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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Dragon10
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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi]

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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Empty Crazy How Things Change [Baldi]

Post by Kenina on Mon Apr 13, 2020 10:50 am

Despite her constant searching the Twilight queen couldn't find the goddess she sought to kill. She couldn't find the human loving traitor anywhere. It was rather difficult to gain information in a culture you knew nothing about other than they are a bunch of evil little imps and deceptively strong in numbers. Strong enough to decimate her mate's tribe. Which was very odd. Why did they only attack the Earthwings. They didn't keep the territory or anything. She really expected them to continue on and attack another tribe. But oh well, that was neither here nor there. It was time to take back their territory all of dragon kinds territory. And the Twilight Imperium would be at the lead. Who knows, maybe she could take in the other alliances into the fold after this was all over. And after that, with all dragons working together. They could wipe out the humans. Kenina purred rather pleased with these thoughts. She was sitting in her room of moonstones. As much as Astral disgusted her these artifacts were rather useful. Besides Astral had no claim to them anymore anyway. She'd abandoned everyone and everything.

Kenina began pacing around the moonstone riddled room pondering the best way to act next. Actually perhaps she should spend time with her mate and put the world conquering plans on hold for a bit. As Kenina considered how to make her mate happy all the moonstones in the room suddenly started glowing. As the room got brighter and brighter Kenina instinctively wove some defensive spells around herself. There was a blinding flash of light and then it was over. The moonstones returned to normal. That was weird. Time to go find Baldirak.

"Hello Kenina."

What the? Kenina looked around for the source of the voice. There was nobody here though, it was just her. Had she finally lost it?

"Down here Kenina."

Kenina looked down to see what seemed like a Nightwing hatchling. Maybe it was a Lightwing hybrid though. Or maybe just a Lightwing couldn't they change their scale color? Wait but no Lightwings lived very far from here on a whole other continent. It had to be a hybrid. Kenina bent down to address it. "Well hello little one. Are you lost? This is the king and queens home and we don't normally let hatchlings in uninvited, where are your parents?" Kenina rose her head back up and shouted "Baldirak there's a lost hatchling in our den!"

"My parents died a very long time ago. My name is Astral." Astral answered.

Kenina bent back down to talk with the hatchling again, get on it's level. "Aww, I'm sorry to hear that both your parents and your name. They must not have known the goddess they named you after was a traitor."

Astral gave an exasperated sigh. "Kenina, look into my eyes." Astral's green iris vanished as her black pupil expanded and took over her entire eye. A view of their galaxy came to life in her eyes, a view of the stars one could never see. Held within was all her knowledge of universe everything that has happened everyone for as long as she'd been alive.

Kenina roared in pain as her brain overloaded. There was too much information way too much information. Thankfully the influx of knowledge broke the moment she broke eye contact. Once she recovered Kenina growled. "Astral!"

"Now you get it. Oh wait no, don't step on me! *squeak*"

Astral opened up a telepathic communication with Baldirak. "Baldi help! Your mate is stepping on me."

Kenina twisted her foot attempting to smear Astral across the floor, like the filthy insect she was..

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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Empty Re: Crazy How Things Change [Baldi]

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:30 pm

Kenina was home. It wasn't a happy reunion, however. Baldirak was happy to have his mate back, but he couldn't help resenting her for having left. As a result, he sorta spent the days away from their den, making any excuse not to spend time with Keni. Keni, it turn, was rather distant as well, but more because she was still fuming about Astral.

The Twilight King was laying outside the den; he couldn't come up with a decent excuse today. He was attempt to sleep when Kenina shouted for him. A lost Hatchling in their den? No one could sneak past Baldirak on paw without him knowing--his paws, particularly his right forepaw, was incredibly sensitive to vibrations. They could have flown... but he was laying right there in front of the den. He would have seen them coming. Maybe they came from behind? As Baldirak pondered this, a very familiar voice popped up in his head. Astral?

The EarthWing scrambled to get up when Astral informed him that she was currently getting squished by his mate. He rushed inside the den to find Kenina twisting her paw this way and that, like she was trying to crush a bug. Well this was awkward... side with the Goddess or your mate? Not a whole lot of wiggle room for squeezing into the middle, but... Baldi whipped his tail at Kenina, the slender end of it coiling around the paw seeking to snuff out the light that was Astral. He raised her paw up so Astral could get out from beneath it.

