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The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] Dragon10
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The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion]

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The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] Empty The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion]

Post by Ragnarock on Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:52 am

In the past dragons have proven time and time again why they were a superior race. Humans only wiped out a tiny fraction, that being the Earth Dragons out of the thousands that still lived. When the tribes mended together into powerful alliances it was almost as if nothing could touch them. The business boomed, peace prospered save for the petty politics and minor racism amongst the tribes. Each tribe was rich with resources, their power unmatched until the fateful day as one simply called it, "The Opening Act."

This Opening Act was the waves of creatures that mysteriously ported from an unknown world, invading and killing the great masses of dragons with a ceaseless hunger for murder. The plethoras of monsters conquered every major dragon settlement within the span of a night, forcing the great tribes to narrowly escape and recoup elsewhere. For the Earth-, Fire-, and NightWings who made up the oh so proud Imperium they were resettled in the Ebon Isles of the Archon Tenebris. Befitting that of a persuasive, charismatic tyrant, the entirety of the new home was built for splendor, luxury at a dragons finest.

That was not the life of a certain EarthWing, no, it was mere place of employment he served as Earth King Baldirak Sapiens Dracos advisor. It seemed like yesterday that dragons roamed the skies, and now it was a disturbing silence as if they hadn't ever existed. Ragnarok, contrived of an unknown force, born of an ancient entity no one, not even the gods remembered. Years ago he had no sympathy nor mercy toward dragon and humankind alike, however it was the unity of them that stopped all his and his creators destruction. Many a time did Ragnarok witness and partake the falling of numerous kingdoms, civilizations, the breaking of their wills as they were engulfed in a profaned black flames, devoured by a darkness not like the world has seen.

And yet now, after all these years, it seemed like yesterday since all that happened to the great dragon, yet to everyone else it was all forgotten. The only sources could be found in his home, the very place he was locked up in so long ago. He never shared the sentimental values of other dragons nor humans, and of one was to peer in his thoughts they would become mad from whatever Ragnarok was. Mad, in the sense of insanity. Ragnarok was now an Advisor, originally a guardian who returned from nothing it sought redemption for the sins he committed. Then coming on top as a Royal Guard, he gained respect in due time for the Earth King Baldirak Sapiens Draco, then after years of hardships he eventually assumed the role of an Advisor.

Still, these duties and titles never kept Ragnarok bound, no instead it pushed him to become wiser and much more knowledgeable. More knowledgeable than the ElderWings. This is what brought him to a year of studies, and he needed help. Help with many hypothesis, help with coming to a true conclusion of these creatures, their natures and behaviors, and much more. That is why he flew toward the Ebon Isles like everyday, but today was with purpose and intent. He sought the help of a Scholar.

The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] MdYFgThe Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] OPvt7The Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] LPgwNThe Assumptions and the Truth [Neltharion] W0fK5
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