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Lexia, the Forgotten One Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Lexia, the Forgotten One Dragon10
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Lexia, the Forgotten One

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Lexia, the Forgotten One Empty Lexia, the Forgotten One

Post by Lexia Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:01 am

Lexia, the Forgotten One Dragon10
Type of Character: Dragon

Personal Info
Name: Lexia. (Nicknames being Lexy, Lex and Lexi, but the middle is her all time favourite nickname)
Alias: The Forgotten One.
Age: 25 years old.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Personality: Lexia has been living in a ghost like state for some time, emotionally and physically detached from the world. Due to this, her mental prowess is incredible and she's a very quick thinker, able to come up with things out of thin air to help with a situation. However, as a consequence, this has caused her core to be incredibly harsh, not really giving out too much sympathy where it's due. She isn't one to tolerate people weeping and mourning over the slightest thing. Death of a mate? Death of a sibling? Get over yourself. She doesn't believe that someones internal world should stop for them, just because of something tragic. All they are going to end up doing is hurting themselves, so she'd do her best to half stubbornly encourage them to change their mind and actually do something decent with their lives, instead of wallowing in self pity.

Lexia, although she's harsh, still has a caring heart. Although, she can sometimes show it rather strangely. She'll be an ear for someone to speak to, a shoulder to lean on, but she'll also not hesitate to state how it is to someone. For her, it's more of a case of 'you need to be mean to be kind', kind of thing. So if Lex says something hurtful, there's generally a good reason for it. It's just up to the person to delve into her words and even try to figure out just what she means. Their own loss if they just decide to ignore her and do the whole 'You're just a stranger and I don't pay attention to people like you.'. Good. Lexia really couldn't care less. If you're going to ignore her advice, then fine, it's seriously not worth her trying to help or worrying that someone she's told is going to get themselves in more strife.

This dragoness, despite her rather blunt attitude and her unique way of displaying regret, Lexia also somewhat stays back before giving her mind. She'll wait until others really seem to be in strife, before stating what she knows and telling them. However, she can come across as rude with this, but, truly, she doesn't really care. Yup. Lexia really seems to not care what others think of her, as you can probably tell by now. In her mind, either you will like her, or you won't. And, seeming she's like this to practically everyone, it's almost certain that she won't get too many people on good side.

If you don't like what she has to say, she'll turn to you with a smirk and tell you to look. After all, only those who are blind will think she's deliberately trying to lead you astray. No, quite the opposite. Lexia almost never lets a lie leave her muzzle. She's honest, quite honest and truthful. That being said, to avoid awkward questions, she will deflect the question with a half answer. It's just habit for her, so don't get mad at her. Or you can. It's up to you, she doesn't care.

One other thing which probably should be noted is that, if her opinion is shot down or thrown aside, she won't raise it again. She'll, rather grudgingly, help people along their own way if they really think that Lexia is going to lead them down the wrong path. Not until after her fears or advice to do something can be applied to a current situation. There, she's more than likely to do a simple 'I told you so' act, before really stepping forward to be able to help the person out. Still, she'd show respect to other people around her, leaders included, but still. Just listen to her, she probably has something helpful to say or do... Like, seriously. Just pay attention.

Why listen to a 'ghost'? - She's actually afraid of people not caring what she has to say. Sure, she seems like a big and grumpy dragon on the outside, but still. Lexia does actually like it when her opinion is noted and, if it's not, there's always a glimmer of sadness in her eyes before she outright rebukes them.

Fire's always her strong suit - Lexia has an amazing ability to breathe streams of fire at her foes, which reach to around 120 feet from her maw. This fire reached 3000F, the maximum heat from her tribe. Though they cursed her flight speed, they granted her the gifts of fire, and they didn't hold back at all. She can use this whenever she wants, but only once per post.

Speedy Lex. - She is able to run at speeds of up to 60MPH, which is faster than the majority of her FireWings flight speed. However, because of this increase of time spent developing her leg muscle, she has sacrificed her flight skills for it. Her smaller frame also enables this to be true.

She can think. Sometimes - Lexia is a quick thinker, as stated in her profile. She's able to think on her feet, coming up with ideas and things that could help her in the future.

Being a jerk - Well, when push comes to shove, she can be quite blunt and cruel about things, especially with sending people away.

What is this flight you speak of? - Combat via flight. Just. No. She refuses to do this for a reason as her wings certainly aren't able to carry her that fast, thanks to her heritage, she can only fly at around 35MPH, at max. So yes. She's very slow.

Anything but the cold... - Lexia is quite unable to go to territories which are completely of the cold, or wet. She hates them both and refuses to go vast amounts of these things. Lakes are okay, but, the Ocean? Not so much.

Don't rush her! - No. Just. She hates being rushed, in any situation, she just hates it. Sure, she's a quick thinker, but still. Lexia really, really doesn't like being rushed and pushed. Such things will make her snap and just turn around and clobber people.

Tch, typical sneaky kids - Don't. Surprise Lex. She'll probably turn around and clobber you without a second thought..

I'm not yours! - She hates it when people act like they've met her before. Sure, it's sweet that she might remind someone of something. But come on, she's her own dragon, someone should at least respect her for that.

