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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Wretched World (Public Release) Dragon10
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Post by Celestia Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:00 pm

Ch 1

I sat alone in my office with my desktop monitor staring in my face. Fathers day was coming up and I couldn't help thinking again about my real father. He had vanished at the moment of my conception and vanished in the literal sense. I had a picture, a name, and resources to track him down. His name was James P Mullins and the old picture I had depicted him as a tall thin man with blond hair and a red beard. Yet with everything at my disposal I couldn't track him down. As I dwelt on the mystery that bugged me everyone once in awhile I pulled up the family tree from my mothers side. It was kinda ironic. From my father's side I knew nothing but from my mother's side we had a well documented family tree dating all the back to the royalty and nobility of the 16th century. A lot of good that did me, not like I inherited anything. But then on my step fathers side there was plenty to inherit including a large amount of land in Mississippi. But I wasn't interested in taking any of it up not with the history behind it and the way my step father's parents and family thought of issues that should have been long since buried and forgotten in regards to ethnicity. Wasn't like inheriting anything was going to help me out financially anyways. Didn't need it. And yet for everything I had I couldn't such much as find a death certificate or anything from my biological father. It's like he for real vanished, abducted by aliens or something. This just sent me thinking all about my difficulties with relationships. Last boyfriend turned out to be a scam artist who must have thought I was stupid.

My raging frustration was put on an intimidate break when suddenly my mug of tea and empty glass cup exploded their sharp shards scattering across my desk and floor. The tea of course decided to somehow jump on the key board and get very little of anything else wet or rather sticky here in a few. With a soft hardly painful thud my forehead lands against the desk. I admit defeat and decide this a sign to take the rest of the day off. Making arrangements for my early departure, I let the leaders know I'm headed out.

Stepping out the main doors of the building I am greeted by a very unfamiliar sight. All the buildings and sights I'm use to seeing upon exiting are very different. So different so alien to my mind I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing. Looking back behind me the doors I just exited don't look anything like how they should. What's more was there were two people waiting right outside the doors. One looked normal enough with pale skin and some red eye contacts in, while one had an amazingly detailed griffin costume on. It was rather large too there had to be at least 4 people in there. "The heck are you guys doing here? This some kind of movie thing or advertising stunt?" I asked some annoyance laced in my voice.

"That's a new one." The pale red eyed man said before extending a hand and blowing on it causing the dust upon it to blow all over myself. I don't even get the chance to start getting angry as I quickly fall unconscious.

Upon waking I groan at how heavy my eye lids feel and how tired I am despite just waking up. I hate the realistic seeming dreams were you wake up and aren't sure if it actually happened for the first few minuets. After that thought though my eyes did snap open out of surprise and fear. I was sitting up and I felt myself moving. Quickly all my senses came to and I took in my environment. I was sitting upon a metal bunch that was a part of a metal box I was in with no windows or doors just a closed box. My hands were bound with some sort of restraint that didn't look at all familiar. It seemed to be made of some green stone that was somehow perfectly formed around both my wrists limiting my range of motion. Further restricting me the same stone like cuff had my legs bound by the ankles having their own shape perfectly formed to my body and preventing even twisting in place. I was not alone in the metal box to my flanks and on the bench on the other side sat people all in similar conditions as myself. Only one sitting on the ground against the wall didn't have any restrains but she also didn't have a bench so.....I had no idea what that was suppose to mean. I had the sensation of moving and from the sound of the engine we were in some sort of oddly designed prison van. Not even bothering to talk to the others just yet my first action was bashing my restrains against the edge of the metal bench I sat upon. If it was some sort of mineral it would be rather brittle and should come off with a few good hits. That was my reasoning anyways. The moment I slammed the cuffs down the thing sent a painful electric jolt through me. "Ow, mother flipper!" I half cursed in pain.

"Wow there. Wasn't expecting that kind of energy from someone who slept that long. One would think you hadn't a decent day of sleep in a week." The unrestrained woman sitting against the wall said to me.

"What the **** is going on?" I yelled.

"A kidnapping duh." The woman said with the usual accompanying tone when using duh.

I didn't really know what to say. Ya it kinda seemed like a kidnapping but there was so much that didn't make sense. Why were there multiple people being kidnapped? I couldn't distinguish any common traits my fellow prisoners had to indicate any sort of bias. Then there was the odd restraints. It was more unsettling than just being kidnapped.

