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Finally Meeting (Paradox) - Page 2 Dragon10
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Finally Meeting (Paradox)

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Finally Meeting (Paradox) - Page 2 Empty Finally Meeting (Paradox)

Post by Soshi on Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:23 am

First topic message reminder :

Soshi sighed, laying back on a tree stump while looking at her horse and cart. She was on the move again. It had become a cycle with her. Never could stay one place too long if she wanted to hide what she was. She hadn't aged since her powers first began to manifest, which made living near other humans difficult. Right now though, she needed a break from travelling.

The goddess pulled her hood back, pouring a little water on her head. "How am I a god who can control elements, yet I can still get overheated?" She looked around, slowly releasing some ice into the air around her, cooling it down some. "Better." It was a little risky, and Soshi was still worried about being found out by the other gods, but sometimes she had to take a little risk.

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Finally Meeting (Paradox) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finally Meeting (Paradox)

Post by Discord on Wed Apr 01, 2020 3:48 am

She looked over herself, seemingly looking for something out of place about herself or her outfit before chuckling.

Why not? I am the embodiment of chaos and change, I am not kept off by boundaries like species or gender. I can be whoever and whatever I want to be, the dragon form you saw of me simply is the one I am most accustomed to, the form of the dragon who once became the God of Chaos. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable with me like this, I can be a male human instead.

With a leap she landed on her horse, turning around to face the human goddess again.

I could do all these things but I do value honest work. I never actually considered just conjuring money out of nowhere to pay for our everyday expenses. Probably just enough to make sure we can either buy a house or build a house ourselves as I prefer if we lived in their midst, not far off in a hillside like dragons do. After all, we need to start somewhere but once we have established ourselves a residency, you are correct to assume that honest work among the townfolk will help secure our place in their community.

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Finally Meeting (Paradox) - Page 2 Empty Re: Finally Meeting (Paradox)

Post by Soshi on Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:53 pm

Soshi nodded a bit. At least the second part made sense. She was asked if Paradox being a female would make her uncomfortable. She just shrugged, thinking about it.

"Not the weirdest I've seen." She then formed a little bird out of fire, showing off a little. She then looked at... her again, then the horse. "Guess we best get going then."

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