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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Beowulf on Mon May 29, 2017 10:00 am

Beowulf the Ebony Warrior 638b76110ee06df142169166a34af2b5

Type of Character: Human
Name: Beowulf Zhada
Alias: Wulfy, yet he hates being called this. Beowulf also sometimes goes by Master Zhada by commoners who aren't aware that Beowulf is far from a master in anything. Other than that, this guy can go by Beo or The Ebony Warrior.
Age: 22 years
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (tsundere) 
Ah, Beowulf. Someone seriously needs to meet this guy to put some sunshine in his life. This human is generally pretty grumpy and grim. He prefers to keep to himself and conceal his emotions(which is why he likes to wear his helmet a lot). If he were at a party, he would be the guy sitting in a dark corner smoking a pipe and kind of staring down anyone he finds interesting. This implies that he can be a bit of a stalker. Once he spots someone he believes is interesting, he wouldn't mind asking around to find out who they are and details about them. However, it is unlikely he will actually approach the person who interests him. Unless this fellow really really really captures his attention, Beowulf will stay away.

This doesn't mean he's rude, though. His secluded nature may shoo people away, but if someone decides to speak to him he won't snap or anything. Although distant he tries to be polite. There is just an aura about him that just tells you something: if you push him for a bit, he will get kind of gruff. He is pretty blunt, so if he wants you to go, he will say something like "Your voice droning on tediously is beginning to bore me. Shoo." He won't regret a bit of it either. He doesn't react at all to crying or curses. He's just. . . mellow. He's chill. He is able to agree to anything and is often calm about it, but once there is a notion he disagrees with. . . Well, expect him to make it known. Not just to you, but to everyone in the world. Yeah, he is very intent on expressing his opinions, especially if it means entering an argument.

Dang. How he loves to argue. How he loves to fight. How he loves to compete! He will almost get into anything, as long as it means the chance of him winning. It can be something he isn't even good at. He will get into the fight anyway. He is a sore loser when he loses, too. He doesn't throw a temper tantrum or anything. Rather, he would just scoff and stomp off to sulk. Yeah, his personality isn't all that pleasant, isn't it?

However, when Beowulf becomes friends with someone, it is agreed that he is the most fiery, most sharp-tongued. . . Yet he's also one of the most loyal fellows one could ever meet. He is one to jump to defend his allies without thought, regardless of whether they're right or wrong. He is very defensive, and though his grouchy nature is still there, he is much more friendly and may even give compliments. GASP!! Beowulf Zhada actually complimenting people?! What trickery is this?!

Well, what about his opinion of dragons? Beowulf doesn't particularly like them. He doesn't hate them, either. They're just. . . Meh. Lizards who can fly. Lizards who can mutilate Beowulf and eat him for breakfast. The thought of being eaten makes him shudder. He hates the thought of a dragon swallowing him and picking his ebony armor from their teeth. Although he doesn't care much for dragons, he won't hesitate fighting one. The rush of combat thrills him.

As for romance? Ha! Beowulf and romance is quite an amusing thing, actually. He hides his emotions, so when he falls for someone, he falls hard. Now his crush is someone he would actually talk to. He tries to appear confident, tough, and desirable, but really? He just. . . Plays hard to get. Although he's really trying to get the subject of his affections. He may give you a gift then go on and on about how he thought it was so dumb that it reminded him of you. It takes him forever to actually say that he likes you, although it is obvious. It is amusing, although may not be very pleasant for the girl he is trying to court. Once he finally gets in an official relationship, one can rest assured knowing that they are in the forever protection of The Ebony Warrior. Beowulf often lavishes his lover with gifts and treats. He warms up a shocking degree, and is almost a completely new person. However, his unpleasant side can come out at times.

