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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Astral on Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:38 pm

The gods have all disappeared everyone thinks they have abandoned the world. Time has passed and they are considered to almost be myth. It is the worst time for the gods to vanish as well. The strange portal some have seen up until now has been a one way trip where only those from our world can go in and sometimes make it back out. However now monsters big and small of all sorts of shape, sizes, and abilities have poured into our world. They have overwhelmed all the alliances but haven't extinguished them. The alliances have maintained their connections growing even stronger and closer together. However very few of them are left. (all NPC's have to be purchased through AP Alliance Points from now on until some are purchased alliances are considered to only be made up of PC characters.) The gods have returned but now they have no influence and must remind the world they are no myth.

Though the dragons and lesser species have been devastated the humans settlements have been rather safe, thought it has taken everything they have to keep it that way so far. Only the small monsters see them as potential food. The humans have had no opportunity to strike at the dragons however due to the monsters making travel incredibly difficult. Empires are too focused on trying to keep their own roads clear for safe passage to even think of how the dragons are fairing.

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Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty Re: The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Astral on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:53 pm

Officially Released!

I'm a super cute and cuddly little Dragon Cat who loves spaz fish, dragon nip, humans, and being called cute while I'm being scary.
Goddess of the Moon and Stars
Goddess of the Moon and Stars

Female Scorpio Dog
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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty Re: The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:12 am

I am officially releasing the monsters! As of right now, what Astral posted above is now in effect. The monsters have been grouped into three categories based on who they are the biggest threat to. Low threat level monsters are very dangerous to Humans and can be dangerous to Lesser Species. Medium threat level monsters are very dangerous to Lesser Species and can be dangerous to Dragons. High threat level monsters are very dangerous and can be dangerous to Semi gods.

Low threat level monsters:
1. Catawal: (Threat Level: Low) (Submitted by Shiera)


The catawals are large, lizard like animals, with a tough skin, and an aggressive tempor. They only reach sizes of about 4 feet tall at the most, with a narrow, long body that reaches about 16 feet, with the tail being about half its body size. The catawal is a low to the ground creature, and is usually colored a vibrant beige blue, with no distinguishing physical markings They have small, stubby legs, and crawl around similar to that of a lizard.

At a distance, the creature doesn’t appear to have any natural weapons. Though, it has very sharp fangs, which can bite and cling to its victim for a prolonged period of time without release until the victim stops moving. It also has sharp claws, and its skin is rough and bumpy to the touch.


These creatures tend to live in packs of up to between 5-9. They are mostly docile, and aren’t very intelligent. They do, however, see humans as prey, and will chase after them if they see one. They are opportunistic eaters, and will pretty much eat anything that they can fit in their mouths. A unique attribute of these creatures is they seem to be oddly affectionate to their own kind, and it is speculated that, if someone were to steal one of their eggs and raise it from a youngling, the beast would likely remain loyal to the one who raised it. Not that any human has tried.

They usually set up small territories, and will feistily run up to anyone they smell in their territory. They have the same smelling strength as that of a dog, and thus can track down prey very quickly and easily with their sense of smell.


Most catawals will attack with their bite, claws, or tail. They also tend to attack by running into smaller opponents, due to their hard skin. Generally, the average human weapon cannot puncture the tough skin of the catawal, though there are some exceptions such as heavy set warhammers.

The catawal is only able to run up to 20 mph. Because of their small size, they are not generally regarded as much of a threat to anyone other than humans and small lesser species.

2. Skeir: (Threat Level: Low to Medium) (Submitted by Shiera)


These ugly looking beasts are straight out of a nightmare. Often given the names “Bats of Hell” or “Death bringers”, these strange-looking, small beasts are generally blamed for many disappearances of livestock within the human settlements. They only grow to be about 20-30 feet tall, and have an upright, bipedal appearance. They are usually in a slumped position, and covered in a short layer of fur. The color of this fur varies depending on the climate the monster lives in. As such, Skeirs living up in colder climates might have white or grey fur, while ones living in warmer, more tropical environments will have fur ranging from brown, black, to even tan or beige. Some even come in multiple fur colors, such as brown and black.

The skeir has long, leathery wings, which are somewhere between 30-50 feet long. It’s face is deformed and crooked, and resembles that of a vampire bat, with long ears much like a bat as well. They also have stubby, small legs, which have long claws. They also have claws on their wings, which allow them to grip to things.


Most Skeir, much like the bats they resemble, are nocturnal creatures that will travel in small groups of 2-3, though they generally hunt alone. They like to live in caves near dragons, as it provides them an easy meal when the dragon leaves behind something that might be tasty, such as a carcass they didn’t happen to finish.