"I have no quarrel with Astral anymore, Kenina. I hope that by the time she leaves, you won't either, or at least you'll abandon your desire to kill her. I asked that she come here, to see you. Please, just hear her out."

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Fpkz2Va
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Empty Re: Crazy How Things Change [Baldi]

Post by Kenina on Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:55 am

"What!" Kenina yelled as Baldirak forced her foot of Astral and said he had invited her here. Kenina looked at Baldirak with burning anger for a moment before looking away and suppressing it. She didn't want to be mad at him. "Wait to see me? Why would you invite her hear for any reason besides giving me an opportunity to kill her. She sided with the humans! How are you back on her side!"

"I promised him a favor." Astral spoke up. "He'd been faithful to me for a long time so I wanted to repay him and."

Kenina interrupted her. "He's been faithful? I've been faithful my whole life! Look at the room we're standing in. I couldn't get enough moonstones, I couldn't get enough of you. I was never your prophet but I still preached your teachings, encouraged people to worship you."

"I know, I appreciate it. And if you'll let me finish as Baldirak mentioned I'm here for you. I'm here to restore your fertility so you can have hatchlings through natural means."

Kenina just stared blankly for a bit. She wasn't dumbfounded per say just having trouble even processing what the goddess said. "You what?" Kenina said in a much softer voice. One that rarely ever came from her. Potentially Baldirak had never heard it before. Her flames along her spine significantly dimmed as well.

"Do you want to have hatchlings with Baldirak?" Astral asked simply.

Kenina looked at Baldirak for a moment and then back to Astral and nodded. "Yes I do."

Astral put a paw on Kenina more for reassurance than anything else and channeled her magic into Kenina repairing her reproductive system and restoring her fertility. While she was already at it since she was doing this she figured might as well fix her anemia as well.

Kenina felt a warm glow in her body which then faded when Astral removed her paw.

"Welp, I have much to do. I'll leave you two to your fun time. Enjoy!" Astral said with a wink and teleported out of there.

"Did.....did that really happen?" Kenina asked her mate.
FireWing Queen
FireWing Queen

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Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Empty Re: Crazy How Things Change [Baldi]

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Apr 20, 2020 11:58 am

Baldirak didn't react to Kenina's angry look. Actually, he was rather calm. When she looked away from him, he let go of her paw and sat down. At first, his mate questioned him, but Astral spoke up before Baldi could. He watched silently as the two talked. His tail swayed slightly, ready to go if Keni tried to squish Astral again. When the Goddess revealed why she had come, Baldirak got up and walked over to his mate. He was surprised by her reaction. Never before had he heard Kenina speak so softly; she was always a rather loud dragoness.

It felt odd to hear Astral ask Kenina if she wanted to have Hatchlings with Baldi. That feeling increased when Kenina looked at him before giving her answer. It felt like they were going through their mating ceremony again... Only this time, it was being officiated by a Goddess. Astral worked her magic then left quickly as she came. Baldirak moved closer to Kenina and nuzzled her with a soft growl. "Yes, it did. Astral told me about your infertility after I told her about how I've been thinking about having Hatchlings, but you're never around for me to talk to you about it. Then she offered to do this. But it's not just so we can have Hatchlings one day. This... makes you happy, right? That's what I want the most, for you to be happy." He nuzzled her more and licked her snout. "I wish you had told me but I understand why you didn't."

He looked in her eyes, looking for the fire. Then he turned his head toward the entrance to their den. He made a growling/roar sound that raised a thick slab to close off the den. He did the same thing to cover the hole in the ceiling. Then his eyes turned orange before he lit fires in various spots along the floor, including in the center of his Knowledge Circle. They served the same purpose as the sun, providing light for the Moonstones to project their colors on the walls.

Baldirak walked back to his mate and circled her. He brushed against her and licked at her snout. He stopped when he was standing in front of her again. "If it'll please my Queen, I'd like to give my reasons for why I would make a good mate and provide you with the best possible offspring."

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

Crazy How Things Change [Baldi] Fpkz2Va
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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