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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Dragon10
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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All)

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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Empty The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All)

Post by Kenina Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:11 pm

In ancient time when the tribes were small they used to gather four times a year in what was simply called The Gathering. Time passed the tribes grew and tensions rose to a point the gathering was no longer possible. The Twilight Imperium was now a powerful player in world affairs and Kenina planned to follow that up in being a powerful political leader. She sent messages to all the new found alliances inviting them to the first quarter annual gathering. It would be a gathering for leaders and civilians alike. It was primarily meant to be a social event, however no doubt the leaders will have other things to discuss.

Trackers were sent out to some rouge land mountains north east of old SeaWing territory. They cleared the area for the gathering and prepared it. The mountains had large flat spots or mostly flat spots that would be ideal for the number of dragons that would likely show up.

Seeing as the IceWings were now blocked in by Imperium territory another message was sent to them about a route through Imperium territory prepared for them.

Heading out early for the gathering Kenina brought her mate who would now doubt excel at the social event and brought with them 5 FireWing guards and 5 guards of Baldi's chosing. The Imperium inquisition was not invited for this one as after a recent incident they were on a temporary probation. The other leaders were also permitted to bring guards but no more than 10.

Food and other amenities were in their last stages of being set up and Kenina had 3 of her 5 personal guards enjoy themselves for now. The other 5 guards were with the King.

Kenina waited patiently for the others to arrive.

((At the end of your post include an @(who you are rping with) example @Kenina @Baldi so that we can managably have mini rps within this large one and people won't get confused who is rping with who.))
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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Empty Re: The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:53 pm

Baldirak traveled with his mate to the location of the Gathering. It had been forever since the last time the EarthWing had attended such an event. This would be the second, he realized, that he would attend with Kenina present. But this time, he was not a mere Guardian keeping watch at the door. Behind the Earth King was his 5 Royal Guards: Hamnet and Hapax, Ragnarock, Seritoh, and Marigold. After Tenebris' Inquisitor confronted him--not that Baldirak would have called it that--Kenina insisted that her mate travel with 5 guards from then on. Baldirak never felt the need for so many guards, as he was perfectly capable of handling threats himself. But he wanted to be on Kenina's good side... and arguing about how many guards he should have didn't seem like a good way to do that. So for today at least, he had 5 guards with him. Upon landing at the Gathering, Baldirak released all but two of his guards to go mingle. Hamnet and Hapax stayed with the King.

Baldirak sat with his mate, waiting with her for the other leaders. "You chose this place? It's a good spot. How many do you think will make an appearance?" The pale blue eyes of the Earth King looked around the mountain and the surrounding ones. The sky was warm and clear. The beauty of the place was enough for Baldirak to forget about his leg and the tedious life he now lived, having to govern three tribes. A small smile tugged at the corners of his maw.

Nearby, Hament and Hapax were betting how long it would take the King's nephew to arrive, if at all. Baldirak had mentioned the Gathering to the young EarthWing, but didn't expect him to attend. Lately, the trainee spent all his time training and doing little else.

Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Empty Re: The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All)

Post by Draken Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:01 pm

Draken didn't think he'd be doing anything major in a while, the only thing he knew he had to do was find a way for both Seawings and Icewings to enjoy him as a leader. He was in his thrown room, taking notes and filling in his schedule, almost positive that he would be somewhat open for the next couple days.

But unexpectedly, he heard a familiar voice go up to him. Ah, Persius, Draken's #1 current royal guard and messenger, he was expecting him to show up. "Sir, we've received a letter from... Kenina, firewing queen... inviting you to some kind of Gathering." Persius told Draken, handing him the invitation. Draken looked confused as he read it, but soon got the point of it, he was delighted to attend, as he didn't know much of the new leaders, so it was time to get to know them.

Draken understood that he had to attend and he decided to bring a minimum of 3 guards, Persius included. The other 2 were twins that both liked defending the kingdom. Their names were Lucian and Lucas. They both had light blue and dark blue scales, webbing and find. They both looked alike in every way except for eye color, Lucian had Purple eyes while Lucas had Teal eyes.

Draken gathered the 3 guards he decided to bring and headed out when it was time to attend, he brought his journal and quill along, to take notes on everything they were going to speak about.