They have great night vision, and are very social creatures, and you can often hear their screeches and cries for miles, which are high pitched and might be annoying to those that live close to a small pack of Skeir. The skeir can actually feed on more than just dead animals, and will often sneak up to the homes of lesser species, dragons, and humans alike to fulfill their needs.

In the winter, the skeir may migrate. You will see large herds of skeir migrating from the northern parts of Pyyria down to the southern parts. Most skeir aren’t very aggressive, and usually only attack if provoked, or hungry. Unfortunately for them, their odd feeding patterns often end up with them getting into fights with other creatures.


They can fly at speeds of up to 70 mph, and have perfect night vision. They also have rather sharp claws, which they use to tear into their prey’s flesh. They also have excellent hearing, and are able to perform echolocation, despite them also having the ability to see rather well(except in the day time) However, their natural abilities isn’t the most interesting part about the skeir.

The skeir possess to main abilities that make them feared: Their ability to suck blood, and their ability to cause nightmares.

Much like a vampire, the skeir has exceptionally long fangs, which it will dig into its opponent’s flesh, and suck their blood. Their fangs, however, cannot pierce dragon scales, so they only can really go after dragons that happen to have feathers or fur instead.

Their other ability, the one that allows them to cause nightmares, is something they can use against most any creature, regardless of if they have scales or feathers. If the Skeir is within five to ten feet of a sleeping creature, they are able to start causing terrifyingly realistic nightmares, each nightmare tapping into the victim’s deepest psychological fear. The skeir is able to feed of these nightmares it causes, allowing it to grow stronger and more fit.

3. The Morpher: (Threat Level: Low) (Submitted by Bassasail) A rather odd creature, no one is sure what it is. Its a threat to humans, but larger creatures such as giants or dragons don't see it as so, however once a challenger enters the area they can never escape unless they defeat the morpher. Representing pride is the odd monster that most loath,  simply because it is fast, smart, and even can morph into any solid object to avoid damage. It is the oldest of the 7 guardians and is considered the weakest,  in which it can die like any human. The reason it hadn't died yet is because it outlives and outsmarts its foes, either sticking other creatures on it or even calling upon its slumbering partner, the guardian of wrath the Berserker.

4.The Archer: (Threat Level: Low) (Submitted by Bassasail) Representing Sloth, the Archer is an obese yet smart creature. He wields a large bow can shoot multiple arrows at the same time and can summon the Starving Hordes 10-30 at a time every ten turns. He cannot move but he sits on a large throne that moves to his thoughts, levitating allowing him to move freely at speeds of 15mph. His bow is enchanted with a life drain effect in which if the foe is hit or even scratched by the arrow it will drain small amounts of life force and transfer to its user. The archer is skilled in marksman, however can be killed like any other man or monster, and because of his weight he easily gets exhausted.

Medium threat level monsters:
1. Dentem Magni: (Threat Level: Medium to High) (Submitted by Bassasail)
Dentem Magni (Great Scales) as they call it, a venomous and deadly creature of considerable size belonging to the reptilian family, is a massive snake. Most mistake the creature for a serpent, who belong to the Draconis famiy. Their scales aren't as durable as a serpent's. The major difference between the two is the Dentem Magni's speed. While serpents are known for their draconic abilities, the Dentem Magni are well-known for their light weight and speed in thick woods. However their travel speed is nothing compared to their striking speed, venom and camouflage ability.

Dentem Magni can strike twice as fast as their smaller slithering cousins and as far as 1/2 their body length. While this does leave them open to attacks they can quickly coil up and repeat, traveling at speeds between 50 and 70mph. They grow between 14 and 57 ft pending of the breed of snake. Some of the largest breeds, like the King Snake or Boa, which are dangerous yet lack venom, are known for using constriction to kill and having many teeth. What makes Dentem Magni feared among even larger creatures is their ability to change colors and camouflage with their surroundings much like a chameleon; this combined with their venom and speed makes them one of the top predators of the world.

Like all larger predators, Dentem Magni  have weaknesses. Because they are cold-blooded they can't live in cold climates; it would kill them. They are also susceptible to Dragons with frost breath and other cold-based attacks. So they live in warm forests or humid tropics, even extreme hot deserts. They also cannot live in ashes or slither across them, for the ashes can get between their scales and cause their skin have rashes or irritation. Despite their size and speed, they are cowards when faced with larger creatures but will strike at them to defend themselves before slithering away rather quickly.

