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Amore the Lustrous

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Amore the Lustrous Empty Amore the Lustrous

Post by Amore on Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:56 am

Amore the Lustrous Amore10
Personal Info
Name: Amore
Alias: N/A
Age: 78
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Generally speaking, Amore has been known to come off as caring, empathetic, and sympathetic to those she meets, and has been regarded as a humble woman, who puts others’ wellbeing ahead of her own. Unfortunately, because of the dragoness’ past, many who knew her back when she was young and ambitious often view her in spite. Amore has lived a long life, much of which she regrets, though she has been able to gain a lot of wisdom from her tortured history, and has been able to use this information and knowledge to better herself as a person.

Amore tries to come off as friendly and welcoming. She often tries to focus most of her attention towards those who have been unable to receive it in their life, such as the poor souls who were neglected or rejected when they were younger. She believes that if she does this, she’ll be able to spare them the pain she needed to endure, the negligence she faced when she was younger, that lead to her being the dragoness she was. However, she also does it out of pity, and perhaps even does it to make herself feel better, affirmation that she isn’t the terrible person all the people of her past think she is.

As can be expected from this kind of personality, Amore is very loving towards hatchlings and young dragons. She mostly cares for them for the reasons mentioned above. But she also does it out of the pain and depression she experienced from losing her children, and abandoning them. She wanted to be given a second chance, having missed out the chance to raise her own children, having severely neglected both them and their fathers.

However, despite her predispositioned elegance, benevolence, and ‘motherly’ nature, underneath all of this is a hidden jealousy and selfishness. Because of her spiritual belief in karma, she believes that those who commit evil will face evil, while those who commit good will be rewarded with good. Amore does the good acts she does because she wanted to be rewarded, and wants to feel like she will get something out of it. She often can become quite envious of dragons who have it better than she does, proving that despite her lovely exterior, she still has that selfish attitude she had when she was younger, despite the way she harnesses it now.

Because of this, Amore isn’t the kind of dragoness to take the blame. Whenever she has to tell her history, she generally portrays herself as the victim, despite being the one who caused most of the drama. And even now, she uses her good nature to get around being blamed for things she may have done.

Interests: Amore has indulged herself in a variety of interested over the years, primarily in order to get herself out of her den and to forget her terrible past. She has done everything from volunteer work to political gestures in order to get her name cleaned. As can be expected from all this hard work, Amore is interested in many things. A few things she enjoys pretty basically are hatchlings. She sees hatchlings as the purest form of life there is, and wants to keep that life protected, and so she does her best to guide those young ones towards a life of love and light. Amore sees any young, defenseless creature as a thing in need of her assistance. This means she will share this compassion towards even youngins of lesser species, and to an extent, even humans. While she won’t show an adult human mercy, she may find pity in a small, young, injured one.

Aside from caring for young dragons and teaching them how to survive in the world, Amore also has a special interest in community service. She will do anything she is asked of her. From helping to rebuild shelters and homes, to cleaning out weeds from the garden. She has even started taking up some secretary work and the like, helping around the palace and such do to her mate being Attor. Because she prefers a humble life, she also likes to be alone, enjoying nature. She likes to make glass and stained glass, which she uses decoratively in many beautiful portraits. She is an adapt artist, and often does it in her spare time.

Amore isn’t exactly a religious dragon, as one might say. Because many believe the gods to be myths, and most dragons whom say they follow a god are dismissed as heretics, or strange/outlandish, she doesn’t claim she worships a god. However, she is very spiritual, holding all the essence of a follower, without actually following any god. She believes all things have an essence, a spirit, and she believes in karma, which is the primary cause of her many good deeds after her crash. She is quite passive, and prefers not to fight.

Dislikes: Amore is pretty open minded when it comes to most things, and doesn’t really have a dislike of anything. She does, however, dislike teenage and rebellious dragons, as she believes they are throwing their life away the way they are acting. She finds it is disrespectful to their peers and sets a bad example for younger dragons of the next generation. She also hates being reminded of her past, as she is insistent that she has changed and learned from her past mistakes, and hates seeing it repeated in a younger generation.

She also hates witnessing death, fighting, or any kind of violence. If she sees anything of the like, she will generally try to solve the issues and get the fighters to calm down, being quite the peacemaker. Amore also has a strong dislike of FireWings, mostly because an affair with a FireWing is what caused her downward spiral, even though that affair was primarily her fault.

Fears: Amore is afraid that her bad deeds will come back to bite her one day, which is the cause for her good behavior.
Strengths: Amore is quite skilled when it comes to flight, and is able to zip at speeds of up to 120 mph. She is also pretty lean and well formed, have a fairly attractive build despite her age. Not to mention she is very charismatic and manipulative when she wants to be, and is very persuasive, as well.
Weaknesses: Amore was never trained how to properly fight. She has never been, and never will be, a dragoness designed for combat. She can also be a bit clumsy sometimes, and she will sometimes doubt her own abilities.