Sensing my confusion one of the restrained males opposite to me and attempted to clear things up. "We're being sold into slavery." He said. Which seemed to renew the wailing and crying of a couple of the other prisoners who had just been quietly sobbing for the most part till now.

"This still doesn't make any sense." I countered "How could they get so many? How could you hide such blatant kidnapping and why the diversity?"

"Well if you had been awake 4 hours ago you would have heard the whole explanation." The woman on the wall said slightly annoyed.

"How long have I been out, what's the explanation?" I asked losing some composure.

The woman bent her head down and gave out a deep sight. "I'm only going to explain this once more and you get no questions. You've been out for roughly 6 hours, 5 hours longer than the others and you're being kidnapped and sold into slavery because you have tainted blood, a Wretch as we call them. Wretch is a human born in the human world with 1 human parent and 1 'other' parent. Other being Succubus, Vampire, Werewolf, ect, the list goes too long; you get the point something we would describe as supernatural. Something that isn't supposed to exist but they do, in a different dimension parallel to the one we come from. Insert some generic movie or book plot here based on fear and you can see why they can't have Wretches wondering around. Unfortunately, due to our upbringing in a different dimension we don't adapt well into this one which is the home of the others. Also to ensure no Wretch gets missed the only slavery that is legal is that of Wretches. It's ****, but we don't exactly have a choice. Most other beings have innate magic so naturally as Wretches you gain it too and they track you down when it starts to awaken. And that's how we all got to be here."

I sat in silence for a few moments after her explanation, before I abruptly stood up. "**** where's the cameras? I don't care what permits and bribes you have in place. This is soooooo illegal. I want out! You don't let me out I'm suing you guys into bankruptcy and then making sure all your ***** get tossed into jail!" I yelled.

"Ha I'm not the only one! Told you it's some sort of reality TV show." A man a few prisoners or 'participants' down from my right called out. I ignored him for the most part though.

"Alright I think you woke up too early from you nap. Time for you cat nap." The woman said getting up and approaching me. I was still a little drowsy from whatever they drugged me with though. I tried dodging her advances but eventually she manage to slam her palm onto my forehead. I felt some sort of heat but not heat go from her hand into my head and swiftly I began losing focus and then consciousness. The last thing I heard before being completely gone was from the woman. "Wouldn't it be hilarious if her other heritage ends up being some sort of feline or something?"

Upon waking I found myself in a sitting position. "Heyyy wake up." Came the familiar voice of the woman from the truck. I didn't even have the chance to hope this was still a dream. Opening my eyes I find myself sitting at a table with an unfamiliar man sitting other the other end. The woman who's voice I remember as the one who knocked me out earlier is leaning up against a wall to my left. The chair I am sitting is uncomfortable. It's color is changing right before my eyes slowly and hypnoticailly but there aren't any lights and it seems more random than that of a mood stone. What's more is a strange sensation I couldn't put a word to flowing through me from the chair. The stone cuffs from earlier had me pinned against the chair and seemed to fuse to it again making me question how it worked. The man opposite me seemed to have a rather comfortable looking wooden chair and his wasn't changing colors. When my eyes settled on him he began talking to me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"I'm not telling you nothing." I replied rather calmly given my situation.

"Why not?" he asked simply.

"Why not? I am here very much against my will." I say taking a glance down at my bindings. "And I am not going to reward you with any information not even that as trivial as my name."

"No? I was just being polite. My name is Davor Mazon. I am a werewolf and if you have any doubts about my nature I'd be happy to show you."

I stared at him for a short time trying to guess his motive. I was getting a good cop bad cop vibe here the woman leaning against the wall being very obviously the bad cop. "My name is Astral and I am a human."

"I'm afraid that is not the case or at the very least you aren't a normal human."

"No? What are you going to do, throw me into an expensive costume and brainwash me?" I ask. Although I knew involuntary and sudden brainwashing wasn't a thing, not on the scale required to make one thing they were a werewolf or something. But the strange 'stuff' I've seen so far is making me question it. "Go ahead prove to me you're a werewolf and not delusion."

"Very well."

Right after saying that the man stood up from his seat and before my very eyes his hair grew longer. His structure shifted a little to look less human and more something else. Claws grew from the ends of his fingers as the finger themselves changed to a brown color with the growing of the hair. His face pushed out into a muzzle and before long he had turned into a true very frightening werewolf. It didn't help she had a fear of canines. The werewolf leaned up against the table staring at me. "Who's delusional, me... or you?" His voice was deeper and sounded just a little strained now.

