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Left to the Forest (Starlight order)

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Left to the Forest (Starlight order) Empty Left to the Forest (Starlight order)

Post by Zio on Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:03 pm

Zio, though a very friendly and sociable type, needed space every so often. At this time he would go to the forest, and sunbathe in this little meadow that he found not to long ago. Flying through, the lush greenery, he started to look around. So pretty, so beautiful. Zio sighed with relief.

This day can't get any better

He looked up at the golden sun. So bright, so beautiful! He let the golden rays fall onto his face, and sink through his scales. He squinted at the sun and closed his eyes, letting out another content sigh. At this moment, he slammed into a tree branch and lost feeling in his left wing. He let out a surprised yelp, and started to fall. He slammed onto the ground, and let out an injured groan.


Blood stained his scales, and his face was all torn up. The sun beating down on his injured body, he slowly  closed his eyes, and drifted away from the world, falling into an endless void of nothing. He made a last call for help, and he let himself drift away, waiting for help to arrive
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Left to the Forest (Starlight order) Empty Re: Left to the Forest (Starlight order)

Post by Hydrangea on Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:39 pm

The rogue had wandered the forest for quite some time now. Hydrangea was extremely tired, even with three legs. But now. she wander through a specially lush part of the forest, where she saw plenty of food. She was walking down the path, when she saw a giant blue lump on the ground. As she walked towards the lump, she began to notice some very defining features. she noticed the head, eyes closed and breathing shallow.

Now look here, a dragon.

Her fur was blue, which signaled that she was scared, and a worried expression fell to her face.

Oh, my! Oh, my!

It was no bigger than a young dragonet. She decided that she would watch over it, untill it regained consiousness. Then she could really help it.

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Left to the Forest (Starlight order) Empty Re: Left to the Forest (Starlight order)

Post by Attor on Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:41 am

((Hydrangea, just to let you know in the future that RPs like this that have the "(Starlight Order)" are strictly to Starlight members lest you spoke with the thread creator. It's alright this time, but be wary next time.))

Attor flew through the skies, low enough to where if he spotted an elk or goat, horse or even loose sheep from any human villages he could spot and snatch them up. The hunts recently had been a good bounty, all this month through as the weather grew just chilly animals were conung out to gather food. So was he, elk were in rut, turtles and frog prepping for a few days cold. The winter the Starlight's experience was different from the EarthWings. In the Northern area where Sky Kin flourished once it was usually snowing and storming, maybe only for a month or two but it still wasn't as vicious nor long enough to compare to the Earthen lands. Still, being higher into the mountains it was still colder than hell.

The Starlight king sighed, he had one dead elk, a young buck that he held onto. For today the hunt wasn't all that great and he was separated from his group when Shadows Hawks attacked. Of course, at that time Attor hadn't payed any mind to his surroundings, so he was chased away as to avoid conflict. He needed to be more wary, granted the monster threat and appearances seemed to have died down they were still out there. And they were still as dangerous as ever.

As he flew across the sky Attor spotted something from his peripheral. With elk held onto and a satchel tight to his left side he hovered above the two creatures. Dragons, survivors! However his form blocked the sun and for as bright as it was he appeared as a giant wasp wity his tail hanging low. He was quick to figure out that the Dentem Magni couldn't strick this far up. Attor slowly lowered his form onto the ground, carefully landing with grace just twenty feet away. He began to approached the thick brush however kept his distance.

Before Attor had been attacked by many rogues and assassin's alike, even now as the days go by he was very skeptical of new faces. It didn't take a genius to figure out a trap, and while it didn't seem like an ambush he never knew. His carapace armor blended in well with the thick brush, he was able to see the injured youngling and the... Flower dragon thing that stood over it. Attor raised stinger just slightly as to strick when I the right distance, but for now he observed, playing it carefully.

Valcroaza easily defeated Attor in size, yet, he was defeated himself both physically and emotionally. And he roared in frustration, slowly dying from the poisons and wounds, "How could an insect like You overcome a Lord?! I am Valcoaza, warmonger of the Rouges!!"
Attor laughed at the big dragon, walking towards the fallen creature as he prepared the stinger at the end of his tail, "You had the strength, might and size no doubt, what won me the war my friend, was speed, stealth and patience. You would have certainly won had you not been arrogant enough to try and torture and taunt me, taking your simple time to finish what You started. I won because of your mistakes, I won because you grew careless and sloppy, thus meeting your end."
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