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Ice and Fire [Xajiva]

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Ice and Fire [Xajiva] Empty Ice and Fire [Xajiva]

Post by Àlamei on Mon Apr 06, 2020 6:53 am

Àlamei had been sent on a routine patrol mission, after all someone had to patrol the outer borders of the Imperium, even though these spots weren't very fought over by guardians. The border was quite a flight away from the kingdom proper and mostly bordered rogue lands, so you were either meat with incredible boredome far from home or had to waste your day arguing with Rogues. Neither was very pleasant and even though Mei liked the solitude, she treaded the moments when it was her turn to guard here. Oh well, there was no true way around it so she just bore it and tried to do her job as well as she could.

The hybrid sat atop a large stone pillar looking over the lands she was to patrol. In a few minutes she would leave this post to do another flight across the lands and search for a new one, trying to stay at least a little bit unpredictable while securing the area fully.
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Ice and Fire [Xajiva] Empty Re: Ice and Fire [Xajiva]

Post by Xajiva on Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:43 pm

Xajiva went into the Rogue lands. That was a rare situation for her, but sometimes she needed to do that. There was no other way for her to know what happens in the other tribes, or in the whole land. It was always strange to not have snow and ice around, or the cold howling wind. A single, flying dragon would not be seen as a threat in most cases, and as an IceWing she was good to see. 'I hope no patrol will attack me. After all, I just want a little talk', she thought. Her orange eyes saw a strange, reddish pile on a stone pillar. It actually took her a while to identify it as a dragon. After a long time in the white territory it was hard to tell all the other colors apart.
The dragoness changed her direction to clearly fly to the other one. She had low speed, otherwise it could be seen as an attack. With a good amount of distance, she landed carefully and visible. It didn't matter if that dragon was a patrol or a rogue - she was the stranger after all. Therefor it was more polite to let the other one make the first step.

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Ice and Fire [Xajiva] Empty Re: Ice and Fire [Xajiva]

Post by Àlamei on Mon Apr 27, 2020 11:40 pm

She was about to leave for her patrol flight, when she caught sight of a big mass making its way through the sky. Definitely a dragon, but judging from the colors she could make out from afar, it wasn't one of the species making up the Twilight Imperium. So either a Rogue or someone from another tribe, which would be quite unusual, as the closest tribe would be the IceWings and they seldom left their territory.

Whoever they were, they landed a little distance away from the stone pillar she was sitting on. Definitely a respectful distance but close enough to beckon her to come and check out what was going on. Warily, Àlamei spread her multicolored wings and pushed off the large stone pillar, gliding the couple hundred feet down to where the other dragon was sitting. Àlamei touched down softly a little distance from the dragoness away, folding her wings to walk the rest of the way.

She seemed to really be an IceWing and it didn't look like she was posing a threat right now. Mei decided to approach her equally relaxed, but wary, after all she was just approaching their territory.
"Are you a Rogue or a tribe member?" She asked the large IceWing. If she was a Rogue Mei would most likely have to turn her back around, as she was getting much too close to their borders, if she didn't have some business inside the territory.
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