My heart quickly began raising in tempo and beating harder in my chest as I leaned against my chair as much as I could. I could accept the reality of being kidnapped but this was just crazy.

There was a sudden ding sound that come from a device on the table I hadn't noticed before. The woman who might as well been a statue till now jumped off her wall and ran over to look at the wall. "Yes, finally! She's a kitty isn't she? Please tell me she's a kitty." She said while moving over to the device to see for herself. The werewolf read the results out loud. "No data found. Designation sorcerer. So she's a sorceress. Odd I would have pegged her as one of the races with pride. But I guess that's why we let the designator decide."

"Damn you're going to wish you had turned out to be a kitty. You're probably only going to be purchased as a magical battery. I got lucky and have the job of subduing Wretches. Anyways good luck, for real. Life as a battery has got to be the worst slave job." The woman said. She came up to me putting her palm on my forehead and again knocking me out.

The first thing I thought when I woke up was. I'm getting sick of getting knocked out. At least this time though I wasn't the last to wake up. Two men at my flanks were waking up with me. We seemed to be in some sort of large glass box though the ceilings of it had some sort of electrical contraption I couldn't make sense of. I stood up along with my other cell buddies and standing outside the glass was again the woman from before.

"It is time. In a few moments this glass display will lift up into the presenting podium for our customers to scrutinize you. You three are a part of a special mystery package in which they don't know what they'll get but are guaranteed at least one of you are considered very valuable. Once the bid has completed raw magical energy will pour in, accelerating your awakening to completion very quickly."

The man to my right ran up to the glass and attempted to drop kick it. It did nothing but give a very loud thud in this enclosed space, but he immediately got up and started pounding against it cursing profanities.

"What's that? I can't here you. Speak a little louder. I'm not kidding, sound is blocked out from the inside. Keep you guys from losing value from your own stupidity. Which is in your interest, too, by the way. Be as well behaved as you can. The more you sell for the more generous the person buying you is likely to be. There are some exceptions like you Astral. You won't transform because you're a sorceress but you will feel and be able to manipulate the magic far better than the other two. Don't try anything though. So long as this thing is being powered with magic there is nothing you can do to break it and being on your best behavior is even more important for you Astral. You won't even have a chance of luck otherwise. I suggest you guys come to terms with everything now if you haven't already. After today you will be officially slaves for the rest of your lives."

With that she left and Astral was alone with the other two waiting for their turn to come. "So what were you guys designated as?" I asked.

"Werewolf." said the man to my right.

I looked to the man on my left but he didn't say anything. "Come on I'm a sorceress, he's a werewolf and you areeee.....?" I asked trying to peer pressure him into talking.

"I'm not saying, it's stupid." He didn't give in at all.

"Well we're going to find out here soon anyways you might as well just tell us now." I continue to press.

"No you won't because that isn't possible. This is some sick messed up reality tv show and every watching is laughing their ***** off right now."

"Why? Come on just tell us. If you don't they will."

The man gave huff "Fine apparently I'm suppose to be a unicorn."

Me and the soon to be werewolf quickly began laughing so hard. He was right it was so much easier to believe this was a reality TV show than he was about to turn into a freaking unicorn. It was just so stupid, but yet I was getting a really bad vibe from it all and my instincts were never wrong, ever. I'd get a really strong feeling about something sometimes it was as simple and easy as a decision and it has never steered me wrong though it's appearances were few and far between.

"Go ahead laugh it up. You guys at least get to keep your bodies for the most part. Supposedly this is the last I'll ever see of mine."

I instantly clammed up. "That's rough. But hey, this is just a reality TV show, right? They can't give you a new body." I attempted to improve the mood, but I was not too confident.

At that moment our glass 'display' began moving upwards. I couldn't see what was pushing us up as the floor was just metal but before long we appeared before an audience of buyers. Half of them weren't even human and the half of the other half only seemed barely humanesk. I felt my stomach drop as I looked upon all the hyper realistic impossibilities in front of me. My business mind reasoned there wasn't anyway, no matter the budget, this much impossible tech would be spent on an audience to suspend our disbelief. Yet again my instincts were proven right. This was the real deal.

"Ladies and gentleman. Those not applicable and those in between. I present to you today's mystery package. As usual at least one of them is high value property. The others are a mixed bag depending on your tastes and needs you could get something you'd rather sell right away or something you really wanted. Let the bidding begin at 10,000 gems." Some announcer spoke over some speaker I couldn't spot.

