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Balthazar, the Puppeteer

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Balthazar, the Puppeteer Empty Balthazar, the Puppeteer

Post by Balthazar on Fri May 03, 2019 9:48 pm

Balthazar, the Puppeteer 183?cb=20180629220223
Type of Character: Dragon
Link to Character List Page: https://www.rpgdragons.org/t5007-jurragon-s-character-list
Personal Info
Name: Balthazar Izunia
Alias: Zar, Izunia, Puppeteer, Bal
Age: 2,000
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: On a surface view, Balthazar seems to be a calm, patient, and even comical dragon at times. An elder dragon one might feel at ease around and think nothing of at first, unless he has an interest in you. Either for curiosity or a slight given, he uses such a facade to give him usually want he wants most from his interests, information. When he doesn't start to get his way though the mask tends to fall away and reveal the conniving mind his tribe always exude from their appearance. Once gone, the comical elder they could be speaking to all of a sudden turns to that of a cold interrogator with a morbid curiosity. To get what he wants he'll make sure you dance to his tune, whether you want to willingly, or not. Either way works for him, just the former tends to make it easier most of the time then the latter for coaxing information. He does this for the NightWings and the true leader Tenebris, if it helps the tribe or his brother's, it'll be well worth it in the end.
Fears: Betrayal, Brothers Well-being, Confronted Directly, Alone
Strengths: Silver-tongued talker, Dexterous paw control, Knowledgeable
Weaknesses: Strength, Age, Arcane Backlash(Force of damage caused to the strings that rebound towards his arms)

General Appearance
Height: 40 ft.
Scales: Black and purple, with white flacks on the edges in a standard pattern.
Eyes: Yellow
Appearance: Standing at around 40 ft. with a slim physique, six horns adorn his head; two on the side, and two large ones together on the forehead. Predominately much of his scale coloration is black, with a purple underbelly, and white edges with grayish-brown horns. After that his age started setting in with a wrinkled snout, graying beard, and slightly frayed wings along faint scars all over his forearms.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing
Inheritance: 100% NightWing
Rank: Scholar
Family: Parents: Deceased, Brothers: 2, Alive.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Normal Abilities: Balthazar has the normal abilities of a NightWing, the Sleep breath, Night Vision, and better camouflage in darkness.
Special Abilities: Arcane Strings
Balthazar has the ability to create two sets of strings - threads enforced with magic which while a bit resistant can be severed easily by a dragons talon. The max length for one set using both paws is 60 ft., while using them both separately go only about 30 ft. Anything attached that goes beyond the range limit will sever the connection instantly, while anything that severs the connection physically causes the strings to whip with the force and damage Balthazar's arms. He can use these to control inanimate objects, puppets/marionettes only, or control a willing/unwilling creature. Controlling puppets or marionettes, while easy to control and could control for indefinitely, have to be specially crafted with magic and as such are difficult to replace if destroyed. A marionette destroyed while still connected disrupts the strings dramatically and causes a surge of the force to travel back towards Balthazar, taking damage from the severed strings whipping back to him. To control another marionette it would take 2 posts before he could do so again.

To control a willing creature he must be within 30 ft., takes a lot of focus to keep the connection going for about 5 posts, and along with that the length of the threads are reduced by half along with a size limit to what he could reasonably control without failing. At max, he could control an EW, but it would take both paws and the length of the thread would only go to 15 ft. before severing. For smaller creatures, i.e smaller then a SkyWing or not a dragon, it takes little effort to exert control and the length not as restricted or requiring two paws. The willing creature, or Balthazar, can end the connection at anytime and suffer no ill effects from doing so. While connected the willing can allow Balthazar to share senses with one another, or, in exchange for making the connection vulnerable give the willing creature a physical boost with magic. If the string severs while under this effect the backlash damage is doubled and causes damage to both Balthazar along with the willing creature, while being unable to do so again for 4 posts. If left unabated afterwards it leaves one or both of Balthazar's arms limp for 2-6 posts before being able to do so again. To use it for this aspect of control it takes 1-5 posts before he could do so again, depending on how long he had been connected to the willing creature.