2. Borosque: (Threat Level: Medium to High) (Submitted by Shiera)


These strange abominations have often been described as a mix between a large praying mantis and and an even larger octopus, with a bit of alien thrown in there. It is an unusually gargantuan, reaching heights of up to between 50-80 feet tall, though only from the top of its head to the tip of its tentacles, if they were spread out straight. Each of its tentacles is about 30-50 feet long, while its actual body is usually around 20-30.

The head of the Borosque is shaped like that of an octopus, with the only difference being it has a variety of spikes and horns sticking out of its head at various angles. Instead of a beak, like a regular octopus has, the Borosque has a large pair of mandibles, which it uses to crush and kill its victims before eating them. The whole body of the Borosque is a dark green color, with soft blue stripes running all down its body.


Solitude animals, most Borosque will generally live alone, only coming together during mating season. Most will generally prey on sea dragons and other large seafaring animals. However, these gargantuan creatures can be easily spooked, and if frightened, will release a large amount of black ink, which will obscure anyone within a 20 foot radius’ vision. Fortunately for you, the Borosque will almost never attack if it has inked, and it will usually flee.

They generally live in deep, underwater caves, and usually don’t come out unless disturbed, or if they are hunting, and even then they only need to eat about once a week. They have the average intelligence of a normal octopus, but their body is slightly tougher than one, so it is harder for them to squeeze through small areas.


Most Borosque don’t possess any outlandish abilities like other creatures might. A borosque’s mandibles are used for crushing bones, and can break through hides as tough as EarthWing scales. It also uses its long tentacles to coil around things, which also have a crushing force. They have enough force to break the bones of any lesser species, and entangle any dragon. Most borosque tend to ignore humans, though they have been known to sink human ships if they come to close to their territory.

The borosque is also incredibly fast in the water, reaching speeds of up to 60 mph. Not quite as fast as the average SeaWing, but still fast enough to catch one by surprise.

3. Starving Hordes (Threat level: Medium) (Submitted by Bassasail)
Starving Hordes: Representing Gluttony, these hordes of creature are starved for living flesh of any kind. Granted they are more running zombies, what makes them more dangerous is their enhanced speed, strength, bite, and their ability of feeling no pain. These hordes are more rampant than guardians, but bound to ruins, those foolish enough to tread through the gates will be devoured on sight, not even kings will send legions to destroy them. However, they have weaknesses, much like any undead they are weak to holy weapons and magics, as well as fire, but the best way to kill them is to smash the heads. Much like zombies. The creatures can vary from human, the fae, to ogres and even dragons.

4. The Mass (Threat level: Medium) (Submitted by Bassasail)
The Mass: The mass in a collection of bodies, capable of absorbing the dead and living into it, it is always wanting what it could never gain, life. This is the Envy guardian, and built more for terror the Mass is quite strong and can self regenerate. The faces that are on the outside of it skin act as mouth, eyes and ears all around its body, so none is truly hidden or can gain a surprise attack. It can cleave giant metal boulders with one swing of its cleavers, however due to its weight it stays in one place guarding its gate and cannot freely move around the arena. Its 50ft tall and is made from a large collection of bodies of all kinds, including a small dragon or two. It can reach to around the area and will absorb anything at any chance, however its big weakness is rather recovery speed, since it weighs so much and uses vicious attacks swiftly it must recover for a turn or two, allowing foes to attack it freely until it starts again.

High threat level monsters:
1. the Great Wolves: (Threat level: High) (Submitted by Bassasail)
A powerful and formidable being bred for war and as pets of deities, the Great Battle Wolves, or Great Wolves, as most call them, are massive creatures that many hunters fear and whose territory they dare not tread through. They typically have fur ranging from dark brown to light grey, with different color variations of earth tones. Their eyes range from blue to green to red, and possess a small dim glow about them. While both have bushy tails, the males have longer fur on their backs and females have a brighter color to their fur. Males can grow anywhere from 30-55ft in size; females tend to be bigger and are more ferocious when defending their pups.

Great Wolves tend to stay in packs of 5-20, sometimes more, however males have been known to isolate themselves. The reason for this is unknown, though it has been noted a wolf will choose to live alone because of territorial tendencies. Lone wolves are simple, primitive, but in packs, the Great Wolves seem to have a higher understanding of civilization, so much so that they have created tribes and housing underground, torches for sight,  etc. Their religions and culture are that of the Celtics, aside from the drunkeness. They speak English in an Irish accent and other languages as well.

