a foot-long. has gills on his neck and a paddle-like tail that is incredibly strong. at the end of the tail is a weapon that holds a blade at least 8 feet long with the word Poem engraved on the blade.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rougue
Inheritance: SeaWing Purebred
Family: has no known family
Hatchlings: N/A

Normal Abilities: normal seawing abilities
Special Abilities:
magical affinity
poem has a minor spell with the ability to manifest at will one object of choice out of thin air from any location, these manifestations are to be an exact copy of the original item. even inscriptions and writing are exactly copied.
These can consist of any weapon that is built to be in the use of dragons, books, papers, small trinkets, any object small enough to fit in his hand that he can dismiss at will.
He would have to see or have held the item in order to manifest a copy of it. This item is not the original item and will likely disappear after an hour or two. poem will then have to wait two hours to use his ability again. also if the item manifested breaks it will disappear.

Combat Style: poem is incredibly good at fighting with his tail barb-sword though self-trained he has proven to beat many combatants and rivals. He always finds a way to bring the battle to his advantage by flooding it in some way or by getting his opponent in water. Though very strong he likes to use his tail sword in most of his attacks and will possibly swing/ lash his talons. Always tries first to go for the neck or head of his opponents. Will manifest a tail barb if necessary.

History: Poem doesn't remember much, all he remembers is waking up on a beach and wondering where he is. he might not know who or where he is but he would never forget how he felt. he felt safe, the sound of the tides, the trees, and the wind. and in his mind, he never wanted to leave. he decided to take a step back when his tail grazed something, in the sand was a sharp metal object that glistened in the red grace of the suns. he took a closer look to discover that it was an object that looked as if it could fit on his tail perfectly. a polished blade on the end. the object was nearly perfectly balanced. he looked closer to find a word engraved on the blade "Poem" and in his mind, he wondered," is this a name, MY Name!" he held the blade in his hand, and slowly walked across the beach, wondering where he'll go.

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Poem, the lost  Empty Re: Poem, the lost

Post by Astral on Wed Jul 29, 2020 12:22 pm

Poem, the lost  Approv10

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