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Colonies of Avan ( WIP ) Dragon10
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Colonies of Avan ( WIP )

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Colonies of Avan ( WIP ) Empty Colonies of Avan ( WIP )

Post by Tharasis on Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:29 am

"Colonies of Avan"

" A humble little colony, With its hardworking people and its bountiful lands with resources. One can imagine what this small place can become in time. "

" The Avan faction as of now is considered an simple place for anyone. Nothing goes beyond the occasional, and the people here like it that way. Their way of life is simple, their enemies and often far and few in between. Given their isolated position in the world. The folks here are hardworking, and proud of themselves at what they had made so far. In terms of war and fighting, it rarely happens here, with the only threats being the occasional dragons that fly by or the pirate vessel which is often swiftly taken care of by the navy. "

Relationships and treaties
" Dragon Kind " -Neutral-
" Monsters " -Defensive War-
" Ariophia " -Neutral-
" Skaldgarde " -Wary-
" Kingdom of Leostonnia " -Wary-
" Kakos " -Wary-
" Ammos " -Neutral-
" Brysur " -Friendly- -Open Trade treaty-
" Kryo " -Neutral-
" Gynaikes " -Neutral-
" Kingdom of Moon " -Neutral-

The Towns here are flourishing in time, with trade open and free. Resources lay uncontested and open for the taking, the Avan colonies have enjoyed making profits off of the mined ores, refined and professionally made products, and grown foods. An small but capable force is on guard, accompanied with a fairly strong navy to defend its shores and waters. Dragons occasionally pass by, but they never seem to ever cause trouble here. Law is made and crime is few if none at all. And the people are content and happy.

City of Avanrith
The first settlement made here since the first people of Avan came to this archipelago. Its by far the most developed of the 3 settlements here. The City has a sizeable force to protect it, and it has many local resources to take from. With mountains, forests, and large open fields for farmlands. This is also where the current leader of the Avan colony lives.

Town of Newshire
A Fairly large town for its size, given its role in the system. As the town serves as the trade and connections to the outside world. It has a large enough dock for everyone and its guarded by a fleet of Avan warships, its police and military force is capable of repelling most attempts by pirates and barbarian attacks. This town also has the largest markets and storage areas, taverns and inns are common and you will always be able to find an empty building used as a storage area by someone.

Town of Hyzacia
The town os Hyzacia is where you will find the majority of Avans working class lives in. given its close proximity with the two other towns, it serves as the colonies primary manufacturer. Producing much of the goods, like swords, equipment, clothing, and so on. Its also defended by a sizeable force and a small police force.  

Military/Navy/Police Forces
The colony as a whole posses a fairly large force of homegrown and homemade soldiers and equipment. And while the forces are able to defend the homeland, they are unable to do any form of offensive operations. The soldiers of the army are mostly well trained. And many of the soldiers of the armed forces are either volunteers or militia grade.


Trained, well supplied and maintained, regulated and decently experienced. These folks are dead set on defending the shores of their colony, and will fight with great determination to keep it free and safe. The leaders are skilled and a good majority are capable captains and officers. Their doctrine is centred around small fleets with strong weapons and skilled captains. They value quality over quantity, and often their tactics require skilled leaders and well equipped and manned ships. They rarely do close combat fights that involve boarding, instead focus on the ability to destroy ships before they could even get within boarding range.


Made up by mostly volunteers and militia. The army is still considered capable in its own right of defending the lands. Equipment is made of the highest quality Avan can produce, and the leaders are handpicked by the king himself, as well as his military advisers. Their doctrine often uses the crossbow as the soldiers main and common weapons. The doctrine also uses a more smaller force of around usually 100 men strong forces. Strategy and tactics often revolve around small engagements from far away distances as the average soldier is equipped with a crossbow or bow.

Small in size, and often equipped with only the bare essentials. There is nothing to take note other than they can maintain peace and order easily within the colonies.

The Avan colonies export a fair amount of supplies to the other human civilisations. But what makes them special is their reputation for high quality made products. And though it comes at a hefty price, its considered worth it by those who purchase said goods. They use the popular " Intaliri trade route " for their trades. The route is often patrolled by 3 war fleets to ward of pirate attacks and to generally prevent any disruptions to the trade of Avan and their partners.