General Appearance
Height: 30ft
Scales: She has soft, light red scales, with a red underbelly, and peach colored wing membrane.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: Amore the Lustrous Amore10

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SkyWings
Inheritance: Pureblooded Skywing
Rank: Caretaker and Queen
Family: Unknown mother
Unknown mother
Unknown biological donor father
Sting - Step daughter(Exodus)
Cyclone - Adopted step granddaughter(Sting)
Typhoon - Adopted step grandson(Sting)
Ratveeko - Grandson(Aero Dynamic)
Asero - Grandson(Aero Dynamic)
Zorya - Grandaughter(Aero Dynamic)
Luca - Grandson(Aero Dynamic)
Nyedra - Granddaughter(Aero Dynamic)
Kurai - Son-in-Law(NightStrike)
Dynamic Oreo - Ex Son-In-Law(Eveningsong)
MoonWing - Son-in-Law(Aero Dynamic)
Mate: Exodus - Former Mate, Tulvir II - Illegitimate Former Mate, Attor - Current Mate


Aero Dynamic - Daughter
Eveningsong - Daughter
NightStrike - Daughter
Castiel - Son
Linus - Son

Tulvir II

Snowblaze - Daughter

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities: Calming Winds: On top of her regular SkyWing abilities, Amore has the ability to blow a powerful gust of wind from her mouth, which will glow a soft pink color. Those that are caught up in this breeze will experience a feeling of tranquility, perhaps even a feeling of drowsiness. The blow can spread a distance of as far as a 20 meter radius, and it usually takes about 2 posts for the opponent to completely calm down. If the opponent is in the breeze/mist for 4 posts, they will start to experience an unusual attraction to Amore, be it friendship or romance. The mist will last for about 6 posts before dissipating, and Amore has to wait 8 posts before she can use it again
Combat Style: Amore prefers not to fight. She will generally try to talk to the opponent to calm them down, or even use her ability to calm them down. However, if a fight does insue, she will likely run off instead of fighting, unless someone she loves is in danger, in which she will fight strategically and quickly, trying to lure the opponent to take flight so she has the advantage.

History: Amore’s history is long and complicated, so I will keep it short and simple. Amore was raised by two mother, whom were often at ends with each other. One of Amore’s mothers was a cougar, who’d often go out in search of other dragons to have a relationship with behind Amore’s other mother’s back. Because of a mix of neglect from her other mother, and her desire to be noticed more by her, Amore started to take on this lifestyle at a very young age, going after other male dragons by around 15. Of course, she didn’t start anything serious until around the age of 19.

Around the age of 17, Amore’s promiscuous mother left her. Only a year after that, Amore left her other mother to pursue her own goals and ambitions. Amore would use her good looks and manipulative personality in order to get herself higher in the ranks of the SkyWing trackers, using men along the way.

It wasn’t until she turned around 23 did Amore meet a dragon that she would settle down with and claim as her official mate. His name was Exodus. Now, Amore was infatuated with him primarily for the thrill. After all, he was a handsome, cunning dragon, and a NightWing, which meant that their romance was forbidden in a sense. Together, Amore and Exodus had a child, which they named they named Aero Dynamic.

But despite claiming she would settle down with her new mate, Amore never stopped being her adulteress self. She would continue to go behind Exodus’ back. She also started to involve herself in crime, stealing for her own benefit, even going so far as to steal from higher ranking soldiers and members of the court.

However, none of these were usually found out. That was, until Amore finally went over the line. Only about seven years after Aero had been born, Amore and Exodus’ relationship had been found out. They were already treated with distrust by their fellow tribe members. But Amore really got herself in trouble with her next charade.

Amore ended up getting into an affair with a young FireWing. What made matters worse was that the Firewing, at the time, had only been 16, and thus underage, while Amore had been around 40. So not only was she mating with yet another dragon of another tribe, but she was also doing it behind her other mate’s back, and he was underage.

Someone, knowledge of the affair ended up getting out, likely spread by the FireWing she did it with. When the news got out, Amore fled her tribe and children, in fear of being punished. She never saw her kids or either of her mates ever again.

But Amore’s crime didn’t end there. She continued to steal, stealing from other tribes, and even became to get herself wrapped up in deadly drugs. These situations nearly got her killed several times. It wasn’t until her whole treasure was confiscated by the NightWing tribe, and her body was dumped into a ravine, did she realize she had made a terrible mistake. Amore was about 54 when she had lost everything. She had crippled herself, having significantly weakened her lungs and bones from drug use.

She grieved for about five years, until she finally decided to try to give herself a second chance. She turned to a spiritual life, searching to better herself. After another ten or fifteen years, she finally returned to a tribe, the LightWings, and lived there for a time, becoming a caretaker, and making a new name for herself.

When she was about 76, she met a very caring dragon named Attor. It wasn’t until about a months later that she realized he was king of the SkyWings. Their relationship eventually grew, and they became mates. Because of this, Amore finally returned to the SkyWings. To this day, she hasn’t seen any of her children or her previous mates, and she has no idea where they are now.
RP Sample: Shiera
SkyWing Queen

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Amore the Lustrous Empty Re: Amore the Lustrous

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:15 am

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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