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Who Dat? (Tene and Family)

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Who Dat? (Tene and Family) Empty Who Dat? (Tene and Family)

Post by Celestia on Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:16 pm

"I think I'm going to set up a temple in Anthropinos." Astral said from out of the blue. Her and her family were at the dinning room table enjoying an assortment of different foods. It was really easy hunting in these parts. Humans just weren't anywhere near as good at hunting as a dragon and the human proximity kept any dragons from claiming nearby territory. Astral herself was enjoying a simple plate of Spaz Fish plain and simple. She branched out to human food every once in awhile but for the most part stuck to dragonic tradition.

"Why not here in Kryo?" Aurora asked. Miraculously she was in her human form a hard thing to get her to do but there wasn't enough room at the table for too many dragons so there was a rule that those that could needed to be in human form. She and Jericho were bravely trying some monster meat.

"Can I come with you?" Jericho asked. He was really enjoying this monster meat and saw an opportunity in the market for it. He kinda felt out of place in this family, maybe he could start up a restaurant in Anthropinos.

"I'm already known here in Kryo, people won't take it well if a simple house wife suddenly claims to be the voice of a powerful goddess. And yea I'll be coming home periodically and can take those who want to come with. Andromeda I want you in particular to help me set things up there."

Before much more discussion could go on a sudden and rather forceful knock reverberated through the house and grabbed everyone's attention.

"Got it!" Aurora announced jumping out of her seat and running over to the front door. When she opened the door she screamed excitedly. "Grandpa Tene!" She yelled and hugged his leg if he's in dragon form or just hugged him if he had taken a human form. It had been a long time since she'd seen him but she didn't could never forget that exciting day or the fun she had with her aunt.

Astral was about to take a bite of food but then froze still at the mention of her father. She then quickly got up and headed to the door. "Daad!" She said just as enthusiastically as Aurora at first. "What are you doing here?" her tone switching to accusation.

Who Dat? (Tene and Family) 158avbn

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Who Dat? (Tene and Family) Empty Re: Who Dat? (Tene and Family)

Post by Svadilfare on Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:01 am

Svadilfare wasn't eating with his family. He was in his room, bedridden. A couple weeks ago, the Pride of Kryo had been summoned to help Gynaikes in a war of sorts. The other side had a surprisingly formidable warrior--a rather large fellow who looked like he feasted on naught but fatty meat and the tears of his victims. That surprisingly formidable warrior favored a rather weighty club with which he shattered Svadilfare's left leg. He wasn't so formidable, nor his club so weighty, however, that Svad couldn't preserve his reputation. On principle, Svad refused to allow Astral to heal him. As one could imagine she wasn't terribly happy about it. Learning it wouldn't affect her favorite pastime, she made her peace with it.

So Svad for the most part, was home. He had no idea if his children were happy about it or not. They were getting older, which meant they were spending less and less time at home, and were less interested in spending time with him. A few weeks before getting called away, Svad had planned a hunting trip with Aurora and Jericho; they turned him down. Even Astral was leaving more often. Granted, it was only because she had taken back her responsibilities as a Goddess--which is what Svad wanted her to do. Still...

Svad shook his head. He was just feeling down right now because of his injury. Svad and being badly damaged physically didn't go well together. He always slipped into a brooding mood that only broke when his wife worked her most powerful magic. Since he had nothing else to do and currently was only getting out of bed to relieve himself and bathe, Svad played around with magic. After having Astral explain it, he tried to enhance his hearing, just enough to be able to hear his family while they conversed at the dinner table. At least that way he could sorta feel like he was there with them.

He had just started using the new spell when he heard a knock at the door. He heard 'Grandpa' and 'Dad', but the name that followed wasn't his father's... Astral's father was here? How was that possible?

Who Dat? (Tene and Family) Boompow


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Who Dat? (Tene and Family) Empty Re: Who Dat? (Tene and Family)

Post by Cygnus on Fri Apr 10, 2020 8:58 am

Cyg was enjoy a little bit of everything his mom had to offer. Seriously, sometimes it seemed like he could eat a barn's worth of food and look like he was eating just enough to survive. He had already planed to practice with the spear his dad had gotten him after breakfast. Yes, he wasn't purely using spear fighting tactics but he figured it would help to mix it up just a little.

As he was enjoying breakfast though, there was a knock at the door, and Aurora quickly went to get it. Eh. Pretty nor.... He then heard a name he didn't recognize. Grandpa Tene? Who was...? His father's son in a lot of respects, Cyg was more quick to be cautious, and hint of blue glow went formed around him, even after his mom said Grandpa Tene was her dad. Protective as ever, he slowly walked around to the door. "Who's this?"

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