Main Exports
-Copper Tools-
-Silk and wool-
-Upper class Clothing-
-Wood Crafts-
-Stone Crafts-
-Small wooden ships-

Main Imports
-Books and literature-
-Food stuffs-
-Iron Tools and weapons-
-Stone Bricks-

Technology and Advancements
The Technology of living standards of Avan are roughly equal to most human settlements, with clothing and housing up to par with most kingdoms. Building are often built with bricks and stone, the people use a combination of paintings, artistic crafts, cloths, and crafts to decorate their homes. An active push of advancement is currently on going and while progress is extremely slow, it is none the less supported by the colonies government. Industry is somewhat more advance, with Avan using more refined tools and equipments to for both mass production and to better make quality products. simple water powered machines are used to make certain products. while giant smelters are built to mass produce refined ore.

Military technology is somewhat advance. With Avan leading on their so called " Age of ranged " and has long since heavily invested, refined, and mastered the arts of ranged warfare. Crossbows and bows have become the main weapon as suppose to the sword and shield, and Avan has pushed eagerly to enhance their effectiveness. From using oils to lubricate crossbow weapons to making complex pulleys to enable crossbows and ballistas to fire farther and stronger.

The islands here are all mixed together in their own right. Some small other large, with large forest filled with life, or mountains rich in ore, to grasslands and small hills with fertile soil.

Avanrith Island
Avanrith is where the everything started, with it housing the current 3 colonies of Avan. It has lush lands for farming, and a good amount of mountains with rich ore veins.

Matriki Island
The largest island of the archipelago. It has many mountains and large endless forest filled with life.

Alkri Island
The island is home to rich farmland and has a range of small hills that could yield valuable ores. Its wildlife is diverse as the next island but this islands if commonly seen with a small dragon or two.

Orant Island
The island is home to a small mix of hills and a few mountains. With good soil and distant forests.

Haxim Island
This island has a large mountain range in its middle. With a forest encircling the island. Its soil is average but can yield a good harvest given proper work and care.

Notable Technology

With Avans obsession with the weapon, its was no doubt that given time and resources they would advance and perfect the craft of making, and using of such a weapon. Its cheap to manufacture and often it packs a punch that can kill a man wearing armour, this weapon has been the main weapon alongside the bow, sword, and shield.

A few notable weapon is Avans standardised weapon treaty, approved by the king. It orders and demands all weapons that are used by the armed forces of Avan be identical in both design and quality. Tho the second tends to vary, the design is mostly exact and precise. Which leads to the low maintenance cost and repair of such weapons. This leads to less time consuming methods of making a brand new crossbow, and instead allows a man to replace broken or defective parts with newer parts. Saving Avan thousands in their military budget.

The Crossbows used is often made to the point where a man can effectively fire and reload as fast as a man equipped with a bow.
The Navy uses an extensive arsenal of crossbows. ranging from small mounted harpoon firing, to crossbows that are made to shoot, flame burning bolts.

Perhaps one of Avans most important technological discoveries, allowing them to mass produce books at great quantities. And while the cost to make such printers are very expensive. Given that such early printers require so much materials and how its intricately made, with each part requiring precise crafting to make it work. Never the less the invention would help Avan to push forward education and general knowledge, more accessible by all, and easier to acquire.

Still has moar to write, but I shall leave it here for now ;j

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Colonies of Avan ( WIP ) Empty Re: Colonies of Avan ( WIP )

Post by Tharasis on Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:30 am

Asking for a tally of overall cost of the App. As well as anything i need to improve or add upon. anything needing to get more written, or any information in general i need to add.

My Discord: " Thosom Tom#3580 "

Hope to chat and rp with you soon! ;D

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Colonies of Avan ( WIP ) Empty Re: Colonies of Avan ( WIP )

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Thu Jan 30, 2020 9:15 am

If you're ready for this to be looked at, then WIP shouldn't be in the title.

What needs to be done was stated in the other topic. You need to focus just on the village, as that is what you'll be starting with. The cost for a village is 500 DP.

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