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Grey meets Blue (Wake)

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Grey meets Blue (Wake) Empty Grey meets Blue (Wake)

Post by Tharasis on Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:42 am

Tharasis flew close to the mountains, as he always appreciated and admired the sights one can see. From the rivers that flowed below, to the lush forests that covered the land.

Not to mention the plains where many animals graze and gather in. All blending into one perfect scene. And this was one of many reasons he loved to fly, as it also made him feel free from the world. To just soar above, with nothing standing in his way as he flew high, low, made maneuvers big or small.

And as he flew he would spot a small pond, and wanting to take a rest after flying for so long. He would go down to softly land relatively close to it. And he would slowly made his way there.

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Grey meets Blue (Wake) Empty Re: Grey meets Blue (Wake)

Post by Wake on Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:30 pm

Wake was enjoying a nice nap. He didn't get enough of them nowadays. With everything going on, the small wyvern honestly felt like there wasn't a way to stop all the chaos that had ensued after the monsters showed up, and so he sleep near a pond, hidden under some brush like a hatchling. Or at least he slept until he heard some wings beating. He opened an eye to see who was coming.

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Grey meets Blue (Wake) Empty Re: Grey meets Blue (Wake)

Post by Tharasis on Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:08 am

Tharasis would appear from the thick foliage, and would proceed to the pond to take a drink. Feeling satisfied when he felt the cool liquid go down his throat.

And he would sit and lay down. As the sun penetrated through the trees and illuminated a big enough area where he laid down. Giving a warm sensation as he rested. Feeling content with the peace and quiet.

Unaware to him, was that he was not alone. And he would soon find out when he picked up a particular scent. And would perk up when he noticed this scent was nothing like the wildlife he'd known.

This scent was of dragon, preferably male. And he would close his eyes, as he spoke.

" Whom ever you are... Show yourself, I already know your here... And that your close. " He said trying to convince the drake to show himself. And if he was a hostile then he was already prepared for a fight. But if not, then he was more than happy to meet a new face.

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