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There can only be one (open) Dragon10
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There can only be one (open)

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There can only be one (open) Empty There can only be one (open)

Post by malaki on Sat Apr 18, 2020 3:25 pm

"There is only one prophet, there can only be one"...... the voice echoed

And his name is.....

Malaki woke up with start and heavy panting and was immediately comforted by the female laying next to him as she put her neck and body against his while putting the top of her snout under his jaw.

"I had a bad dream". Malaki said in a sleepy state to this companion. "A dream? Or a vision?" She replied

Malaki started to stand up until his mate forced him back onto the ground with a heavy thud. "No more running, no more secrets." She paused at that before adding. "No more hiding."

"I love you and I know that you love me."

"Night Wing or not you should not have to make excuses about diplomatic aid and opening clinics to spend time with me."

Malaki wanted nothing more then to spend time with her but he kept it simple as he always did. "I..... my tribe is hated and distrusted. Our love must be secret. Your tribe hates my kind. If they knew about us, I fear for your life and mine."

A dream within a dream.

Malaki woke up again at the soft drizzle of rain hitting his face and he gave a rumbling cough with a bit of red crimson spray like a mist.

He was in a shallow hole with the bodies of his personal escort. They were dead and he was on his way. Earth wings stood around him. One with heavy body paint looked down at him "You are a false prophet."

"There is and can only ever be one prophet and his name is....."

Malaki woke up again panting to find himself back next to the female lover he had kept secret in these foreign tribal lands. Nuzzling her lovingly with his snout Malaki stood up quietly like a shadow as was often the case with his kind.

He had slept for the most part of the day and after surfacing out the cave to sit in its mouth the sun had already fallen behind the hills of the horizon. Night was coming.

Dragons of all races slowly showed up with the straps over there muzzles and eyes shining like polished glass. They bowed in worship of him. They called him, "The one true prophet."

But like the things before they faded away like mist and Malaki was left with nothing. He did not have to check on his mate, he already knew she was not there in the cave. Nothing was ever real, all of it was just visions, illusions. Reality itself seemed to be an illusion.

With that he started to smash his head with heavy thuds against the cave wall leaving red marks with each impact. Malaki saw a future were he built a loyal army/cult that worshiped him like a god. With a mirage of air waving like the air on a hot desert day he saw monsters even bowing down to him and wearing the masks/muzzles on there faces with glassy eyes. But still they obeyed.

It was the potion.... the one that blocked and fought off his visions. The potion he had created. It was that that would make weak minded creatures obey. Monsters and dragons alike, all there minds would be slaves to his will.

Malaki continued to hit his head but slowed only to say. "For I am your father, and you are my children.......I will lead you to paradise. The end is coming and only I can bring you salvations."

His path, his future was clear. It was set unless another changed it. But it was not likely. The world loved to have an enemy to fight. But it hated and refused to accept that it had created such a enemy. Such was the case of Malaki.

Creatures loved to hate him but loathed to take responsibility for him. Like a father refusing to take responsibility for the bastard they created.

All in all Malaki was destermined to see the world world burn and feel the pain he had felt.

Last edited by malaki on Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:12 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : A)
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NightWing Trainee

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There can only be one (open) Empty Re: There can only be one (open)

Post by Beek-Jin on Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:55 am

((Hey, just a quick question bc I'd like to join with one of my chars, but don't know which one would be best ^^ Where in Pyyria does this cave lie?))

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There can only be one (open) Empty Re: There can only be one (open)

Post by malaki on Sat May 02, 2020 2:28 pm

His cave is in his mind or perhaps it is not. He is not in his right mind and so his cave is were ever you want it to be.
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NightWing Trainee

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There can only be one (open) Empty Re: There can only be one (open)

Post by Helia on Sun May 03, 2020 2:13 am

((Hope this works for you, I wasn't quite sure how to start an interaction))

It was a curious sensation to be so far away from home, she felt like a ghost among dragons, alienated, even though she wasn't lonely. Dragons talked to her, the Earthwing scholar liked to joke with her, but it was different, very much so. Not only did she stand out between all the greens, reds and blacks, her demeanor was also very different from that of the dragons in the Imperium.
Helia was used to having calm and caring dragons around her, such was the way of the Starlights, but it was weird to be around the hotheaded FireWings or the solemn Earthwings. She had yet to really meet a NightWing, but from what she had heard they were rather...peculiar. Attor's words of warning still echoed through her mind everytime she thought about meeting a NightWing.

Her sisters were either ecstatic about being here or they hated it. Helia knew Seri and Geroween loved being in this new territory, meeting all these new dragons. Her eldest sister, Seri, admired the strong Firewing Guardians, while Geroween blossomed at the opportunity of getting to know new customs and politics, but her other two sisters, Hashal and Kyrith, weren't as happy. Hashal was intimidated by the gruff tribes and Kyrith just didn't like being away from home. It didn't make the situation better, that Helia hadn't had much time to talk to or spend time with them, she had been so busy with her research and with meeting new dragons, but that was why she was out here now, prowling around the outskirts of the safe zone all on her own.

The Imperium was more dangerous than the Starlight Territory, she had been warned not to leave the safe zone on her own and even though she was very curious about what was out there, she stayed put, not wanting to bring anyone's wrath on her and losing the hospitality she enjoyed. But the LightWing sorely needed some time to herself, that's why she had come out here, soaring high above a cloudless dusk and looking down at the unfamiliar landscape. In moments like this she always grew a little homesick and missed the familiar sight of the dazzling jungles.

She sighed, trying hard to let the roaring of the wind drown out the well known melancholy pulling at her thoughts, closing her eyes for just a second to fully embrace the feeling of wind on her scales and the smell of the forest below, until a familiar, small voice shook her out of it.
"Helia look! Down there! Something's just lying around there." She opened her eyes, looking down to where Hashal was pointing and began slowing her flight when she saw the black mass too.
"I wonder what it is, it doesn't look good." Hashal was right, whatever it was, it was just lying on the ground, a big bundle of blackness in front of something that looked like a small cave or something. It wasn't moving either. The slender dragoness slowed to a full stop, hovering in the air above the thing, frowning. She felt her usual curiosity arise, wanting to go check out what was lying down there. Maybe it was a dragon and needed help, or it was something interesting to study, but she also heard the warnings about monsters in this area. Trying to fight her own curiosity, she stayed put for a few more seconds, watching the dark mess down there until it started twitching and moving a little bit, the movement producing glittering sparks in the waning light.
"That's a dragon!" she exclaimed to her sisters, already beginning her descent even though she heard their warnings of caution and danger. A dragon this far out and just lying on the ground surely meant they weren't okay and Helia had never been the one to just turn away.

Quietly she touched down a good distance away from the dragon, ducking down a little bit, unsure of what to expect. Now that she was closer, it was obvious, that this was a dragon, a NightWing from the looks of his scales and the sparkling relfections had been the scales on his underbelly, she could see them clearly now. He also seemed to be breathing, although it switched between a calm rhythm and agitated pants, matching the twitching of his body. He seemed to be sleeping.
Slowly, as to not startle him awake she crept closer, stopping close enough to get a closer look at him, but far enough away, that he couldn't just pounce her if he was awake after all. Helia wasn't sure if he was hurt or not, the waning light and his constant movement made it hard to make anything out, but she didn't want to just leave him lying here.
"Hey." she quietly adressed him, trying to wake him or catch his attention, depending on if he really was sleeping or in some other state.
"Are you okay?" she tried again after a few seconds, keeping a close eye on him, even though she felt her sisters touch down behind her.

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