The Wolves are as strong and fierce in battle as they are fast, their natural connection with the earth and their gods allowing them to control earth elements. They can turn their fur into stone at the cost of speed; while they have better defense their running speed is dropped--they are more fatigued  and it is harder to dodge fast-moving attacks. Wolves of greater power and experience can use metal instead of stone. Though it is heavier and not invincible, it provides much more protection. After some time these stone and metal hides crumble, leaving the Wolf fatigued and drained of most of their power and energy.

As far as strength goes, the Wolves are better suited to be in packs. They are clever but can go into a berserk state when they've taken too much damage, lashing out with great strength and not caring for pain or injury, which can be their downfall. Their hide is tough enough to handle swords but can be easily penetrated by ballistas. Wolves can be easily put down, as they can only handle one or two foes when alone and aren't resistant to magical and elemental attacks.

Not many are alive today due to heavy hunting by Humans. Very few thrive and the race is slowly dying off.

2. Arachniphaldon: (Threat Level: High) (Submitted by Shiera)

These nifty creatures are a monster to be feared. Herold as “a living nightmare”, the Arachniphaldon is a large beast, that takes on the appearance of what appears to be a variety of different invertebrae, with recognizable characteristics of spiders, scorpions, crabs, and cuttlefish. Here are a couple facts about these worthy beasts.


The Arachniphaldon has a biped appearance, standing up much in the same way a human would. It is about 35-45 feet tall, and 83 feet long including the tail. But the creature is far from a human. It has a flat, crown like head shape, similar to the hood of a triceratops. It has eight eyes, and it doesn’t appear to have a mouth. Rather, it has what looks like a sort of mask, with small, black holes in it. It is unknown how the creature eats, but you can hear odd growls come from it.

The monster’s upper body has a humanoid appearance, though it is a blackish gray color, and has  an armored torso, with sharp chest plates that run down to its’ abdomen. Its’ arms are muscled and strong, and are similar in appearance to a humanoid figure’s arms, until you get to the hands. Rather than have regular human hands, the beast has crab claws, which are bumpy and rough in texture.

Now, the lower body is much different. The lower body of the Arachniphaldon, which starts around the hips, resembles that of a cuttlefish, except without the fin around its body. It also has eight legs, which resemble that of a spider. These legs are rough, and incredibly sharp, as well. The body also has some splotchy designs on it, which it uses for camouflage. But that is not where the terrifying ends. After the body, there is a long, winding scorpion’s tail. This tail is about 30 feet long, and can pack a mighty punch.


The Arachniphaldon is a solitary creature, preferring to hunt alone. Males will generally act aggressively towards each other if they encounter them, though it does not always end in a fight. They only really come together in order to mate.

Generally, these creatures are not to be provoked or approached. Because these creatures establish a territory, which they constantly try to expand, it is slightly difficult to avoid them. They can be incredibly aggressive when they spot strangers, and can sometimes attack on site. Generally, you will be alerted of the monster nearby when you start hearing the loud battle screech it makes.

They will attack relentlessly, and will generally chase after those who try to flee. The average Arachniphaldon is also rather intelligent, though nowhere near the level as that of a human. They are able to avoid traps, and even trick their victims. They are also good at solving puzzles, and strategizing during battle. They can be ambitious, and overzealous, though, and can overestimate their own abilities.


The abilities of an Arachniphaldon are no laughing matter. In fact, the beast is rather adept in both brute strength and stealth. The average Arachniphaldon can go speeds of up to 40 mph, and it has the brute strength to pick up a dragon up to twice its size. They don’t have a lot of stamina, though, and can only run in short bursts.

But the Arachniphaldon’s real power lies in its tail. The tail possesses a powerful neurotoxin, which can kill its victims within a period of 9 hours if not treated. Generally, once the venom is injected, the victim will start to experience intense pain all over their body. The pain will start off as draining, much like a sore back would, then it will start to become increasingly noticeable after about an hour, where the victim will likely start limping. It usually only deteriorates from there.

On top of this, the arachnid beasts are also able to camouflage into their surroundings. They have a very realistic camouflage system, which allows their body to perfectly match their backgrounds, almost as if they turned invisible. However, you can still smell and hear them, and you might be able to catch the creature’s movement, based on a slight distortion in the air. The smell of the arachniphaldon is similar to that of a spider or scorpion, except much more earthy.

3. The Last Giant: (Threat level: High) (Submitted by Bassasail)
The Last Giant: Representing Greed, the Last Giant is truly a marvel at best. Known to be giant tree folk, the giant is standing at 70ft tall, but can only speed walk and has tough hide to that of a strong tree. It has no face, but a large gaping hole replacing and inside where it appears a void within. It protects some of the rarest gems, and possibly moonstones with such fierceness that none have dared challenge. It too cannot feel pain but rather fall apart, it shares its energy with the earth so it is constantly replenished with power and constantly heals, even regenerating limbs broken off rather swiftly. Unlike most undead its weakness is not fire nor frost, but rather light magic. While it can be ripped apart,  the best way to fight the giant is to use light magic, as its filled with darkness, it fears the light and can be hurt by it.