The bidding didn't go on too long. About the same amount of time a auction usually takes. It was sickening how easily we were being sold away as just property. How apathetic the look in their eyes were evaluating our worth like live stock. The bidding came to an end and we were sold for 250,000 something gems. Not that I had context for how much that was. It was a lot higher than the starting bid though so the auctioneers were making a lot of money. It was some woman with long blond hair like my own that purchased us but from the distance I couldn't make out much else of her details. The bidding over it was time for the flood gates to be let loose. I was about to be stuck in a 'display' with a werewolf and a freaking unicorn. What the fuzz had happened to my life. The mechanism above us suddenly whirled to life. Prismatic light flooded into our glass confines and right away I wasn't feeling good. Right away something was off. I didn't get to watch the others change as I was changing myself. I also didn't even get too look at myself change in surprise, or wonder why I was changing, or if they lied to me. The moment it began it was the new most painful experience of my life. My skin ripped apart all over my body as black scales emerged and overlapped each other. My bones and organs began reshaping themselves. I fell to the floor my presence of mind not there to adjust to my shifting balance. I was hardly even aware of the screams of the other 2. Although the forming werewolf seemed to be screaming mostly of fear. There wasn't too much pain in his voice, not like me and the unicorn. The audience outside were mostly silent only murmurs as they stared mostly at me with interest and confusion. My rear seemed to be changing the most as my hips rotated forward for a quadrupedal stance and my legs became completely foreign. My toes and feet reformed into some sort of dinosaur feet with very scary looking claws. My thumb shrank as it rode up on my now front leg and became a dew claw forever losing my dexterous ability to grasp things. At least I still had fingers or actually it wasn't even that it was toes. The unicorn on the other hand was forming hooves. Similar to the unicorn my face pushed forward to form a muzzle and my neck elongated. My teeth elongated and formed into points with a slight curve inwards along with more teeth growing. My ears vanished replaced my small holes in my head and my irises elongated into slits as my eyes changed to a shining purple. My ribs expanded and my spine extended while an even more alien feeling than my growing tail burst from my shoulders. The pain of their march outward forced me on to my stomach and I was only faintly aware I was growing smaller. My muscles then swelled in size and by the end of it I was a small black scaled dragon with purple eyes and varying shades of purple in the membrane on my wings.

Outside the glass the audience was growing loud many of them moving forward towards me while guards began pouring in around the glass in a protective posture. The word dragon was tossed around a lot. With the pain over I didn't really have time to grasp what I had turned into and it started again. This time far less painful and I was far more aware as I began growing in size. Before long I was the size of a horse and the unicorn next to me stopped growing alongside me at this point. I however continued expanding. The machine above me seemed to be struggling with something as I was becoming aware of what I presumed to be magic filling my essence. The larger I got the more I had and the more the mechanism struggled. The lights within the building began flickering until going out all together. I had stopped growing about twice the height of a man. There were screams in the 'audience' and lots of shouting and chaos. The werewolf on my right seemed to have the presence of mind to reach a conclusion and act upon it. Again he ran and drop kicked the glass but unlike last time there was no thunk. This time it was like the shattering of crystals as the glass came apart. The brown furred werewolf was quick to get out and I decided to follow him I also needed to get out of here. It took me a moment of stumbling and trying to figure out how to move but I got the hang of it astonishingly quickly and rushed to catch up with the werewolf. I ran into people and other shapes but brushed them aside with ease. Light quickly flooded the room again as orbs of light were cast around. I couldn't see an exit that would fit me and I decided on something that was probably going to hurt and not work. I ran past my werewolf lead and rammed my body into the building wall and to my pleasure it broke apart revealing the brilliant shine of the moon. Me and the werewolf wasted no time escaping into the night. Very strangely nobody followed us. I actually had to slow my pace to keep from leaving the werewolf behind and I didn't want to be alone in this.

I don't know how long we ran for but I was the first to run out of energy. My werewolf companion seemed to decide he didn't want to be alone in this either and stopped to rest with me. We had made it into a forest and covered a lot of distance. I refused to be found and enslaved even if I didn't know what I was anymore. I mean I knew I was a dragon but I was still so confused. I just needed to rest and regain some energy before I could escape further. I needed to get as far as humanly or dragonly possible. Overwhelming tiredness and exhaustion threatened to take me, but I refused to lose. I lost anyways though and fell asleep.

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