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Monster Meeting (Open) Dragon10
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Monster Meeting (Open)

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Monster Meeting (Open) Empty Monster Meeting (Open)

Post by Wolfgang on Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:21 pm

I begin to write a letter to all scholars of the Gifted Crystals Alliance.

Dear fellow scholars,

You have been cordially invited to a meeting concerning the recent monster invasions, biology of the monsters, and possible future defenses.. I hope I see there.

Sincerely, Wolfgang the Forgotten,

I sigh as I sign the letter. "Writing is a whole lot easier than talking," I announced, "You can say anything without getting judged." I wrinkle the letter up and begin another. "I just hope that I don't embarrass myself too much," I sighed.

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Monster Meeting (Open) Empty Re: Monster Meeting (Open)

Post by Vann on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:14 am

The SeaWing Guardian surfaced for the first time in two years. The sky was overcast. The sea was choppy; waves crashed against the beach as if they meant to drive the sand further inland. Vann scanned the beach for any sign of the creatures that had driven the remaining SeaWings into the ocean. He saw none, but he did see something even better: another SeaWing! Vann hadn't seen another of his kind in two years. The Guardian swam toward shore and allowed the chaotic waves carry him far onto the beach. As the water receded, Vann's flippers morphed into paws. Paws were as foreign to him as snow to a volcano. But he managed to get where he wanted to go... albeit very slowly. After a good while, Vann finally reached the SeaWing. "Hello there! I haven't seen one of us since the attack. Have you? And what are you doing out here?"
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Monster Meeting (Open) Empty Re: Monster Meeting (Open)

Post by Wolfgang on Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:31 pm

"Woah... I-I thought all the old SeaWings were, you know, dead or in hiding... My name is Wolfgang the Forgtten and... Um... I'm holding..." I start to hyperventalate. First the letter, and now a Guardian comes out of the ocean!

"I'm h-holding this m-meeting you s-see. It's about those m-monsters. I'm a scholar-r, and-" I pause for a minute and take a breathe. "I'm holding a meeting discussing the biology of these monsters"

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Monster Meeting (Open) Empty Re: Monster Meeting (Open)

Post by Vann on Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:00 pm

"Old? Heh, think I'm pretty young compared to some of the actually old dragons." Vann's usually cheery demeanor faded into melancholy. "And yes, we were hit hard. Didn't expect these things to be sea dwellers as well. Many of us were killed, yes, but some survived and scattered. I've spent the last two years searching the oceans for them. I figured now I should try finding the IceWings, since we allied with them before all this happened. Maybe some have gone there as well. So I think you might have to put your meeting on hold, there, Wolfgang. Say, why don't we go find the IceWings together?"
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