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Lulu the Kookoo <3

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Lulu the Kookoo <3  Empty Lulu the Kookoo <3

Post by Lulu on Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:19 pm

Lulu the Kookoo <3  E3c81e10
Type of Character: Hooman
Name: Lulu
Alias: Silly Goose, Lu, Lil' Lu, Little Sheep
Age: 6 years
Gender: GURL!!
Sexuality: Heterosexual, although she is too young to care about romance.
Personality: One would think that Lulu would live in fear and constant despair, considering she is treated very poorly by her master. However, this is not true. Lulu was very distressed when she was first taken, but soon became. . . Insane. Despite being treated cruelly, Lulu officially claimed Castiel as her best friend (although they aren't friends at all), and believes that he is the best thing since bread and can do no wrong. She constantly loves him and is eager to please him, foolishly saying that he only treats her the way he does because he cares about her. Around other dragons and humans (if she ever lays eyes on one again), Lulu often gushes about how great Castiel is and how he is the best ever. She doesn't particularly enjoy the way she is treated though, but it's not like she has a choice in how to spend her life anymore. This young girl is doomed to spend her days with a demon of a dragon for the rest of her life.

When she isn't around her master, Lulu feels very afraid and paranoid. She's afraid that without Castiel to 'defend' her, some mean humans or hungry dragons will come and eat her up. In most cases, she breaks down in tears until the cruel dragon returns.
~Being eaten by dragons (or humans)
~Losing Castiel or being taken away from him
~Despite them being sore most of the time, Lulu has strong legs from climbing up steep hills and rocky terrain.
~Lulu is good with animals. She has some kind of natural animal magnetism to her.
~Lulu often has open wounds, which is very painful.
~Being a child, Lulu has low stamina, despite possessing long legs built for sprinting and climbing.
~This girl is very small at the moment, so basically anything bigger than her can easily knock her over.

Life Info
Home: Wherever Castiel is
Profession: Slave to Castiel
Family: Yosanji (biological mother), Svadilfare (stepfather), Leonardo (biological brother), Alexander (biological brother), Amelia (biological sister), Aurelious (half-brother, same mother, different fathers), Clementine (half-sister, same mother, different fathers)

Lulu, however, has dim memory of her biological siblings, and has no knowledge of her family. Castiel is the closest thing she has to family for now.

General Appearance
Height: 4 feet (adult height will be 5'3)
Hair: Long and black, straight yet with slight loose curls at the ends. Often looks messy due to the amount Lulu travels.
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: Lulu is very short, with pale skin and long black hair. She often has an innocent look on her face, along with cuts on her legs and wrists from falling down or scraping her knees on rocks. It's common to see her with scars and bruises all over her, along with a black eye or busted lip. She wears a tattered white tunic with worn boots, fit for hot weather but not helpful at all in the cold.

Lulu is the spitting image of her mother, Yosanji.

Lulu has a single accessory. It's not something she wears. . . Rather, it's something she carries around. It's a stuffed doll from her life among her fellow humans. It's a cat, with button eyes and a stitched mouth. It is much more creepy than it is cute, but Lulu absolutely adores it. She carries it everywhere.
Lulu the Kookoo <3  Ab6e6710

Skills and Abilities
~Lulu has no useful skills, but has a talent for taming animals like stray cats and dogs. This does not work for larger beasts like dragons and lesser species, however.
~The oh-so-mighty doll named Mister Whiskers. (Does nothing but look creepy)
Combat Style: Cross her fingers and hope that Castiel won't completely ignore her.
History: To be revealed!!
RP Sample: Optional. <3

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Lulu the Kookoo <3  Empty Re: Lulu the Kookoo <3

Post by Lulu on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:57 pm


Lulu the Kookoo <3  Z595fe73a49c43

"I've been afraid, never standing on my own.
I let you be the keeper of my pride.
Believed you when you told me I was nothing on my own.
Listen when I say, I swear it here today,
I will not surrender.
This life is mine!"
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FireWing Tracker

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Lulu the Kookoo <3  Empty Re: Lulu the Kookoo <3

Post by Shiera on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:19 am


Lulu the Kookoo <3  Shiera14

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