4. Lilith: (Threat level: High) (Submitted by Bassasail)
Lilith: Representing Lust and the Roaring Seas is a powerful water wraith. Because of her power to seduce both men and women to drunken thought of lust, she at first was called a succubus, however over time her ruthless killing and power to manipulate water deemed as a water wraith as well as enthrall weak minded dubbed, "Lilith." Her power can extend to freezing water, turning it into pillars of ice spikes under foes or freezing their sword arm. As far as enthralling goes this is not limited to humans, as she's done so with ogre's, trolls, other demons and on one account two dragons.
Her nature is unclear, she appears to only want an eternity of lust causing the people who discovered her to seal the demoness away in her sanctuary, where water covers the ground and the fountains freely over flow. Compared to normal undead, she is incredibly fast, strong, can seduce and enthrall the weak minded, and can manipulate water for short but quick amounts of time, turning it to ice even. She is quite intelligent and can reason others to her mind of thought, even convince them to remain with her, but she is like a snake and can attack when its unexpected.
Lilith's biggest weakness is her overuse in her powers. She can create ice spikes and pillars but only every five turns, whilst she can manipulate water she cannot grab a fully bodied person and rip them in half and after two turns of water control she must recharge this for three turns, her arrogance can best her allowing her to underestimate foes and even let her guard down allowing foes to hit her. She is weak to holy magics and weapons and cannot enthrall clerics nor holy men for they are pure.

5. The Berserker: (Threat level: High) (Submitted by Bassasail)
Alone the Berserker is a high level threat, standing at 10ft tall, its skin is as hard as diamond, rather they are scales. He bears armor of a knight and wields a giant 12ft sword, imbued with the souls of the fallen. Both the Berserker and Morpher have claimed the most lives in the entirety of their existence, going hand to hand, one acts as the muscle and the other the mind.
The morphers weakness is that it can be killed like a normal human, however when morphed with an object its body is apart of that, and if its broken he simply moves unto another. He cannot resist a challenge of life and will even tease its foes by putting itself in danger, this can easily get it killed as it only wields an ebony dagger with little to no skill. It can be burnt or frozen alive.
The Berserker is a very dangerous and powerful foe, however he can be attacked from the sides as he only concentrates on one foe at a time. Granted his skin is practically diamond, he can still take damage by cracking and breaking the skin, however this is quit difficult to do. He is slightly slow at recovering from dealing power strikes so one can take advantage of that.
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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty Re: The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:26 pm

Here's some more monsters for us to watch out for!

Ogre: Threat Lv. Medium
A monstrous and powerful creature, the Ogre stands anywhere from 12 to 18ft talk with white or green and dark grey skin. The skin alone can withstand a shot from a ballista bolt due to their thick skin, but can be damaged if shot more than twice. They have a huge tolerance to pain and as big as they are the Ogre can be surprisingly fast. They have large pointed ears along with one eye and a stubby snout that is more sensitive to smell and sensitive to pain. They are typically the tank-type monster being able to take hits and delivering powerful ones, but they are not very dangerous, if one was to get in their territory close to the Ogre then it attacks with its bulky arms, following up with crushing an enemy with its body or grab them and simply bite their limbs off, if small enough. Larger foes, even large dragons don't seem to intimidate the Ogre as they tend to show no fear around their territory.
An Ogre's weaknesses are the one eye as they guard it since its the only form of sight they have. They are clumsy and slow when attacking but can recover rather quickly for its size, and they can be easily distracted by multiple people drawing attention. They do, however, fear the DreadWings and will run if it sees one or more.

Shadow Hawk: Threat Lv. Low
As their name stands, Shadow Hawks are similar to the Phoenix and Thunder Bird, but they do not live in society like their elemental cousins. During their early years they were huge in numbers until most were put down by either dragons and people. They live in isolation now on cliffs and have been known to kill themselves in captivity, this bird is not an optional keep due to their rareness, suicidal temptations if captured, and their elusiveness. They live anywhere high such as mountains and will live in small groups. They tend to stray away from both dragon and man.
Much like owls the birds are more nocturnal, hunting at night they can eat anything thats smaller than them, such as rabbits and pigs, however they will live in cliffs over a sea (a high place) so they mainly swoop up large fish, other bird and the occasional dolphin or shark if they fly far enough.
The Hawk is a pitch black with purple and dark blue feathers scattered across its body, having glowing blue or purple eyes to match its appearance. They can grow up to 8-16ft in height, they are very light but strong and very fast flying at speeds of 78mph.
The Hawks have a unique ability that allows them to morph into a shadow like mist for ten seconds, then form into their solid body. This ability is used for escaping larger predators and threats, not fir hunting or combat. The ability can only be used three times, used for one turn and recharge for three.

