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Here you go Baldi Empty Here you go Baldi

Post by Celestia on Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:58 pm

Celestia [104 BP]Today at 5:38 PM
"You need to get out more." @Baldirak [3 ☪]
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 5:38 PM
"I do get out."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 5:40 PM
"Really? When is the last time you hung out with a group of mortals?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 5:41 PM
Kelarth looked away from his collection of portals to look at the smaller deity. "Well, it's been a few years. But some of us have more important things to do."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 5:42 PM
"You swatted me. Just because."
"You need to get out more."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 5:45 PM
"You ran off with a human, just because. I could afford to get out if not for the current state of things." He flicked his tail at the large scale behind him "The Scale needs to be balanced."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 5:46 PM
"I was......going through a rough time. Besides why does it need to be balanced? You even going to actually do anything about it?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 5:54 PM
"Going through a rough time... You turned your back on Dragonkind. Shardas imparted us with our power and immortality--the remnants of his own life--for a reason. It was not so we could let the mortals go nearly extinct due to carelessness. And it needs to be balanced because that is how the world works. If there is too much Good, everything thrives. If everything thrives, there suddenly becomes no room. And if there is too much Bad, everything dies.. That is what is happening now. I am the God of Fortune... Actually, Balance is more fitting. Anyway, it is my job to ensure the world is not destroyed by too much Good or Bad. And yes, I plan on doing something about it, but I need help. I couldn't get it from Paradox, because he was Shardas knows where, and I couldn't get it from you, because you decided to forsake your gift and abandon your responsibility."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 6:07 PM
"They are back now. And unfortunately I can not aid you. I don't know for what purpose these monsters exist and I'm not going to kill any till I do."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 6:10 PM
Kelarth growled. "Yes, I know. I've been watching the two of you. As for killing these beasts, I am not asking you to.. yet. Not that it wouldn't be a simple task for us. But at the very least, you could aid with closing the portals so that no more can come through."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 6:15 PM
"Can't do that either. For all I know this was a plan Shardas had set in motion long ago."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 6:16 PM
Kelarth turned away from his portals, to look fully at Astral. "And what if they kill what remains of the mortals by the time you get your answer?"
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 6:18 PM
"What if that was his plan?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 6:26 PM
The God of Fortune and Balance went over to the Scale of Fortune. He regarded it with a tense silence, as if he were trying to will it to do something. "To genocide his most cherished creation? To kill off everything, including the Prophet who devoted his life to you, your precious human mate and half-breed children? You would stand for that, to again lose everything you love, if that was Shardas' plan?"
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 6:37 PM
"........No. No I wouldn't"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 6:45 PM
"I thought not. Then you need to start being a Goddess again. We are meant to protect the mortals, not forsake them... even if that were the will of our creator. I suggest you begin with your Prophet." Kelarth waved his paw. A portal manifested in front of Astral, showing images of Baldirak from the time the monster invasion began, to now. "You weren't aware, but upon your death as a mortal, he aided you, even after your truth had been revealed. Granted, he was not aware what he was doing, but had it been his will, he could have ignored the call."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:06 PM
Baldirak lays down in his den and rests his head on his paws.
He became restless after a while and got up, leaving the den. He took to the air and flew off in no particular direction, with no specific destination in mind.
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:12 PM
"I'm not letting harm come to my family but I'm still not taking first action towards the monsters either."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:14 PM
The god huffed. "So you'll protect your human and children, but all of Dragonkind you will abandon?"
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:14 PM
"Until I figure out what's going on."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:17 PM
Kelarth shook his head and conjured a second portal, this one meant for travel. "Then go and tell the EarthWing King that his death will be at your paws."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:19 PM
"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were taking this personally. You know full well your semantics are flawed."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:29 PM
"I have no qualms about attacking this scourge upon our world. If I wanted, I could have ended this by simply bringing what mortals remain to the safety of my realm, destroying theirs, then you could restore it. But I saw the benefit of waiting.. and I see now that that won't help. You were oblivious before, but you aren't now. If you won't do anything yourself, at least get some capable mortals to do it for you. That way you'll be free to wait to your heart's content. And if any more die, at least they'd be dying doing your bidding."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:31 PM
Astral looks at him cautiously "Do you have something against me?"
Orkev delta[1 ☪]Today at 7:34 PM
"but all the knowledge would be lost" i say as i walk out of the shadows
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:36 PM
Kelarth sighed. "I've nothing against you personally, Astral. Well, my Bad side might. But my quarrel is more against your actions, or lack thereof. I will admit I am displeased with your new love of humans, that it has clouded your judgement in handling the current crisis."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:41 PM
"It's opened my eyes. I've inherited more responsibility than any of the other gods. Managing the other gods is literally on that list. The humans have just as much place on this world as dragons do. So who's to say the monster don't too?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:48 PM
"Yes, managing two gods must be incredibly difficult for you. The humans have a place, yes, but you've let them become the only thing you care about. And these monsters... As I said, you'll think different when they raze your new snow-covered home to the ground and kill your mate."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:49 PM
"Just as the humans and dragons have been doing to each other since nearly the beginning of time."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 7:53 PM
"And it was the humans that started it. But both are children of Shardas. These creatures are not. They do not belong in our reality. They disrupt the Scale, the Balance. They must be removed.. at least the ones that threaten Dragonkind."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 7:56 PM
"I'll be taking a more active role in looking into the situation. But I make no promises on any action I may take."
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 8:02 PM
"That is all I ask." He motioned to the portal he had conjured before. "Now go do something about that EarthWing, will you? He may not accept you anymore, but some sort of talking to might get snap him out of his misery. He's so miserable I'm getting depressed."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 8:03 PM
"Hasn't Kenina been keeping him good company?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 8:08 PM
Kelarth chuckled "She has been as good a mate to him, as you have been a good Goddess. But she has been trying lately, at least. I've found myself rooting for them."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 8:11 PM
"You have no qualms about insulting the only person that could kill you do you?"
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 8:19 PM
"When you're slave to the Scale of Fortune, and to watching the suffering I have witnessed day after day because no other deities are around to help you do something to end it, insulting an acquaintance is the least of your worries." *Kelarth moved away from the Scale and walked out of his den. He moved from the shadow of the mountain he resided in and sat in the sunlight. "Make no mistake, I've a great respect for you. You are the greatest of us immortals, I would dare say you are Shardas reborn. But I reiterate, your judgement is clouded by your love for your new life among humans."
Celestia [104 BP]Today at 8:30 PM
"You may be right. We'll find out." Astral took one last look back at her fellow immortal before taking off.
Baldirak [3 ☪]Today at 8:35 PM
Kelarth conjured a portal which showed Astral as she left his realm. He watched her for a minute before conjuring the rest of his viewing portals, hundreds of them of varying sizes. The three largest ones showed Astral's children and human mate, The EarthWing Baldirak, and monsters rampaging in other parts of the world. "So we shall," he said to himself.

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