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Past Terrors (Read only) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Past Terrors (Read only) Dragon10
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Past Terrors (Read only)

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Past Terrors (Read only) Empty Past Terrors (Read only)

Post by Wake Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:46 am

Nine years ago.

Wake walked through the brush near his home. He looked around, being sure no one was nearby as he sniffed the air. The small wyvern seemed tense as he moved out of the brush. Unknown to Wake, something was stalking him. The creature moved slowly, keeping itself hidden in the wood line.

Wake soon made it to a small pond to get some water. He lowered his head to take drink while, behind him, the creature snuck up from behind. Its long, serpent like neck slowly came behind him, seeming ready to strike. Then, a female voice came from the creature.

"Got ya, Wake!" The wyvern turned, startled by the voice, with his short horns flaring out like a frill. He looked at the "creature" behind him. It was Wakes best friend, the Firewing/Earthwing hydra Lewana. She was a fairly normal looking dragon. Despite being a hydra, she only had one head perched on a single long neck. The neck attached to a low to the ground body with an equally long tail and a pair of relatively small wings. Lewana was also larger then Wake, though this wouldn't surprise most. Wake finally spoke to the hydra.

"Darn it! Thought I was home free this time." Wake then turned his head to the sky, smelling something...sweet. It was clear Lewana smelled it too, as the pair both began to follow it, hoping to find a nice little snack. They soon found a ton of pork just out in the middle of nowhere. Wake looked at the food with a questioning glare.

"What kind of creature leaves piles of food lying around?" Lewana, however, wasn't fazed by the idea. She was hungry, and really loved the taste of pork. Wake tried to stop the larger dragon, but it was too little, too late. A large metal net came from the bushes, covering to pair. They struggled for hours until the couldn't move any more. Wakes eyes closed as his need to rest took over, only hearing a few voices before passing out.

Wake soon began to hear more voices. Though he still didn't want to open his eyes, the wyvern could tell the voices were not dragons, or another species Wake knew. They sounded small, even by his standards. The dragon finally opened his ghostly grey eyes to see the voices had come from some humans that examined him. He then saw Lewana strapped down near him. As the small dragon tried to help his friend, only to realize he to was tied down. From tail to snout. Even his horns were strapped in place. Wake began to shake and growl, hoping to break free. This only garnered laughter from the humans who watched.

"There is no way your getting out of that, Runty." Wake eyed the human and growled. He hated being called short in any way, shape, or form. But he had a more important matter to get to. He eyed Lewana, and tried to call to her. Though his cries were muffled, the hydra responded.

"Wake! Are you ok?" Lewana asked as she tried to move, soon learning about the ties.

"Not really. What are they going to do to us?" Wake replied with hints of fear and anger in his voice. The hydra was worried. How could she respond to that? She didn't get the chance though, as the humans all stood at attention to one who walked up.

Both dragons eyed the new human. He didn't look like he was from the area. Heck, he looked like he could be from a different continent! But the pair stopped thinking of questions when the man spoke.

"So. You captured a small wyvern wyvern and a hydra?" the man asked with a sly, foreign voice. One of the others nodded as the man examined Wake closely, noticing something that intrigued him. "This one is a hybrid. He must be part Skywing. And movable horns. Odd trait, but one that will sell."

Wake began to realize what was going on as the man got up and walked towards Lewana. He noticed the cages. Would he be stuck in one? Her eyes said it all. The pair both knew what was happening. The man then examined Lewana. "Interesting. You know, it is rare to find a hydra with a lone skull." The mans intrigue soon turned to action as he drew his blade. "Of course. When it comes to selling hydra, one head just does not sell."

Both dragons' eyes widened like full moons at what the man was doing. The pair both began to fight, trying to get loose of the bonds. The human leader simply looked at his men, and pointed to the wyvern.

"Make sure he watches." One of the humans placed their hands one Wakes eyelids, holding them open despite the wyvern's best efforts. He was forced to watch as the human attack his friend, and he couldn't do a thing about it.

It took hours for Lewana to make any noise. Wake opened his eyes and looked at the now five headed hydra. The heads spoke in unison, showing that Lewana wasn't taking the hit very well. "Wake. What. Why...why can I see myse...? No. He...he." The hydra was straining as she was overcome by the sheer amount of senses she now had. Before Wake could even think of how to respond, one of the guards next to them fell. Then another. Neither dragon could tell what had happened until heard someone coming.

It was another human! Though this one seemed different. He looked at the bonds that held the dragons in place and pulled out a knife. Wake did not know what was happening until he could tell his horns and maw were free. Then his wings.

As Wake began to move on his on his own, the man looked him in the eyes and told him to "Free the hydra and run." As the wyvern freed his legs and tail, the human ran off into the camp. Wake didn't question it as he freed Lewana and helped her get up and moving. She had trouble coordinating her new heads, so Wake stayed close. He then heard the angry screams of the humans, but as both he and Lewana turned, they saw that the humans were not chasing them, but the one human that saved them.

Wake could quite believe it, but looked at his friend, still terrified."Lets go." The pair then left, and managed to find their way back home.

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