Venenum Aspidum Reptans (Venom Crawler): Threat Lv. Medium
A giant arachnid, these eight legged creatures have all of the attributes of their spider cousins. They live deep in caves and surprisingly there are thousands of them under the lands of Pyrria, they multiply faster than they can die. A single Venom Crawlers bite is very infectious and can kill most prey with their venom and the bacteria their fangs carry. They aren't dangerous enough to hunt after, but they must be avoided due to their predator nature in their caves. There is no antidote for their venom, and if one was to stop it from spreading then amputating the limb is the only real option. Sucking out the venom is dangerous due to the deadly bacteria.
A Crawler can grow up to 30ft with a very tough exoskeleton, they can easily take arrows ftom humans. Their color variations differ from white to blue and dark grey to red, their eyes remain a pitch black.
Their weakness is light in general, they susceptible to fire and winters, and they can be killed if they are impaled through their back.

Golem: Threat Lv. Low-High
Golems are giant, or small creatures summoned to protect a village or kingdom, they are crafted to protect and defend their positions. They care not guilty nor innocent for they only listen to their master direction. They are made of any kind of stone and crystal, metal is not inhabited for an unknown reason, however many speculated that perhaps the raw material is in some form magic resistant. Golems are extremely durable and powerful, naturally having high defense, they take the shape of a humanoid with they arms being either clubs with blades or spikes. They are, however slow and clearly cannot swim, but they cam travel underwater having no need for air. They can be unbound by only druids or powerful clerics, and they are best used in tight spaces where the enemy cannot maneuver well, if they are small. The golem can remain in one spot for many generations, and if not used to protect a area they act as statues going into a deep dormant sleep. Only the summoners or druids can awaken them. The largest recording of a golem was several hundred feet tall to combat the Titan, a large metallic being similar to the golem.

Tower Cardinal: Threat Lv. Low
The Tower Cardinal in a 5-10ft bird that lives in high bell towers. They have strong relations to the phoenix, however remain a wild bird free of the Twilight Imperium. They are a gorgeous red, orange and gold and they are literally giant flame cardinals. They typically hunt other birds and small mammals snatching the occasional deer, and are extremely territorial giving them the name "Hot Head." The birds mating takes place during the fall and can mate with the phoenix if its at the right moment, and being wild leaves captivity out of the question. They remain in their area, and if anything attempts to crawl inti their nest the Cardinal will attack it. Their ability to coat itself in extreme napalm-like fire is used as either a dance in a mating tradition or as a last resort in efforts to kill any tough intruders in the area, this in includes dragons. Coming into contact with humans will literally obliterate them, however if it hits a regular dragon it will leave a very bad 3rd degree burn. This ability is used freely but after six turns of the attack the bird will become weak.
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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty Re: The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:23 am

Here's another batch of monsters!

The 12 Beasts of Hell (first six)

These monstrous creatures are the stuff of nightmares, born from the fiery depths of despair. Many humans have legends of these creatures, and they are said to be unholy. The come into this world through means of sacrifice and ritual, and have passed over through a disturbance in the very fabric of time and space. Generally, they are kept in place by the Gods, but due to some gods disappearing, and their weakened power over mortals, they have been able to be released.

Unlike most monsters, many demons are intelligent, cunning, and sly in their ways. They are ready to manipulate at a moment’s notice, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. Caution is advised when you encounter any of these beasts, regardless of threat level.

Carla Delta(Threat Level: Medium)

A creature with a backstory as gruesome as its appearance. Legends say that once, there was a young maiden aboard a ship lost at sea. Her name was Carla Delta. She was a young baroness from the city of Brysur, soon to be wed to the powerful Lord Anthios, of Anthropinos. The two had boarded the ship, aiming to venture off as a sort of celebration. However, it is said the ship was attacked by some kind of monster, and the ship was thrown off course, straight into a storm. Soon, they were hopelessly lost. And the ship was starting to become dangers. Panicked, her lover told her to stay in her quarters and wait. And so she did. Unbeknownst to her, her lover had fled without her. The ship later sank, taking the still waiting maiden with it.

