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Molpadia's app  Empty Molpadia's app

Post by Molpadia on Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:41 pm

Insert Image Here
Type of Character: Human
Name: Molpadia
Alias: Challenger of Death, Suicidal Assassin, Angel
Age: 23
Gender:  Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: When Molpadia is not on a job, she's a very kind, loving, compassionate, and benevolent person, who, while initially somewhat naive, is an outspoken egalitarian.

Due to her benevolent and loving nature, Molpadia is also exceptionally considerate, diplomatic, and empathetic. She is known for putting her own life on the line for her fellow Gynaikes, even if she is already in critical condition. She is well-respected amongst her comrades, earning the name, Challenger of Death or Suicidal Assassin.

When someone she cares about is hurt, Molpadia becomes far more relentless and ruthless in battle. Striking fast and without mercy, she will make the life a living just before she kills them. She's also known to bring back enemies and torturing them. She's horrifying once she is raged.

In addition, Molpadia greatly respects other noble selfless warriors, as she attends many of the fallen's Funerals in different towns and spoke of how they had been much more than warriors, despite never getting to know them personally, since she saw much of herself in them. As a result of her great posthumous respect, she was, therefore, more than willing to aid the families in honoring the heroic death of their friends/family, by helping them cope/help them in any way deal with this horrific occasion.  

While benevolent Molpadia is also a fierce warrior, and ruthless when facing her target. Her love of the challenge of battle caused Molpadia to smile and briefly and laugh when she was beaten to the ground by a dragon, as she was intrigued by their phenomenal strength, having not come across an opponent of such power since she fought a wyvern. Molpadia was also annoyed by the dragon, however, after first being attacked by the, causing her to eagerly strike the monster back, harder than before. Molpadia did, however, take the fight seriously, and performed to the best of her ability to stop the threat the monstrous juggernaut posed.

In addition, Molpadia does have her downs. While able to keep cool head most of the time. Except for when she doesn't get her target down in one go, she will go on a rampage trying to find it. Usually, she will keep a low profile, not wanting to give herself away to the target and not wanting people to know the target was killed. She tends just to kill the target without cleaning it up. But, she will not give up a target, once she gets a job she'll do it.

She doesn't bode well with people who think they are all that or don't have respect for anyone but themselves. Regarding that fact, she loves making those people absolute fools of themselves.

Molpadia can be quite a flirt when it comes to romance. She can be very upfront about her feelings, even teasing the male she likes. If she has time on her hand she might even go visit him and try to get him to chase her. She's never really had an actual relationship, she's has had flings here and there but she's never really fell in love.

Dying: It scares her. Being lost forever in the dark void of the unknown. (I also think about it every night 030)  

Being captured: She doesn't like being useless or failing at a task. So being captured is another version of death for her.

Losing someone: Having someone ripped away from you is one of the worst feelings. Be it by them dying or you never knowing where they are hurts to the point of shattering of the mind and soul.

Fighting: Skilled in many forms of combat. She loves the thrill of taking down targets and defeating opponents who challenge her. She has trained all her life just to become one of the greatest assassins the world has ever seen. Knowing very well most will not go down without a fight she has perfected her skills over and over again proving herself to be a great warrior.
Stealth: It comes naturally when you're raised by Gynaikes. From the second she began to walk her mother taught her how to hide. Even though it was hide and seek then it's now who's better mother or daughter. Be it plain sight or in the shadows, she's one tough cookie to find when she doesn't want to be found.
Speed: She likes to take out her target quickly and with great efficiency so speed is one thing she values highly. Some targets may fight back while others will flee causing her to chase after them. Once more her mother taught her how to run from a very young age to run. As her mother states, "Running comes from the heart. Whether you're running from someone or to someone. It's second nature to humans." She can run and cover 100 meters with the speed of 25 mph. (Points to Usain Bolt if you want proof)
Determination: Once she has her eyes set on something she'll do it. Knock her down, she'll get back up and hit you down harder. Tell her she can't do something, she'll do it 100x times better.

Larger creatures: As a human, that stands at 5' 11.5", a large creature could squish her if they really wanted to.

Revengeful: If you dare hurt someone she loves/cares she will go out of her way to kill you. Thus, this makes her easy to get into a trap using someone she loves.