~Animals. Beowulf admires the creatures from Mother Nature, especially bugs and insects. He never thought he would like crabs until he got one as a pet, whom he named Aran.
~Beowulf likes the color blue, particularly royal blue like a sapphire.
~Reading. The Ebony Warrior has an interest in geography and coordinates, but he doesn't read actual fiction stories often.
~Being tall. I know it sounds crazy, but now that Beowulf has spent all of his life being taller than average, he can't imagine being any shorter.
~Beowulf really enjoys hot springs, especially since Kryo has cold weather.
~Meat. This goes for everything. He'll eat anything that's meaty, be it fish, pork, beef. You name it!
~Maggots. These little buggers gross Beowulf out.
~Neon colors. They're so bright. . . Are you trying to blind him or something?!
~Drawing. Beowulf isn't that artistic nor creative, so he can basically only draw stickmen, although these end up looking awful anyway.
~Being looked down upon. Beowulf despises feeling inferior. But then again, who doesn't?
~Intense heat. Beowulf is so used to the cold of Kryo by now that he doesn't like travelling to places like deserts or grasslands. He can totally live without them.
~Strawberries. I dunno, there's just something about them that he hates.
~Being eaten, especially by dragons. Although, he would be just as terrified if he were to be eaten by fellow humans.
~Stairs. Beowulf loves heights, but hates walking up and down steps. Especially long staircases.
~Aran and Penelope dying. Beowulf loves his pets, and failing to take care of them is his nightmare.
~Beowulf couldn't live with himself if his daughters ended up dying.
~Wielding a sword. Beowulf has three years of experience as a mercenary, and he is bound to become way better when he gets older.
~Due to his dark armor, Beowulf can blend in with dark areas.
~Since he is tall, he can reach things some people cannot.
~Beowulf reads sometimes as a hobby, especially lore books. He is good at naming constellations, reciting the names of specific landmarks, and identifying gemstones by their appearance and texture. He would be a good teacher if he wasn't uncomfortable around children.
~Beowulf was raised with four older sisters, and they made sure to use him for practice any chance they got. This included balls, dances, special occasions, etc.. Thus, he has learned how to waltz well since his sisters managed to teach him through trying to help themselves. Not many would expect Beowulf to be a dancer.
~Beowulf is bad at archery.
~Beowulf is confident and headstrong, and this can get him into situations he doesn't need to be in.
~Flirting, as said in his personality. He isn't much of a pleasant fellow when it comes to virtues, so this scares away any potential lovers.
~His armor makes him bad at swimming. Since it's heavy, Beowulf can drown if he doesn't paddle hard.
~His armor also weighs him down and makes him slower.
~Beowulf isn't good with children. He doesn't hate them, but he never knows how to carry on a conversation with them. Besides, he's not the cuddly type.
~Beowulf can't draw.

Life Info
Home: An inn in Kryo.
Profession: Beowulf serves as a blade for hire. Pay him and he will watch your back until you tell him to go away.
Boris (Father, Alive)
Bianca (Mother, Alive)
Becca (Sister, Alive)
Brynn (Sister, Alive)
Baisley (Sister, Alive)
Bambi (Sister, Alive)
Yvonne and Sona (Twin daughters, Alive)
Aran (Pet Crab, Gender Unknown, Alive)
Penelope (Pet Tarantula, Female, Alive)
Note: All of these family members are NPCs.

Molpadia is Beowulf's love interest.

General Appearance
Height: 6'7 feet
Hair: Shoulder-length and dark brown, almost black. Often looks windswept.
Eyes: Silver, with his pupils being a dark shade of gray rather than black.
Appearance: Beowulf, more often than not, wears thick ebony armor complete with a helmet that completely covers his face and features. Sometimes, however, two white dots can be spotted peering from the inside. These are obviously his eyes. This helmet of his is smoothly rounded, with an intricate crest of a sort that somewhat resembles small wings at the brow. Atop the helmet is a sprout of black artificial hair that is there only for show. His torso is coveted in plated armor, and both horizontal ends of Beowulf's chest plate is bolted down with two spiky-looking gears, and from these gears flow small purple ribbons that have his family symbol on them. The bottom of this chestplate also has small spikes. Both his chestplate and shoulder pads have shines on the ebony. Not quite carvings, but something that makes the armor look like it has glowing intricate designs.