But the woman was approached by a stranger being of power, that whispered to her even while she was drowning, “Maiden, I will give you a chance to live escape a watery grave, if only you kill your lover…”.the woman refused, causing her to be transformed into a hideous, ghostly beast, with webbed hands and a scaly body, as well as sharp fangs like a shark. Devastated, she wept on the ocean floor.

Later, she would discover another ship, after the storm. When she went to investigate, she found that the ship was a celebration, celebrating none other than the marriage of her lover to another woman. Furious with envy and sadness, the monstrous woman would scale the boat, grabbing her former lover by the neck, and dragging him into the sea.

It is said she now will swim through the ocean, appearing to distant sailors as a beautiful mermaid. However, once they get close enough, her appearance will turn hideous, and she’ll drown her victims. Her mermaid form is about the same size as a human female, plus the tail. Once she transforms, though, she is significantly larger. She appears in a ghostly form of the gown she wore on the ship, all ripped and tattered, and is roughly eight feet tall, all slimy and scaly. She generally fights melee, but she also has the power to spit poison at her enemies.

Succubus/Incubus(Threat Level: Medium)

These mythological creatures are known for being lustful, aggressive, needy beasts, who will do anything to accomplish their goals. They are known to be promiscuous, and like many demons, are known to feed off the souls of mortals. However, unlike other demons, Succubi and Incubi gain their sustenance through explicit manners of outward attraction and interaction. First, they will chose a victim. They usually will only go after one target at a time, and will stalk after that target relentlessly. After they have chosen their target, they will attempt to seduce them into trusting the demon or demoness. Each succubi and incubi have different ways of doing this, be it romantically, sensually, or something or other. After this, if the succubus is able to get the victim alone and able to submit to them, they will be able to absorb their life essence, or make them a mindless thrall to them.

A succubus/incubus is a shapeshifter. They can take on any appearance they see fit. This means, if they want to seduce a dragon, they can transform into a dragon. They cannot, however, harness the powers of the creature they take on the appearance of. The true form of a succubus resembles that of a humanoid figure, but with the hind legs of a goat, sharp, black claws, curled horns, a tail (either the traditional devil’s tail, or a goat’s tail), and the leathery wings of a bat.

Besides their appearance, they are also able to use magic. They are one of the faster creatures, being able to fly at speeds of up to 80 mph, though they can only run on foot about as fast as a human athlete. They are able to use manipulation magic to make them appear naturally more likable. They are also able to use a magic that, if the victim looks into the succubi or incubi’s eyes, they will become temporarily enthralled.

If her identity as a succubus is found out, the beast will transform to her true state, which stands at about 15 feet tall, and possesses incredibly powerful firepower, which she is able to launch in blasts at her opponents.

Basilisk(Threat Level: Medium)

The basilisk is a feared monster, often regarded with much contempt and distaste. It isn’t a particularly intelligent beast, only having about the cognitive intelligence of a three year old toddler, it is considered a medium level threat because of what it can do. The basilisk possesses the uncanny ability to turn its opponents to stone upon looking them in the eyes. Most of its opponents need to attempt to avoid the creature’s stare while they are fighting it, otherwise they too will be caught up in its grip. Those whom have been turned to stone are only able to revert back to their normal state once the beast is killed.

Many basilisks very in size. They generally vary from 3 feet tall to 35 feet, which is a pretty large gap. The basilisk appears to have the body of a chicken, except it has a scaly back and the tail of a reptile. The basilisk, while deadly if you stare into its eyes, if you are able to avoid its gaze, it can’t do a whole lot to you. It does have powerful clawed legs, and a pretty nasty bite, coated in saliva that can melt flesh. However, it is not much of a threat to dragons because its saliva generally cannot breakdown dragon scales.

Fallen Angel(Threat Level: Medium)

As stories go, they say fallen angels were proud soldiers and warriors who fought alongside their respective armies, however, before they died, they committed some cruel, untimely sin, usually along the lines of murder or treason to the full gods. As punishment, the god of death cast these heathens out from heaven, and sent them hurling down to the realm of Vyrma, where they would grow angry and revenge stricken. They were vengeful, and willing to do whatever it took to get back at the gods for what they had done to them.

A fallen angel will usually take on the appearance of the creature it was when it died, along with all the wounds it had. It can generally appear as a normal dragon, lesser species, or human. However, its true form will give it a more ghostly appearance, as well as a set of black, feathery wings. Because it is already dead, a fallen angel cannot technically die unless by holy source, such as if a prophet were to end the creature’s life. Other creatures are able to stun the beast.

