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Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas))

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Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas)) Empty Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas))

Post by Perula on Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:12 am

The sun was beating down on the chilled earth beneath the white paws of a lone dragoness, her opalescent scales shimmering in a variety of sun influenced peaches and creams. The only interruptions in the warm sun were the shadows of the trees that were off to her right. She had chosen this specific and natural clearing of the forest for a reason, not only for its secluded spot and the small creek that flowed through to cast the scent of water to mix with the breeze that carried the pine but because she knew that soon a visitor would arrive.

A draconic smile pulled at her lips as she veered from the treeline and padded toward the center of the clearing and the creekbed. Picking an exceptionally sunny spot, she lowered onto her belly and pulled her front paws against her chest with her head high and wings tucked against her sides in a non threatening, typical sunbathing posture. Perula's mind wandered to how exactly she was going to introduce herself to the one she was expecting, knowing he wasn't exactly expecting her to be interrupting his typical rounds. Many introductions and salutations ran through her mind and she settled with a simple 'hello'. She needed to seem as though she had no idea of his routine for she knew that it would seem odd to even her if someone had been watching her.

It wasn't his fault nor did she have any other reason to have been keeping an eye on him, if it wasn't for her estranged sister. Hildrhilt didn't even know she existed simply because when she was a hatchling, their mother had sent her away to protect her. Albinism in her tribe was a rarity, as with many other tribes, so to keep Perula safe she was sent to live with her grandmother. Raised in healing and minor defense combative actions, she was isolated and learned how to be unseen despite her sparkling white scales. With a quiet sigh, she closed her eyes and simply listened to the creatures around her, slitted nostrils intaking deep and slow breaths, truly relaxing as she simply waited while her mind finally stilled and went blank.
EarthWing Healer
EarthWing Healer

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Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas)) Empty Re: Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas))

Post by Vilkas on Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:04 pm

Because of his demigod ability, Vilkas was the only one allowed to travel alone outside of the safe zone and ebonwing isles. His mutant form made him look like just another monster, which most of the real ones avoided. The Ogres were the only ones that tried to fight him, stubborn things. Their... stupid bravery was kinda admiring, though; kinda. Vilkas was in his mutant form now, patrolling the other side of the border to make sure there were no monsters trying to get in. Smoke billowed from his nostrils as he walked. He carried his club over his right shoulder. A group of Skeir flew by. Vilkas shot a ball of fire at them and as they fell out of the sky, he caught them in his maw. Eventually, the King's nephew came upon a clearing by a creek. This was a spot he often found monsters, as they were attracted by the water. He stopped short of the clearing and raised his club over his head before slamming it down on the ground. Any monsters hiding there would flee and those brave enough to stick around, Vilkas would destroy.
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EarthWing Vulcan

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Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas)) Empty Re: Take These Broken Wings ((Vilkas))

Post by Perula on Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:00 pm

The Albino dragoness turned her attention to the slightest sound of a scurrying animal, the doe running along the edge of the trees. Her pink eyes followed it before turning her gaze to the source of the deer's spook. She couldn't see him yet but she could both smell the heat and hear the faintest of footfalls, the vibrations under her paws signaling something rather large was coming her way.

If it was a monster, she would burst into flight without hesitation, but if it were the Vulcan, she would remain still and immovable. She knew he was on patrol, so he would come through here expecting to see something that he needed to dispose of, but rather he would see her. A pleasant surprise, as she hoped, to a rather gruesome detail.

So she waited, feeling the vibrations grow as he neared the clearing before it ceased. She blinked and tilted her head slightly before she felt the slamming of the ground, snorting sharply in surprise. A multitude of local birds called in terror and took to the skies at the assault of the ground, hearing the scurrying of other creatures hidden in the trees, but she still did not move, merely narrowing her eyes to capture the shadowed form before her, her wings twitching as she moved them to the optimal thrust position, waiting to have to burst into the air as quickly as she could with her large size.
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EarthWing Healer

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