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Prophet of Madness [Paradox] Empty Prophet of Madness [Paradox]

Post by Neltharion on Sat Apr 18, 2020 7:34 pm

It was a cool and clear night, a full moon adorning the sky. In a nearby library a certain scholar is doing some archiving. The name of this Scholar would be Neltharion. He is enjoying the quiet life and calm job he currently has, no fighting 24/7, or having to forage food for yourself. Everything has been going quite well for the large dragon...One could consider it too well. The large Earthwing knew that something would go wrong someday, or something bad would happen. The chances of that happening so soon were negligible in his opinion. The only way his peace and quiet were going to be disturbed was quite simple. The only way would be throught Divine Intervention. Neltharion however doubted that there was even a reason to descent upon the mortals. Having no worries at the moment he happily continue to put books and scrolls un their rightful places.

After doing so for quite a while he has gotten in quite the dillema. A true goliath of a dillema...He has ran out of space for books and scrolls. It seems he had to request even more bookshelves and such. Which requires more paperwork and...that doesn't actually sound so bad. Paperwork is also quite relaxing if one isn't a brute of course. What else could anyone need but the ink of the pen staining paper in such a way legible characters were combined together into words and those words were combined into sentences and with those sentences one would finally craft the whole of the document. In short, language and literature are pure art. Neltharion walked over to a nearby desk with pen and paper at the ready and proceeded to write his request for new bookshelves and maybe more if it is deemed neccesary.

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