The fallen angel is also able to use unholy magic instead of whatever abilities it may have had, such as if it were a fallen firewing, it could use the firewing’s abilities. Dark magic can include necromancy, and life draining spell, as well as dark fire, which cannot be put out through normal means. The life draining spells generally only suck stamina and energy, making the opponent fatigued, while the fire works much in a similar way to how normal fire of a dragon like a Firewing would work, except it does not burn wood, and cannot be put out normally, and usually simply dissipates after about 5 posts. Generally, profuse followers and prophets of the full gods will not be attacked by fallen angels.

Shyi(Threat Level: High)

One of the most feared demons within the realm of Vyrma, the Shyi is a monster very few know anything about. Legends say that the shyi will appear to you in a dream, taking on the appearance of a white dragon, with a long, slender body, and a horse’s mane. It is said to only appear within the dreams of the cunning, cruel, and ambitious, and will help them make all their dreams a reality, at the cost of their soul. However, despite their unyielding power, all Shyi have at least one mortal master, who they will serve until that master dies, in which they will claim their soul. Making deals with a Shyi is risky, though, as they themselves actually care nothing for the lives of mortals.

A shyi has the appearance to take on any draconic form it desires, and appear any gender it wants. NightWing, FireWing, EarthWing, etc, it can transform into any one of seven tribe dragons. While it is emotionless and placid in its white, maned form, its other, tribal forms will appear each with their own unique personality, looking, and feeling, as if they were actual individuals with morals. Not only this, but unlike succubi, who can do a false shapeshift, the Shyi is able to harness the powers of the dragon it transforms into. The only fault of this ability can only allow it to take on one appearance per dragon species. For example, if its’ firewing version gets caught doing something malicious, it cannot simply take on a new FireWing persona.

The shyi is, essentially, an immortal being, that exists between the realms of mortals and gods. Some even would consider the shyi to be a god, but others have dismissed it as a demon. Some argue that it is a god because of the fact it doesn’t share the same malicious nature as most demons. The shyi’s true form is nothing but a white aura, that some dragons might see moments before death. If a shyi is ‘killed’ while in its dragon form, it will simply dissipate, vanish, and find a new master, or perhaps even take the soul of its former master early….

Trogonau(Threat Level: Low)

These beasts are known by many names: Hell hounds, devil dogs, Satan’s mutts. They are probably one of the least intelligent of the demons, pretty much having the intelligence equivalent to that of a doberman or rottweiler. The primary objective of the troganau is to hunt. They generally seem to travel in packs, though every now and then you’ll find a wild one, usually because it has gotten lost. They are very loyal beasts, and will always attack together, and make sure all of their kin are safe. What makes trogonau dangerous, though, is that it is possible for trogonau to be tamed by more powerful demons and used as their personal attack dogs.

Trogonau are towering, dog-like animals, that can reach around 10 feet tall. They don’t possess any out of this world abilities. They primarily rely on their strong fangs, and large numbers. They appear like some kind of large, well muscled dog, except their bodies are usually in a decaying state, and they look as if they’ve been jacked full of steroids. Their fur is a dark red and black color, and they let off an absolutely horrid smell, that smells as if a thousand humans just died of plague.

While small, their pack mentality is the reason they are considered such a threat, especially to humans. They will circle around their prey, then once they think they’ve got it, or the prey starts showing signs of panic, they’ll all charge it at once. They communicate with each other through barks, growls, and body languages. Their pack sizes are generally somewhere between 5-10.
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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Empty Re: The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:39 pm

Effective 4-20-19:

I'm finally making a little change to this Monster Event to account for our small number of active members at this time. As of now, the Alliances are considered to have managed to clear a small area in one of the native lands for the alliance (example, the Gifted Crystals are based in IceWing lands). This means that they have a territory again. Keep in mind, though, that while they've cleared this area, it's not completely safe; they can still be attacked by high threat levels.

Also, each alliance gets 10 NPCs for free. That's 9 regular and 1 usable. The one usable NPC may only be used by a Tribe leader. However, as the Starlight Order's leader is currently inactive, the one usable NPC can be used by anyone.

As for AP itself, the point system only allows for one type of point to be tracked, so if we wanted to keep track of AP the way we do DP, we'd have to change it. So once important tribe/alliance topics have been completed, simply submit it as you would for DP. AP will be awarded instead, and I'll make a topic specifically for keeping track of it.

And in case you don't know where the DP Guide is... https://www.rpgdragons.org/t4803-guide-to-dp-ap-and-wp-part-of-the-dp-revamp?highlight=revamp Or you can search "Revamp".

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

The Monsterlypse [Major Site Event] (part of the DP Revamp) Fpkz2Va
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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