General Appearance
Height:  40 feet tall.
Scales:  Her scales are a dark grey in colour, the formation similar to that of triangular scales. Even though she's from FireWing heritage, the only things red on her are her plates, fins, wing membrane and scars.
Eyes: Magenta.
Appearance: Lexia is a dark grey dragoness, her scales ranging from a deep charcoal to a gunmetal grey in colour, which is widely dependant on where on her body it is. Her face has lighter scales than the rest of her body, but that's the only major change with her scales. Lexia's face is adorned by a single set of sweeping grey horns, which are at least twice her muzzles length in size. The gentle curve they have half follows the downwards arc of her neck. Following her jawline, there are five slowly increasing in size the further up her cheek that they form. Between each of these horns are long and horrendous scars, which also increases in the size the more that it ascends the cheek. There are also spherical red marks, also scars, which are along her neck, increasing in size the further down the neck they travel. These scars stretch across her body, the spheres increasingly larger until they reach the chest, that's when they start to become reduced in size, until their reach the base of the tail. There are no scars on her tail at all. Something fun to note is that, when she's using her abilities- specifically her fire breathe, the scars glow a bright orange in colour. This fades as soon as her breathe has stopped, or if she has stopped using her spears.

Her wings aren't as muscular as they normally should be of a dragon her age and tribe, but there's a simple reason for that. She uses them as miniature boosts for when she runs, her muscular legs, sturdy paws 4-fingered paws and body structure more designed to be somewhat speedy yet bulky across the lands. Being in the skies would mean she's just relaxing and enjoying herself as she's her most vulnerable when she's airborne. Mentioned earlier, her front and hind legs both have paws that carry 4 digits. However, in her hind feet, the claw is more like a dewclaw, not really serving much of a purpose. But it's fancy, that's why it's there.

Something else that's fun is that her tail, even though it's bulky/sturdy, the tip of it is edged with a scythe of sorts, a blade that curves to expose toughened, sharp and near unbreakable bone which can be used for all sorts of activities. Carving meat, slicing flesh from bone, etc, it's all doable through this scythe.

Her back also is bare, as well as her tail, the only really noticeable or pretty features about her being her face.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe:  FireWing
Inheritance:  Pure blooded FireWing
Rank: Guardian
Family: Ha. Yea. Family. Mother dragged her molten claws over her face each time Lex disobeyed her. She has 12 scars, that 'mother' is someone who died by Lexia's claws in anger. Her father mysteriously vanished some time ago.
Mate: None.
Hatchlings: Ahuh. Lexia? Have kids? That'd take a literal miracle due to a few issues. So no, she has no hatchlings.

Skills and Abilities
Special Abilities:

Flaming Shards.

Conjuring a ring of 7 'shards' of flame (All extending 8 feet in length, around 1/2 a foot in diameter), they are linked to her via invisible bonds that she has with the fragile flames. Their location is around her in a semi-circle that seems to somewhat hover over her back (minimum distance from her to the spears being 12 feet, max distance being 16- the one highest above her), from the left side of her body to her right. These last for a maximum of 3 posts, any remaining shards vanishing into nothing with a puff of heat. During these 3 posts, she can 'use' up to 4 per post. By using them, she sends them forward (at 40mph) to strike at a target location. Once in flight, Lexia cannot change the direction of these shards. They can land up to 150 feet away from her original casting position (if they hit nothing, they just explode into a little oval). They are piercing, meaning that they are able to strike through even reinforced EarthWing scales- but they can only break through the surface of the scales, plating. It takes two perfect shots to break through and pierce the hide. And, seeming they're so thin, it's kinda hard to do that.

These flames are incredibly volatile, the only dragon being able to control them being her. If anyone else tries to use them, they simply explode and burn whatever touched them, or just explode suddenly if they try to use their own fire powers to use them. Their temperatures during the explosion reach the maximum that the FireWing fire can burn at, their explosion radius being around 2ft in diameter by 12ft long- so just a little larger than what they were. The explosions can inflict burns as well. Touching them causes an instant explosion- Lexia herself cannot touch them without risking them blowing up in her face. Once she has used all of these shards up, or the post count has come and gone, Lexia must wait 2 posts before creating them again.

These flames are also useful for a few other things. She can position them between attacks to block them- mainly this applies for ranged moves. Basically any physical hits sheer straight through her shards and cause them to explode. If she has them up in a dark area, their natural light will shine through the darkness and light up an area. But still, they all last for only 3 posts, before they poof away.

Combat Style:
Range is her ace, her skills. She has the bulk from her FireWing heritage to take a few hits, but she prefers to keep away and strike from a distance, where she can cripple. However, if she has to, she will go right up into their face and attempt to duel with them via using her paws and teeth. Mind you, she's less skilled with this and will probably be beaten by other FireWings, but she's hold her own against most other tribes, unless they were a skilled fighter.

History:  Her mother was abusive. Her father vanished when she was young. What more do you want...? (Just kidding, I'd like to reveal more of this through RP please)
RP Sample:  
Flowers of crimson blossomed from her neck, their petals fluttering down her neck. Again she disobeyed. Again the brand came down, burning deep into her neck- causing injuries which would never heal. A howl of agony tore free from her muzzle, only to be silenced when She flashed a paw over her mouth.

"Don't be too loud, my child... They might hear you, and we can't have that... Not unless you want to visit your father."

You think you've been through hell? Let me tell you, nothing's like having molten claws dragged across your face for disobedience, brands burned into your neck until they scarred your scales to a deep red which never can heal.

That being said... It comes with plus sides. They glow when I use my fire. Kinda cool, huh?
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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Lexia, the Forgotten One Empty Re: Lexia, the Forgotten One

Post by Lexia Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:49 pm

Completed! Bump!

You think you've been through hell? Let me tell you, nothing's like having molten claws dragged across your face for disobedience, brands burned into your neck until they scarred your scales to a deep red which never can heal.

That being said... It comes with plus sides. They glow when I use my fire. Kinda cool, huh?
FireWing Guardian
FireWing Guardian

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Lexia, the Forgotten One Empty Re: Lexia, the Forgotten One

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:04 pm

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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