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Post by Malek on Sat Mar 21, 2020 8:55 pm

Fear was a word that couldn't describe a certain feeling of dread. When one is left behind, they are weaker, they seem smaller in a chaotic world now inhabited by viscous beasts. Out of nowhere, everything came crashing down in one night, a single fell swoop that was unlike the humans. A single plunge at the heart that was beyond human and dragon alike. That dark crimson color of fear was enough to even make the mightiest of dragons flee, enough to stir panic of all Draconic lands and cease their boisterous cries.

In the events of the first invasion that forced everyone to flee, many had fallen victim to the beasts that came. Serpents, humanoid creatures, large avians, and much more attacked swiftly with a seemingly voracious appetite. If one killed a dragon it continued, not stop and claim a feast, but moved on with an enraged intent to kill. When one of those those creatures died twenty dragons fell, and true to today's history, it was truly the fall of the Twilight Imperium and it's people. Though, the survivors retreated to the NightWings Ebon Isles the great capitol was said to become the breeding grounds for the creatures... if they hadn't turned on themselves.

This was also the case of one Hydra who lost faith in the NightWings, specifically their leader and inquisitor. She had been searching for the new home of the Twilight remnants for years, surviving off the land and avoiding any contact with both human and abnormal creature. Once she found the Ebon Isles however the Hydra didn't find closure of her Lords safety. No, instead he was nothing more than a skulking coward, whether he grieved or not wasn't of her concern despite how many the Imperium had lost. She never wished anything like this upon anyone and knew the heaviness of the situation, she gave her condolences and respects.

However it wasn't the mere fact that Lord Tenebris was grieving, she understood that, but it is was the fact a fellow NightWing told her how long it was since he actually shown his face, how often he emerges from his quarters, and that the NightWing Archon had yet to come up with a plan. The one leading the entire Imperium was the EarthWing king. And it only infuriated the Hydra the more she thought of it. This new information presented to her in the few days made her uneasy granted she rest from the long journey, the Hydra could no longer remain with the same NightWings that promised her a high-end rank. One rank that brought her from being a lonesome rogue, an assassin.

Several years ago when politics actually mattered the ranks of assassin or spy would have mattered as well, not only would they present their leader valuable information they could rid their leaders of any opponents that were too much a threat. Clean, swift, and deceiving. It was only when the Hydra was in the middle of her training that these creatures attacked, but despite the rest of the group fleeing together, the Archon, the Inquisitor who was her teacher, everyone else had forgotten about her even when she was present and next to them. It wasn't until she was seperated that the Hydra felt alone and abandoned. Only when she returned did the Archon forget, everyone forgot, and she couldn't forgive that.

The decision was made, the Hydra had to leave the NightWings. A promise broken from their end, she'd rather be under the service and be of use than lie and wait under the gaze of the shadow of her own Lord... whatever was left of his pride anyway. Walking through the pathway of the buildings and caves, the Hydra had to find a way to get into the services of the EarthWings. A betrayal really, but it didn't matter now.

The Hydra had to contemplate what exactly she would do if she'd join them. She would certainly be a good scout! Though with the world filled with those abnormal creatures it wasn't particularly a safe thing to do. As she walked, she continued to think hard about what her duties would be to the EarthWings. She would never stand the fact of simply sleeping or resting this whole thing away.

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