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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Dragon10
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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior

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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Empty Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior

Post by Crystrix Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:54 am

Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior UqDZ1JG
Personal Info
Name: Crystrix
Alias: None yet
Age: Early 20s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Crystrix is normally the type of dragon that keeps to herself, sticking to the areas where she is most comfortable. Namely, seas of lava and fire, or heated sections of earth that she can settle down in. While she does normally keep to herself, hunting only occasionally as she can sustain herself with small amounts of food per day, there are times when Crystrix has lashed out against humanity for various reasons. Naturally, she is a hot headed individual, and that hot headedness is only encouraged by her thick skull. She's as stubborn as an ox, an ox that will go berserk if you poke it too much.
- Heat: Being that heat naturally allows her to keep from cooling off and hardening, she makes sure that she rests in hot areas to allow her inner fire to remain burning.
- Human Tools: Her own armor has properties that resemble the tools that humans have used, and she's noticed that over the years. There are times where she mimics the humans' techniques.
- Hunting: There is nothing better than the thrill of the hunt, and Crystrix knows this all too well. She will often look for more worthy prey to hunt rather than attacking the first thing she sees, as, with her sparse diet, she can afford to be picky.
- Magic: Magic in any nature is what Crystrix says to be a "crutch" for those who don't have the natural ability to do things on their own. She prefers to rely on her own power, rather than manipulating reality.
- Rain: Rain doesn't hinder Crystrix mobility-wise, but it does create steam around her body whenever it touches her heated skin, creating a thin fog around her that can mess with her vision.
- Arrogant Humans: Despite trying to live her life in a solitary place, Crystrix has had a number of run ins with knights trying to prove themselves by killing the "mighty dragon". She can tolerate most humans, but with these types, she's not afraid to kill.
Fears: Crystrix has a deathly fear of losing her heat entirely, which would cause her skin to completely harden. If this were to happen, she would lose all mobility, and essentially become a living statue until her body was unable to sustain itself any longer, and she would die. Despite it never happening before, she has seen it happen to her father, and the mere sight of it alone terrified her.

At the same time, a small, private fear of hers...is the fear of being alone.

General Appearance
Height: 70 ft.
Scales: Starting from the outside, Crystrix's body is covered in thin, sharpened obsidian, kept sharp by constantly scraping it against trees and stone. Underneath the obsidian glass is a protective layer of hardened magma serving as an armor, keeping the more brittle, dark red scales underneath it from harm.
Eyes: Normally, they glow orange. However, when calm or cooled, they are a deep black.
Appearance: Crystrix is a dark red magma dragon, with an obsidian glass "shell" coating her body that glows a deep red from the magma flowing in her body. Cracks naturally appear at her ribs, revealing the bright glow of lava more prominently. This shell gives her body sharp features and details that make her seem a bit more regal, including horns that glow at the tips and ridges all along her face and limbs. Her claws especially (including the ones at her wingtips and tail) glow with intense heat.

Her most prominent features are the flames that escape out of her limbs and the back of her head. These flames "erupt" when in combat, becoming more intense as the battle goes on, especially the ones around her head, which resemble hair in a way.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Inheritance: 75% FireWing / 25% EarthWing
Rank: Rogue
Family: Her father was a hybrid FireWing/EarthWing, while her mother was a purebred FireWing. She has a brother who survived along with her during hatching.
Mate: Hahaha...nah. Not many share her..."taste".
Hatchlings: Practically impossible.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Crystrix is best suited for up close and personal fighting, what with her body's natural "shell" being composed of sharpened, superheated obsidian, giving her a strong offensive presence. A single claw swipe could cleave through stone and leave a melted claw mark. Aside from her claws, the tip of her tail is comprised of mostly the same material, essentially making it a bladed whip! She has the unique ability that magma dragons possess to breathe magma from her belly at 20 mph.

Defensively, Crystrix relies mostly on her body's natural bulk and hardened armor to protect herself. While it does little to nullify blows, it does serve its purpose as a deterrent. Touching the armor while in combat will leave scalding burns on those not resistant to it.
Special Abilities:
Obsidian Armor:
The name of this technique is a bit misleading. While it is true that a relatively thin layer of obsidian surrounds the body, that is not what gives her any defensive power. Rather, it is the thick layer of hardened magma underneath that protects her more brittle scales from harm. This does not protect her entirely, but it does lessen the damage of some blows considerably enough to make this shell both a defensive and offensive advantage. This armor is natural, though she can use surrounding pools of magma to "heal" it. After three turns have passed after being damaged the armor will regenerate itself, and it takes four turns for the obsidian shell to reform after shattering.
Weaknesses: The first, and most obvious weakness that Crystrix has is her aversion to the cold. While her natural heat will mostly keep her warm enough to keep her alive, even if drenched with water or submerged for a short period of time, she will be slowed considerably due to both her magma armor and the magma within her body.

Another weakness she has is that, while her armor does protect her, it can be chipped away over time. The obsidian layer is especially subject to this, as the brittle glass layer is only good for a couple of offensive maneuvers before dulling or breaking entirely. While it will regrow even during the battle, extensive damage caused to one area will force her to find ways to externally fix her damaged armor.

Additionally, due to her mixed blood, she doesn't have the full immunity to toxins that EarthWings do. However, she does have a resistance to them compared to those with no EarthWing blood.
Combat Style: Rip them apart, and do it fast. Leave no chance for an opening, all the while abusing your opponents'. Crystrix is not one to allow her opponents the upper hand if she can help it, ripping and tearing through their defenses while relying on her own natural ones to help her take damage without much worry. In this way, her fighting style can be seen as a berserker. She only uses her fire or magma breath with it is necessary, or when the opponent is out of reach of her claws and tail.