For an unwilling creature he must be within 30 ft., use both paws, and be no larger then an EW. This aspect always has a 25% chance to fail and if so, leaves him unable to make any strings for 3 posts. If successful though he can restrain the unwilling creatures movements for 3 posts before the connection severs. To use it in this way again it'll take 3-9 posts, depending on how long he's kept the connection. If the connection severs from an external force the backlash causes significant damage to both ends of the connection and leave both Balthazar's arms limp for 6 posts.
Combat Style: When push comes to shove, he'd rather avoid a front on fight and use a proxy to fight in his stead. Either another ally dragon, or using a puppet of his own creation, to take the brunt for him.

History: Born to a small clutch and as the oldest of 3 brothers, young Balthazar had at first been given the name Thalz by his parents. Life had been relatively normal, relative for that of a NW, but generally nice overall until one fateful day their parents never came back from hunting. Only to be greeted by a relative they didn't know about and taken into their care, not knowing what dark fate had befallen upon them. As they got older they were trained to be model tribe-members under their 'Uncle's tutelage for specific roles, his being specifically a Scholar, and the other two being either a Guardian or Tracker. It would take long for the 3 to find out what this NW, a Rouge in actuality who wanted revenge on his tribe, had ulterior motives.

Retribution had been swift and unexpected by both, with the 3 ending the Rouges life as a team and avenging their fallen parents, but not before leaving his two younger brothers gravelly injured. Using that same gift he kept hidden from the Rouge NW for so long, used it to help move his injured siblings and look for safety with the actual tribe. At first they had been happy to find fellow NW and receive help, only to realize with false hope they were viewed with suspicion because of their spent with the now dead Rouge. So for many years they were all kept under close watch even when they've proved themselves capable and loyal members of the tribe. This turned on a head when he found out the Healer had been told beforehand to not properly treat his brothers and grew agitated when even more suspicion had been thrown their way from how he had been using his ability to help his supposedly crippled brothers whenever he could.

Forced to run away again when the Schism happened and then the Monsterlypse soon after, the now 3 elder brothers managed to finally know relative peace within the Twilight Imperium on the Ebonwing Isles, his two younger brothers as his assistants, as a full, loyal, Scholar of the Imperium.
RP Sample:

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Balthazar, the Puppeteer Empty Re: Balthazar, the Puppeteer

Post by Lori Iolar on Sat May 04, 2019 10:36 am

Hello! I will be grading your character application today.

First, I will ask you to elaborate on one of your weaknesses: arcane backlash. Can you add to the app what that means? What negative affects does it include? I am particularly concerned because when you describe your special ability, it is noted that there are almost no penalties. I will need elaboration on that as well once you describe your arcane backlash.

Before we get on to your strings, does your dragon have any default abilities for NightWings? Like does he have the smoke breath or the ability to melt into the shadows? If so, please add it to your application. If not, please put N/A for normal abilities. Smile

Now for your ability. I really love this ability, as it is unique and I haven't seen another power like this on the site before. However, like all abilities, limits must be put in place. Here is what I and the staff discussed:

-The strings cannot be invisible.
-There must be a way to sever the strings outside of magic.
-120 feet is simply too large of a distance, and the largest we will allow is 60 feet.
-You describe the effects on a willing creature, but what about an unwilling creature?
-How long do you have to wait until you can use this ability again?

This is all I could catch. Let me know when you have made the edits and I will inform you if I find any more issues.

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Balthazar, the Puppeteer Empty Re: Balthazar, the Puppeteer

Post by Balthazar on Sat May 04, 2019 5:08 pm

Edited. Let me know if I missed anything.
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NightWing Scholar

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Balthazar, the Puppeteer Empty Re: Balthazar, the Puppeteer

Post by Lori Iolar on Sat May 04, 2019 6:54 pm

Sublime! I approve this. Smile

Balthazar, the Puppeteer Z595fd35d5ddf7

'Gala was born with the powers of a wild tractor, a feared species indeed.' ~Lao in the Chatbox on 3/27/15
[21:33:53] * Lori would purr if she was a car ;~;

Lori's Theme <3: https://youtu.be/uHJyAZtRrOY

Balthazar, the Puppeteer Jhin10
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Lori Iolar
Lori Iolar

Female Libra Snake
Posts : 246
Reputation : 4
Age : 18
Location : Travelling. Catch me if you can! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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