Men: She does like and good looking guy. Getting sidetracked when she sees a potential mate kinda makes her forget about her mission/target. It's even worse when he's her target.  

Burn marks: The burns on her back is scar tissue, making them easier to open and hurts way more.

Perfume: Makes her eyes water too much.

Life Info
Home: Gynaikes
Profession: Assassin/Warrior
Ra - Mother - Alive
Conan - Father - Alive
Sudan - Sister - Deceased
Doland - Adopted Brother - Deceased

General Appearance
Height: 5' 11.5"
Hair: Rust-coloured and long.
Eyes: Redish/Brownish
Appearance: Molpadia, considered by many, is a catch. With her fair, soft features complemented by her slender frame, she's usually called Angel amongst her admirers when she's not in her stealth clothes (Profile Pic). Underneath her clothes on her back is large burn scars that most people don't get to see. The scars look fire has forever been imprinted on her back.

Her stealth/assassin clothes are armored, unlike her casual clothes. The armor covers her chest, shoulders, midsection and her knees down. He cloak and hood is brown along with her pants. Half of her face is covered in a gauze, just in case, she needs to patch up a wound. She also has a headband.
Skills and Abilities
Skills Molpadia can throw her fans than having them boomerang back to her.
Steel Fans: These a hand held fans that have 17 blades each. On the front, it looks like a normal blue fan with the blades tops sticking out. On the other side, the blades are visible. Once the fans are closed they become daggers.

Molpadia relies mostly on her Steel Fans in battle, although she is more than adequate in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. She can use her fans as both a projectile and a melee weapon. She can also throw her fans while airborne and execute a mid-air punch to counter other airborne foes. Her max throwing distance is 35 ft.

Katana:  A purple handle Katana, nothing special here. She tends to only use this when her fans have been knocked away from her.

Kunai: When Molpadia wants her target to get close to her/not move, she'll throw a kunai that's attached to a chain in them. Which causes them to be impaled and now attached to a chain. (Like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat) This is only effective when the target is 10 ft away.

Combat Style: Sticking to her roots as an assassin she tends to strike when you least expect it. When she's face to face with an opponent she'll try to out speed and outsmart them. Striking them in one place and quickly hitting another. She'll also stand back and hit them with her fans.

Most residents of the village, Gynaikes, was doing one of two things sleeping in their bed or preparing to go on missions. Those who are asleep were in their soft, comfy beds and generally was the smallest of the children that couldn't handle doing basic survival techniques. As for those who are preparing for missions, they are the warriors and assassins of Gynaikes. Brave women who have been training all their lives. Of course, with any group, you had your black sheep mixed in. Molpadia had fallen asleep on a tree trunk hours before the moon came up. She wasn't preparing to go anywhere. Out of pure drowsiness did this occurrence happen.

Usually, she hardly ever dreamed, but this night was special. The orange deathly glow danced elegantly. With every move, it would chuckle as if it was teasing her to come closer and dare to challenge it. A stick broke behind Molpadia waking her from her slumber. She shot up and took out her fans on instinct. She spun around ready to kill her potential attacker.

"If you don't plan on attacking put your weapons down." Her mother said with an almost teasing tone to it.

"Sorry, I'm just used to-" Molpadia was cut off by her mother talking, "Used to having your guard up all the time? Who isn't? Heck, I still believe your father is going to murder me in my sleep!" Her mother, Ra, was always a goofball. Even though she was well past her fifties, she still retained her childlike nature. As for Molpadia's father, Conan, he was easy going and relaxed considering her woke when the sun woke and slept when it did. He was a hard worker and didn't like taking no for an answer.

"Paddie,"  Ra began, "Honey, you were whispering in your sleep." Ra looked at her daughter with concern and anguish.

Molpadia knew from that look what her mother was thinking. She still blamed herself for everything that happened ten years ago from this day.

It was a bright summer's day as both Mol and Sudan raced each other back to the village. With each step, the sisters outmaneuvered one another. Sudan tried to throw Mol of her pace by distracting her with tiny pebbles. While Mol tried knocking her down altogether. Beads of sweat ran down their faces trying to cool them off since the sun shone heavenly in the sky. Both were tired and ready to drop at any second, but both weren't going to let the other one win!