History: Ever since birth, Crystrix has gotten lucky. Not many magma dragons survive their hatching phase simply because of the intense heat needed to be provided to the entire clutch so that the shells don't become too hard for the babies inside to break through. The first born of the clutch was Crystrix's brother, Charken, who would have been the only one of the eggs to hatch, were it not for him wrapping around a nearby egg after hatching. Using his own inner fire, which had been intense ever since birth, he single-clawededly softened the shell for Crystrix to break free. While he never reminds her of this detail, it's something that she will never forget. It makes her indebted to him, and she loathes it.

While growing up, Crystrix constantly competed with her brother in hunts and impressing their parents, but it was always Charken who was the strongest and most skilled, while Crystrix barely got by. Frustration and hatred towards her brother grew over the years, all the while he smugly ignored her. She often left their home to travel far away, just to get some distance between her and her brother. During these leaves, she would stalk nearby human villages, and watch them as they left to hunt or get firewood. At this point in her life, she was still a young, small dragon, able to sneak around without worry...or so she thought.

While she learned many things from how the humans survived, Crystrix's luck ran out when she was finally seen by the humans she had been stalking for so long. Of course, she had been warned from an early age to stay away from the humans, but she had ignored the danger and gone anyways. She was forced to run away, but was only hunted by the humans for days by a traveling knight that had been taking refuge in the village. Eventually, she was cornered near IceWing territory, the cold keeping her from moving as quickly as she had before. It was then that her father, a hybrid magma dragon like her, came and protected her from the humans, chasing them off...but not before the knight used the environment to cleverly trap the magma dragon in an ice cave, making it collapse into him before retreating.

Crystrix spent the last few hours of her father's life nuzzled up against his maw, feeling his strong fire weaken before, finally, it went out completely. Anguish darkened her heart, but, knowing no other home to return to, Crystrix went back to her birthplace. She could not have expected what she met there: Her mother, furious with her for allowing herself to have to be saved, and her brother, completely cutting ties with her as a sister because of her actions. Chased away by her own birthmother, Crystrix was given a lasting scar on the side of her body by the furious female, and left to fend for herself in the world.
RP Sample:
After all of the crazy events in space, including crash landing on a strange alien planet named Yardrat and learning of the special technique called Instant Transmission just before being taken over by the literal personification of Icarus' pride, hunting for the seven Dragon Balls on another alien planet and fighting against the strongest dark ki that even the young king had ever felt before... yeah, Icarus deserved to finally, actually have a day off with his Queen. And what better way than to keep his promise to her by taking her to the beach to play some good ol' volleyball?

Instead of flying Seren to the beach like they'd been traveling for the past few months, Icarus had told her that it was okay to act like a normal teen couple for once, now that she had a body to call her own. So, they walked along the sidewalk with their gear in hand... well, Icarus carried most of their stuff. Not that he cared, of course, because it was all as light as a feather to him. The sun bore down hard on Icarus' tan skin, getting it just a bit darker than usual.

To make sure that his tan was as even as possible, Icarus had opted for no shirt and some swimming trunks, which he knew his fiance wouldn't mind in the least bit, as he winked over at her, "I found a good place to set up. It's not too busy, and it has some killer waves that we can surf on, if you're up for learning how~" The young blonde was clearly excited for this trip, having been waiting for so long to spend time with Seren in a normal way. It seemed almost unreal to him, but... he leaned over and kissed the brunette's cheek, wrapping an arm around her happily, never wanting to let her go. He could have poured his heart out to her right then and there, just drop everything and pull her close, kissing her deeply as he took in her fresh scent, no longer tainted by the destron gas that had been killing him all of these past months. But he had already done that on the way back to Earth, properly breaking in her new body with all of the passion that he had held back for so long. It was no longer necessary for him to speak about it. She must have known with all her heart how he felt, simply from even his smallest actions.

As the beach came into view, Icarus grinned and pointed up to the shore, directing Seren's eyes to the two seats near a massive, low-hanging rock over the ocean that you could dive off of! He pressed his lips into her ear as he whispered happily, "Only the best for my Queen." Then, he pinched her side sneakily and ran off! "Come on! Last one there has to set up the net!" His warm, bright smile totally outshone that of the sun's rays as he turned his head towards her, as if all of the weight that had sat on them had completely vanished after returning to Earth, their home.

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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Empty Re: Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:34 am

So first things first. New character can only have one ability, so you must choose between Obsidian Armor and Eruption. If you choose Obsidian Armor, please be aware that the max flight speed for FireWings is 50mph. As for your breath attack, you can't have fire and magma breath. Fire is exclusive to FireWingx, yes, but magma, since it could be considered both a FireWing and EarthWing trait, is something only a hybrid would have. And hybrids may only have one ability from each species, so since magma is in sort of a grey area, I would count it as that. So if you want two separate breath attacks, replace magma breath with rock or acid. Also, you need to put the radius of Eruption (if you choose that ability) and how long after it is removed that the armor will regenerate. Also, for clarification purposes, is this armor natural or does she create it the way Humans create armor? (Keep in mind that Dragons can't really create armor the way Humans do and have no need for it).

In your weaknesses, it should be included that you have no immunity to toxins and venoms. However you would be resistant to them.

Under Tribe you have FireWing, but under Rank you put Rogue. If you are going to be a Rogue, then you put Rogue under Tribe. However if you're going to be in the FireWing tribe, then you need to put a FireWing Rank. The most common ranks are Tracker, Guardian, Healer, and Scholar. If you don't want any responsibility within the tribe, then you'd be a Citizen.

Please let me know when you've made these changes and if you have any questions. Smile
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Empty Re: Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior

Post by Crystrix Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:01 pm

Changes have been made.

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Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior Empty Re: Crystrix, the Seismic Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:34 pm

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

Male Scorpio Dog
Posts : 2543
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