Beowulf's bottom half begins with a fancy black cloth wrapping halfway around his waist, the center having a second draping grey garment. These are held down firmly by dark-shaded belts. His legs are covered by his armor as well, his feet adorning boots that resemble the designs on his helmet. Again, it sort of resembles wings like from an angel. The backside of his waist has sort of a black cape that flows to his knees and fades to a slightly transparent gray shade at the bottom.

Beowulf's gauntlets are slightly jagged at the ends at his wrists, along with a speartip-like spike coming out from inside the gauntlet. His shoulder pads are one of the most thickest parts of his set of armor, as it also serves as bit of a collar and shields Beowulf Zhada's neck. He has spiked bands around the start of his shoulders, along with spiked wrist bands as well.

On the rare days Beowulf decides to take a break, the man switches to a plain tunic, trousers and boots. Now you can finally see his face. It is rather pale as consequence for being in his armor all the time, and often has a firm, determined, and emotionless look to it. Dark brown, almost black shoulder-length hair frames his face, which is dented by a few scars here and there. The most noticeable scratch on his face is the one over his bottom lip, and that's because the pale mark stands out against his lips, which is a slightly darker shade than the pale color of his skin. If you look closely around his eyes, you can see that he has very light gray warpaint around them, but it's such a light shade that it's not all that noticeable. Beowulf has stubble on his chin and jaw and around his mouth in the beginnings of a beard, but he never lets it grow out. I cannot say if he's handsome or not, because true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Perhaps the most interesting trait of Beowulf's physical appearance is the fact that he has twelve fingers in total rather than ten. Born with a rare birth defect, this man has six fingers on each hand, having an extra pinky.

Beowulf without his armor:
Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Vilkas_by_isolenta-d7feyb1

Skills and Abilities
~Beowulf is good at using a sword in combat. This includes striking and blocking. More information about what his sword can do is included in the next section.
~Beowulf is good at reading his opponent and seeing where they may go or strike next. However, if his enemy is cunning enough, they can easily throw him off. For instance, if his adversary is eyeing his shoulder, Beowulf assumes they will strike there and prepares his blade to block there. It's easy to throw him off if you focus on his shoulder yet hit him in his legs, for example.
~Beowulf wears tough ebony-colored armor that serves him well in combat since it covers his whole body, including his head. Swords and axes can scratch and possibly dent it after a few strikes, but hammers and maces have the power to crush in less hits than a sword. Weak parts are the elbows, knees, and front of the neck. Swords have a better chance of slicing there. The armor serves well against fire and ice, but magical fire or hotter fire unleashed by more powerful dragons like semigods and full gods have a high chance of weakening it.
~Beowulf's sword is about 5 feet long and made of ebony to match his armor. He uses both hands to use it. It can slice, stab, and possibly dent armor after a few strikes, although it depends on the equipment of his opponent. The size of dragons and strength of their scales is what depends on if his sword will cause damage. A small dragon may face the threat of being injured, while a large dragon may see Beowulf's attempts alike a fly.
Combat Style: Beowulf is made for tanking. This means that in team fights he is the one on the front lines taking in the hits while his comrades can pummel their adversary with arrows or throwing knives. He specializes in melee combat, so he's the guy who gets close and personal with his opponent in a fight. Although Beowulf enjoys a worthy foe, he prefers his battles to be short and sweet, so he aims to finish them up quickly, be it via killing or forcing his adversary to surrender.

