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Tyrannos I, the Terrible

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Tyrannos I, the Terrible Empty Tyrannos I, the Terrible

Post by Tyrannos on Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:26 pm

Tyrannos I, the Terrible Tumblr_njqtsfd0S11u9a40fo1_500
Type of Character: Dragon
Personal Info
Name: Tyrannos I, the Terrible
Alias: Tyfónas, The Zythopoieío, King of Chrysos
Age: 121 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Tyrannos is, as his name suggests, a tyrant. Cruel and feared to no end, the drake commands allegiance to his name and for humans and lesser dragons to worship him. He sees himself as a God amongst Mortals, but he is not, and deems himself an immortal prophet send to Pyyria by Shardas himself as a herald of the fires that will one day engulf the world.

Tyrannos loves ending lives, via his flame or maw, and takes great pleasure in hunting down mythical beasts and men alike.

Fears: The drake is mortally terrified of those stronger than him, and as such has pledged most of his life to gaining power and strength to protect himself.
Strengths: Tyrannos can summon infernos within his maw, and expel fires with enough heat to melt city and flesh, his scales can deflect most assaults upon his being. His wings eclipse the sky and beat down upon his subordinates, splintering wood and sending men to their death. His claws are talons, and shred wood, shatter bone and decimate hide. His eyes are omniscient, molten rock amidst his dark figure.
Weaknesses: Tyrannos suffers from many weaknesses, the main one being a recurring theme amongst Fire-Drakes and that is his poor resistance to large amounts of water. Water quenches the fire in his belly, and prevents him from breathing his inferno. In addition, he is unable to use his arms in aerial combat due to the fact that his wings are an extension of his forearms.

General Appearance
Height: Tyrannos stands at around 85 feet tall when stood upon his hind legs, but is usually a towering 70 feet.
Scales: His scales are black, and several horns jut up from his serpentine face. They are hard, near impenetrable and protect him from all but the most extreme heats.
Eyes: Magmatic orange. His pupils are vertical.
Appearance: Tyrannos is a towering beast, utterly gargantuan and splendid in all aspects. Words cannot begin to describe his magnificence and his beauty; his teeth are pristine and sharper than any sword a man could forge. His scales are obsidian, impervious to all, his neck is serpentine, long and winding, powerful and dangerous. His wings are grand, two sails attached to his forearms give him the image of an oversized Wyvern, but make no mistake, Tyrannos is indeed a dragon. His tail is as long as his body, and surprisingly thin yet deadly as a whip.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Inheritance: Purebred FireWing
Rank: N/A
Family: Long deceased.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: It is unknown whether Tyrannos has fathered any broods.

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities: N/A
Combat Style: Tyrannos will avoid aerial combat with other dragons since it presents a disadvantage to him - he lacks the use of his 'hands' when in flight. Therefore, he brings enemies to the ground and simply incinerates and bites at them, using his bulk to force submission.

Tyrannos is also known for plaguing villages, where he simply burns them to the ground.


History: Tyrannos has always been alone, ever since his hatching from within the volcano he spawned. His mother had been a rogue dragon, and had mated with some FireWing guardian in a forbidden relationship which never lasted. The result was a clutch of eggs, nestled within the rocks of a volcanic mountain a few miles out of the borders of the FireWing's territory. Tyrannos' mother had fled as soon as the eggs were laid, which was customary for his bloodline, and left the mountain as their only protection.

Naturally, Tyrannos released himself from the clutches of the shell first, and looked upon his siblings' eggs with disdain, and every instinct within his small body was condemning him from tossing their helpless forms into the fires bubbling some hundred metres below their outcrop. To survive, he would have to utilise them.

The hatchling grew quicker than his siblings, who were quickly becoming more of a hindrance to the dragon rather than an advantage. Tyrannos dispatched of them, cutting their soft necks with his claws in their sleep as to prevent extended suffering. The memory plagued the beast for decades, for those siblings were the only beasts he truly felt anything for, despite their uselessness.

Might quickly found it's way to Tyrannos, and he soon matured into a fearsome drake with power to back up his arrogant attitude. The dragon hoarded gold and wealth from many of the towns he plundered, and values it over nothing else.

He resides in the volcano he was birthed, bathing within the molten pools of rock and more recently gold which he has melted himself and sustained with the heat of the mountain. Tyrannos views himself as a King of his small fiefdom, under the name of King Tyrannos the Terrible.

RP Sample: An inferno rained upon the inhabitants of Rabbiton, who fled from the dragonfire like ants fleeing from a child with a magnifying glass. Boredom had set in to Tyrannos, and so he had chosen to raze this woodland village to the ground with his flames, and feast upon their livestock and villagers until his belly could hold no more. They would fuel his fire, ignite the forges beneath his scales and ultimately lead to yet another town's burning.

The serpent landed, his fingers flattening whatever building had once stood in the smouldering ruins, a blackened shell which was now just a mound of ash upon the charred floor. No movement, bar the slow burning of whatever material still survived the initial onslaught of fire. A slow laughter rumbled across the ruins like thunder, and the drake took the air again, his vast wings taking him into the clouds quickly.

Last edited by Tyrannos on Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:30 am; edited 2 times in total

Tyrannos I, the Terrible 8LnMteb

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Tyrannos I, the Terrible Empty Re: Tyrannos I, the Terrible

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:07 pm

Under inheritance you have FireWing/Rogue hybrid. Rogue is not a species, it's just a name for dragons who are not in one of the tribes. So you can choose from the other 5 species or just say he's a purebred FireWing since it appears he is anyway.

Under height you have that he is 90ft when standing at his tallest height (standing upright?) The max height for a FireWing is 85ft. So you can say he stands at 85ft when standing upright on his hind legs.

Home is not part of the Dragon Character Template so please remove that.

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Tyrannos I, the Terrible Empty Re: Tyrannos I, the Terrible

Post by Tyrannos on Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:29 am

Edited to accommodate the points you have made.

Tyrannos I, the Terrible 8LnMteb

Male Libra Horse
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Tyrannos I, the Terrible Empty Re: Tyrannos I, the Terrible

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:18 am

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King
Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

Male Scorpio Dog
Posts : 2539
Reputation : 97
Age : 26
Location : Wherever the Dragon Cat goes

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