Soon, they were at they could see the door to the house in which they lived. Mer meters away from touching the door's frame they began to get a little rough with each other. Mol pushed on Sudan's side, which Sudan gladly returned the favor. As they both tried to get into the house, they got caught in the door's frame.

"You're squishing me, Fattie Paddie!" Sudan sneered as she tried to push past her sibling.

"Correction, you're squishing me, Sad Sunday," Mol said pushing Sudan's face with her hand.

Both of the siblings fell through the door at the same time, making it a draw. Sudan and Mol looked at each other with astonished looks on their faces before they burst out laughing at how silly they were. Getting up and brushing themselves off and went into their shared bedroom.

Doland blinked twice and looked up at Conan, his adopted dad while wondering what that was all about. Conan shrugged, "The female breed are tough creatures to understand." He continued to work on harvesting crops. Doland shook his head and helped his father.

Later that day, Ra took Molpadia out for a walk around the village. Strolling and learning about nature; what plants to eat, what to avoid. Mol always loved to walk with her mother. It was these times and training when she ever saw her mother. Sudan and Doland always hung out with their father, which is why Sudan was more of a tomboy than Mol.

"And over there is where you can find Kryo. Where you can find a husband of your own." Ra said pointing.

"Eww, Mum, boys are gross!" Mol said pretending to throw up.

Ra grinned, "I said the exact same thing when I was your age."

The peace was disturbed by a fellow Gynaikes. She was huffing and puffing which met she ran all the way here. Ra started to bombard her with questions.

"Please, Mrs. Rouge, your house it's burning!" Her voice was hoarse as she spoke.

Molpadia was the first to react. She dashed off into the direction of the house. She expected the worst was going to happen. She could see it now her home the place where grew up in, burned to the ground. Then she remembered her sister wasn't out of the house when her mum and her left. Shaking her head and praying to whatever god was listening to please have his sister be out of the house and safe.

She could hear the popping and cracking of the fire. She stopped to look at her memories engulfed in the blazing flames. The people around the house were trying to put it out. The flames were tangling with one another, seemingly fighting for dominance. The fire roared as she got nearer, small embers licking her skin. That's when she heard her sister scream out in agony.  Ran into the scorching flames without a second thought.

She was inside the red burning hell. The flames lashed out at her as if they were a wild beast. Ducking her head she tried to find her sister. Her eyes became watery as the smoke kept building. Not knowing if her sister would be able to hear her, Mol started yelling her name.

"Sudan! Oh, god where are you!" Mol started coughing harshly.

"Over here..." Sudan said weakly

Sudan was trapped underneath some fallen timber. She was being eaten alive by the flames. Looking at her sister dash to her was poetry-in-motion. Smiling once her sister got to her she said, "You idiot...leave, I-I don't need...your big dumb face...being the last thing I see." She choked out.  

Mol held her sister's hand about to speak before her back felt like it was getting whipped. Screaming she let go of Sudan's hand. Mol felt to many sensations at once, her brain started to overdose her system with adrenaline.  

"Molpadia...I...promise me...go." Molpadia knew what she met and started to find an exit. She left her sister in the burning red dawn of death.

She felt dazed and collapsed into the ground hoping someone would save her.

Molpadia turned to her mother, "I know I couldn't control Doland's actions. But I know I could have saved her."

Ra shook her head, "In a way, you did. By murdering him you let your sister's soul into the stars."

"I did, didn't I."

(Bleh, excuse me I'm probably will fix this later, this is just so people have an idea XD)
RP Sample: It's ya boi Titan

[23:06:51] * Molpadia started talking to the guy to her left.
[23:07:24] * Lori // Beowulf dropkicks the guy <3
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Molpadia's app  Empty Re: Molpadia's app

Post by Molpadia on Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:06 am

okay, I tried. Molpadia is ready! ^w^

[23:06:51] * Molpadia started talking to the guy to her left.
[23:07:24] * Lori // Beowulf dropkicks the guy <3
Mol's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwlIpqraYWg

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Molpadia's app  Empty Re: Molpadia's app

Post by Shiera on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:17 am


Molpadia's app  Shiera14

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