He soon arrived on the flat surfaced mountain, staring at everyone who's already arrived. Seeing the Earthwing king made him a bit nervous, as he wasn't quite used to dragons way above his level, but he remembered hearing good things about Baldirak, so he shook it off with ease. "I believe this is The Gathering, am I correct? Hope I'm not late or anything." Draken said to the larger leaders and then sat down not too far from them. Persius though wasn't looking at Kenina in a nice way, he wasn't really a big fan of firewings. And Draken allowed Lucian and Lucas to go mingle with the other guards.

@Kenina @Baldirak

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The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All) Empty Re: The Gathering Revival (Leader Activity Check/Open to All)

Post by Attor Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:22 pm

In odd wing beats arrived to the Gathering a very strange looking dragon. He looked as if he were a hybrid of sorts between drake and insect, an odd mix. He wore a jeweled crown that seemed to have a glowing yellow stone, a Moonstone, and behind him were two guards, one seemingly larger and the other looking of NightWing descendance.

This was Attor, the current king and sovereign over the SkyWings, and he did as well control the LightWings as well since the disappeared Light King mysteriously vanished. The two others that was close to him was Skjorn, his first most trusted advisor and friend, and Aventus, another friend and Royal Guard was also head alchemist. The two got along half the time, and usually they have different opinions, Skjorn being more serious about tribes always making bets with Aventus to see which ideal Attor goes with, and Aventus being the smartass he was always tried steering the king into a neutral militaristic type tribe, but as usual Attor steered to a safer and more humble group of drakes.

"How much this time?" Skjorn asked the second guard as the trio sat down.
"An entire stock of Ale." Aventus answered with a smirk, "He'll go for it, am I correct my king?"
"I bet five stocks," Attor said with a small smile, getting comfortable, "If this meeting has a heated argument then I win, if not, both of you get five stocks of ale. Other way around if I win." The three spoke silently, waiting for the time it starts.

Nothing was easy fir the Sky King, as soon as he took throne he was busier than ever, between making political meetings abd decisions that benefited everyone in the end, making the schematics with Skjorn of the soon-to-be kingdom that shall house both Light and Sky Drakes, and making goid impressions witg the public. The plans for Velmexus, planned to be a jewel in all of Pyrria, was still undergoing its own creation but kept hidden from others, only those closest to the king knows of it. With the public it wasn't easy at all, the king attended visits to schools, approving novels and arts, making sure the businessdrakes were making enough profit, and even having meetings and dinners with big names and ranks, ajd the list goes on. He wasn't perfect, but he was vety progressive in his short time as king.

Yama wanted to go with Attor, his daughter, to the meeting but told her she needed to remain in the kingdom to go through more training as a tracker, if she wanted that. She liked seeing politics, but Attor was strict about what she sees. He knew Yama always chose one side or thr other, and usually she was so thick headed that she was zealous and pestered him. Almost. Every. Day. This was a lucky break though, but it could go wrong...

"Big meeting hm?" Attor gestured to the other leaders, bowing hus head slightly as somewhat a greeting.
"Nit big enough if theres only four leaders..." Aventus muttered to himself, looking around. He easily grew bored, so, the small dragon stood and would go to wander around.

"Skjorn, make sure he doesn't get in trouble." Attor said looking to the large dragon.
"Yiu sure? I mean, Youll be fending for yourself." The guard spoke, worried about Attor. This has happened before when Attor met with Valcoaza, a rouge general who had his own clan of dragons. Aventus took on and killed five of the highest rogue guards,  Skjorn almost died from taking a fatal blast, ajd Attor took on the rogue general himself. Granted the geneal was five times the kings size he didn't have speed ajd he was overly arrogant, which gave Attor time to strike and poison his way to victory.

"Yes, I understand your concern, but they're not rogues nor terrists, Ill be fine." Attor answered back calmly byt firmly, letting the guard know he would be fine. And like that the guard took off after the other, Attor sighing as he relaxed more.

@Kinina @Badirak @Draken

Valcroaza easily defeated Attor in size, yet, he was defeated himself both physically and emotionally. And he roared in frustration, slowly dying from the poisons and wounds, "How could an insect like You overcome a Lord?! I am Valcoaza, warmonger of the Rouges!!"
Attor laughed at the big dragon, walking towards the fallen creature as he prepared the stinger at the end of his tail, "You had the strength, might and size no doubt, what won me the war my friend, was speed, stealth and patience. You would have certainly won had you not been arrogant enough to try and torture and taunt me, taking your simple time to finish what You started. I won because of your mistakes, I won because you grew careless and sloppy, thus meeting your end."
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