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Due Iolar

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Due Iolar  Empty Due Iolar

Post by Due Iolar on Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:39 pm

Due Iolar  Dunckn10
Type of Character: Human
Link to Character List Page: https://www.rpgdragons.org/t4862-rylatha-s-characters
Name: Due Iolar
Alias: Child of Ammos
Age: Still in momma's belly
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: As a child, Due Iolar is very. . . Well. Childish. She is very excitable and always ready to rush into things. She is adventurous and wants to go on missions and cool jobs like her Deeda, but just without the scary dragons! Despite her eager and somewhat childish nature, Due behaves more like Sul than her mother. She can sometimes serve as the logical thinker of the triplets when she manages to calm down and think rationally. As a child she is also afraid of lots of things and very skittish, but she is also a very curious girl.
Fears: Due is afraid of the dark and, ironically, dragons.
Strengths: Due might look like her mother, but she carries some of the same personality traits and skills as her father. Like the Marksman of Ammos, Due is light on her feet and swift for a child. She also inherits his intelligence and sharp mind.
Weaknesses: Since Due is a child, she is small and helpless. She can defend herself by no means and has to leave the fighting up to her parents. She is also rather excitable and is quick to rush into things.

Life Info
Home: Ammos
Profession: Playing with her sisters and parents, of course!
Close Circle
Sul Iolar (Biological Father)
Lori Iolar (Biological Mother)
Elizabeth 'El' Iolar (Adopted Sister)
Golvan Iolar (Biological Sister)

Outer Circle
"Dragon Keeper" (Biological Grandmother - Father's Side)
Kagura Kat (Biological Grandmother - Mother's Side)
Yorik Kat (Biological Grandfather - Mother's Side)
Ora Kat (Biological Aunt - Mother's Side)

General Appearance
Height: As a child, Due is 4'6, but as an adult she will be 5'1.
Hair: Long and golden like her mother's
Eyes: Blue like the sky
Appearance: Due Iolar undoubtedly takes after her mother, having pale skin, long golden hair, and small build. She has blue eyes like both of her parents, and she has a rather innocent and 'cute' look to her.

Skills and Abilities
Skills Getting Meema and Deeda's attention.
Equipment:  None.
Combat Style: Cry and scream for Meema and Deeda.

History: Once upon a time, a mommy and a daddy loved each other very very much. . .
Due Iolar
Due Iolar

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Due Iolar  Empty Re: Due Iolar

Post by Wake on Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:22 pm

Daughter approved.

Due Iolar  Z596ec6926fa5c
Name by Lori.
Alts: Tormaigh, Cyclone and Typhoon, Súl Iolar, Snowblaze, Destella.
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvipPYFebWc&list=PL0805FB61D7503BC2&index=11

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