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To Hell and Back (Nelth) Dragon10
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To Hell and Back (Nelth)

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To Hell and Back (Nelth) Empty To Hell and Back (Nelth)

Post by Gleam on Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:27 am

Gleam stood in the shade of the cave entrance, gathering the Dusk Thyme into the basket she had brought. She was lucky to have found the cave; Dusk Thyme was a finicky plant that could only grow in specific conditions: dark for most of the day, partial sun for a small amount of time, and it had to be moist. It was no wonder that it grew mostly in the entrances to caves, nor that it was one of the most uncommon herbs that Gleam used.

And so Gleam was quite surprised when she discovered several Dusk Thyme plants in this cave, not so far from the settlement. She had found it the day before. Today she had come with a large basket and the intent to bring home as many of the intoxicating leaves as possible. At the moment, the basket was around a quarter full of the dark bluish-green leaves, and she had picked most of the plants clean of leaves. Gleam started on one of the last two plants, picking off the little leaves one-by-one.

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To Hell and Back (Nelth) Empty Re: To Hell and Back (Nelth)

Post by Neltharion on Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:22 am

Somewhere not far from the cave.

Some sparks of magic can be seen crackling in the air near the ground. Not short after a giant portal opens up, nearing 200ft in size. From the other side its corrupted miasma can been seen flowing out of it slowly, acting like a poison towards the local wildlife. After having been open for a couple seconds a heavily wounded claw comes out of it and digs into the ground. A second claw quickly emerges from the portal to get another foothold. When the unknown figure has two claws firmly in the ground it pulls itself out fully and a dragon of giant proportions comes out of the portal which vanishes soon after. The dragon is covered in wounds ranging from slashing, piercing and bludgeoning types of damage.

Soon after escaping from the portal he lets out a mighty roar and launches a compressed beam fire into the air that soon explodes outwards in a small radius. Creating a loud boom that can be heard from afar. After firing that beam the dragon soon collapses onto the ground due to the excessive wounds and something else yet unknown for now. His breathing slowing down a bit and his eyelids getting heavier before he passes out from a combination of many things such as exhaustion.

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