History: Beowulf was the final child and only son out of five children, born to a pair of nobles who were originally hunters. The two had met in a hunting competition, and were tied. The goal of the final round was an archery competition. Bianca, Beowulf's soon-to-be mother, stole the trophy, fair and square. . . Not to mention she also stole Boris' heart! The two were married at the youthful age of 21, and their first daughter Becca was the product of their first year of marriage. Since they had a family, the couple stopped being nomadic hunters and became citizens. After seven years, they had four daughters yet no sons. Boris had begun to get worried that the name Zhada would not be passed down through marriage and grandchildren due to his lack of male children. Luckily, Beowulf was born not long after that. His sisters swooned over him, and the poor boy was tortured via dress up games during his youth. When he was 11, everything changed. His parents decided to begin a nomadic life again. Beowulf travelled with his family. He and his sisters had no more time left to play, and he missed his friends back at home. Even when the family took breaks, the girls took forever to wash all their stuff and make sure everything is clean. When Beowulf managed to pick up a small ancient sword, he got a new hobby. He began to train all he could, and had fun with it.

When Beowulf was 18, his family crossed a beach. Something in the sands caught his eye, and he realized it was a crab. Since he always had a fascination for animals, he claimed the thing as his pet. Not long after, he got a pet tarantula as well, whom he named Penelope. The man eventually grew tired of nomadic life, and wished to settle down someplace. He found Kryo and bid farewell to his parents and the sisters he still had that didn't go off to settle down like Beowulf did. He took on the job as a hired blade, and makes a good bit of money. He is currently quite content, and he and the innkeeper are pretty tight. They're not besties, but she looks over Penelope and Aran when Beowulf is away, although it is because she likes the pets, not because she admires the mercenary.

RP Sample:
It was freezing, and the tall figure on the bluff was surprised that icicles weren't growing on his chin. He had his helmet at his side, letting his hair be blown by the cold wind. Those who weren't used to the cold of Kryo would shiver and try to hide, but Beowulf has spent years here. He was far from ice-resistant, but the human had learned to accept the cold weather and even relished it, which is what he did now. He inhaled deeply then released all the air in a puff, his breath visible in the freezing atmosphere like a thin mist. His eyes snapped open just in time to see the tiniest of snow flurries drift down from the pale sky. It had been due for the flakes to fall for days now, and it was finally happening. Beowulf enjoyed the silence and moment alone, and he made sure to relax while waiting for his current patron to return.

Hearing snow crunch behind him, the Ebony Warrior spun around, sword nearly unsheathed, when he realized it was actually his employer. With an unhappy and embarrassed huff, Beowulf put up his sword and looked at the marksman in annoyance. He didn't get why she had to sneak behind him like that while in reality it wasn't her fault. It wasn't Beowulf's either. In embarrassing moments like these, Beo would turn to anything for an excuse.

"Okay," the woman said to the mercenary, slipping on a hood. "I'm ready. Let's go." She spun around, striding off. Beowulf took one last glance around the mountainside as the snow began blanketing the rocky steeps. . . Then with a swift motion his helmet was back upon his head, and he followed his patron into the light blizzard.

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Mon May 29, 2017 12:36 pm

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Hydra on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:04 pm

Freaking tall dude.

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Beowulf on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:08 pm

Finished with the update! Here are things I changed.

~Age for plotting and logical reasons
~Added a little more to the personality
~Added dislikes and likes, since I missed those <3
~Added a fear
~Added a strength
~Added two weaknesses
~Went over family members, including two pets
~Elaborated on appearance
~Added a skill
~Did a history
~I also did an RP sample, although I didn't have to. I was in the mood, and wanted this biography to be long and fancy. <3 I've grown to enjoy Beowulf.

Thankees for reviewing. ^.^

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:15 pm

Re-approved. Sorry for the wait.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:31 pm

Out for edits
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Grand Champion Y1 Earthwing King

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Beowulf on Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:33 pm

Updated family and added a fear. <3

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You dummy."

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Beowulf the Ebony Warrior Empty Re: Beowulf the Ebony Warrior

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:47 am

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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