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Unlikely Pair (Addali)

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Unlikely Pair (Addali) Empty Unlikely Pair (Addali)

Post by Solomon on Sat Mar 14, 2020 3:32 pm

Within the Forest of Avalon, only several miles from the Dukedom seat of Candor, Solomon hunted alone. Usually many nobles hunt par force, for a multitude of reasons, but above all because it is considered the purest and noblest form of hunting where the hunt par force was a general makeup where it would be a team of hunters which required each participant to have a specific role. Yet, Solomon hated such, in the words of his former master at arms in his youth, the young Prince was told a startled or angry wild boar is a desperate fighter and therefore, the pig-sticker must possess a good eye, a steady hand, a firm seat, a cool head and a courageous heart. Which are all features necessary in being the epitome of a good Knight, thus in the Princes personal opinion to hunt such a beast in par force would only be dishonourable to oneself and remove the respect for the prey. Solomon wore only a black gamberson for protection, his steed what usually bore him was held by a squire on the outskirts of the forest, at least a two mile from his current position. Armed only with his shortsword placed firmly within his scabbard and a boar spear. The spear itself is relatively short and heavy and has two "lugs" on the spearsocket behind the blade, to act as a barrier to prevent an injured and furious boar from working its way up the shaft of the spear to inflict injury upon Solomon's person.

Solomon made his way deeper into the darkness of the wood, each step leaves a fresh, crisp footprint in the snow. It gave a sense that allowed Solomon to contemplate as if he was the only soul to have ever walked here, yet the tracks of a stray Wild Boar prove otherwise. The Prince found the beast grazing on a small patch of grass that wasn't covered in the white powdered snow. Solomon stared is an almost awe struck sense the beast was powerful, and toned yet as graceful as only a beast of the wild could be, watching with silent breaths, he'd lower himself to a crouching position, moving in between the thick timber of the tree's, rolling his steps carefully as to not cause an unnatural noise which could spook the creature into bolting. Truth be told, he had to catch the beast by surprise and hope it charged instead of fleeing. That would be the most effective method. The Knight would continue with his sapphire eyes caught on the beast, appreciating nature's ferocity and beauty which one could say the Boar represented. Solomon bit his lower lip readying himself as he got into a good position, getting ready to attack the Boar unawares.

"Companions! We will not yield to these curs, no! We will plunge our blades into their ignoble hearts and reclaim our birthright as the champions of Humanity, stand with me brothers, for Leostonnia!" - Sir Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre, Duke of Candor, Knight of the Burning Blade, Third born Prince of Leostonnia.

For Solomon's character Bio Click Here

Links to one of the tales of Solomon's errantry quests;
Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-8

Unlikely Pair (Addali) Pygyqu10
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Unlikely Pair (Addali) Empty Re: Unlikely Pair (Addali)

Post by Addali Chezie on Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:53 pm

The huntress sat atop her dark steed, the stallion had his ears perked forward and dark eyes scanning around as he elegantly arched his neck and chewed at the bit. Addali pulled at the reins slightly and eased the stallion to a stop as she looked around, her keen blue eyes scanning the horizon before swinging her left leg over his haunch and settling onto the ground, pulling her right out of the stirrup. She could hear her prey, the unmistakable sound of faint grunts and rustling leaves were enough to signal her as to the location. Her hand ran along the stallion's shoulder slowly as she grabbed her weapon from the opposite side of the saddle, fixing the bow in her hand.

The reins fell from her hand as she moved away, anchoring the horse in place as though through an invisible force, adjusting the strap of her leather quiver as she silently moved forward into the dense trees. Her body low and feet finding solid footing as she pulled the hood securely over her head. She was getting closer, a faint scent of the mammal hitting her nostrils and caused her nose to wrinkle slightly. Her movements were silent, obvious to her many years doing this exact thing, knowing how keen and flighty many prey animals were.

After a few moments, she stopped, a dark shape low to the ground catching her attention and she settled behind a thick bush, pulling an arrow from her quiver and notching it, running her right finger over the guide feather on the end, leveling the arrow before pulling back, fixing her eye on the area just behind the shoulder. This was the one spot that killed with no question, nicking the heart and slicing into it and producing an amount of bleeding that would drain an animal quickly of life.

She inhaled deeply once the animal was broadside to her, focusing her shot through a small break in leaves and sticks from the brush in front of her. Settling, she slowly exhaled and at the end of her breath, she released, a sharp 'twang' heard before she heard the satisfying contact with the boar. The creature bucked into the air slightly with a sharp squeal and took off running, blood spurting from where the arrow had buried itself.

A bright smile pulled at her lips before standing, Addali sighed and lugged the arrow on her shoulder and stood, moving toward the spot the animal was standing, unaware that there was a visitor in her midst.
Addali Chezie
Addali Chezie

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Unlikely Pair (Addali) Empty Re: Unlikely Pair (Addali)

Post by Tenebris on Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:56 am

Solomon was posed to strike, his breathing steady as he watched the boar with purpose. A single drop of sweat in anticipation to the adrenaline in fueled quarry what would begin streamed down from his brow as he tightened the grip of his spear. Crouched in his kneeling position, he was about to begin his confrontation with his prey when suddenly a blur of movement shot past from the side of Solomon's peripheral vision. The arrow cut through the air with a dynamic elegant sound before it hit its mark. The Prince took a sharp inhale of his breath as the sudden revaluation that he was not alone, he did not hear the bow being struck or the release of the shot, so other than the general direction in which the arrow came Solomon didn't know the distance. What was disturbing was with his Squire on the designated hunting track what lead into the forest, this would of been an unlicensed poacher. In normal circumstances, Solomon would confront the poacher ready to bring about justice, his castle forged armour usually enough to withstand the force of a bow outside of a longbow.

Justifying that caution in this situation was more than astute rather than confronting this new threat in only his gamberson. In Leostonnian culture it was frowned upon to use ranged weaponry as it was unhonourable and thus shunned the chivalric virtues, yet peasants were trained in the bow and thus the Prince in this moment knew that any combatant he might now fast would not be beholden to the laws of nobility. Solomon manoeuvred himself to have his back pressed up against the tree and to the clearly, still crouched low. "Who goes there, show yourself, into the clearing then lay down your bow", the Prince bellowed, hoping that the dense forest provided enough distortion to his voice that the poacher couldn't pin point the direction of his voice as the sound would travel differently. Looking over his shoulder, Solomon would narrow his sapphire eyes, awaiting for the poacher to show him/herself.

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"Oftentimes in reality, the realists are in the position of the antihero. Neither those on the side of good, nor the side of bad really trust them, as their truth is universal." ~ Tenebris, Archon of the Ebonwing Potentate.

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