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The new and improved Shiningwater

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The new and improved Shiningwater Empty The new and improved Shiningwater

Post by Shiningwater on Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:09 am

Name: Shiningwater
Nickname: Shine
Tribe: Seawing
Rank: Healer
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Family: Mother-Dead, Father-dead, Sister-Dusk (crazy dragoness who wants to kill Shine)
Mate: Korramyr
Hatchlings: Nope
Appearance: Profile pic. She wears two necklaces around her neck, one is a kelp necklace with a spiral seashell on the end, she has had for as long as she can remember, possibly a gift from her parents. The other is what she calls a "pocket dimension." It is a tiny bag that hangs around her neck, and it is exactly what it sounds like. It can carry any number of things and it never changes size, shape, or weight.
Personality: Fun-loving and caring. She will never abandon anyone in need of help, and is always ready to do a favor or two for you. Just....don't get between her and her cake. Or her friends. She does have a bit of a wild side, attacking her buddies fro fun, but doing no real harm.
Strengths: She knows how every herb int eh forest works, and how every combonation works. She is an amazing swimmer, she can breath underwater, and she can see very well in the dark.
Special Powers: She has special healing powers that can heal any wound or illness, no matter how serious. She rarely uses it though, as it leaves her very weak and tired. The last time she used it, she fell unconscious and lost her memory for a short time.
Weaknesses: She's not an amazing flyer and she is rather clumsy on land, but she's getting better at both.
History: Shine still doesn't know the full extent of her history, but from what she heard from her sister, Shine had a mother, a father, and her sister. Shine was-apparently- the favorite of the parents, and got much of the praise. During an attack on the Seawings, Shine's parents could only save one of their children from death, and they chose Shine. She was later found by another group of Seawings, where she was taken care and is where she found out about her excellent memory for herbs and her healing powers.

The new and improved Shiningwater MXujA
Other Characters: Asaya, Lye, Radiance, Vale, Sterlynn, Myyra, Cyra

Shiningwater's Bio
Dusk Ref:

The new and improved Shiningwater Captur10

The new and improved Shiningwater Squidkid11
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Goddess of Emotion

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The new and improved Shiningwater Empty Re: The new and improved Shiningwater

Post by Celestia on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:00 am


The new and improved Shiningwater 158avbn

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