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solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Dragon10
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Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

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solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Empty Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

Post by Solomon Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:12 pm

solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia 1-grai10

Type of Character: Human Aristocrat.
Name: Solomon Tiberius Wyrmfyre.
Alias: Knight of the burning blade, Prince of Leostonnia, Duke of Candor.
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual  

"It is both my burden and my pleasure to be a custodian of my family's legacy"
- Solomon Wyrmfyre on discussing his role as the second heir of House Wyrmfyre

Solomon is a complex character, at first he could be seen as the epitome of Leostonnian Knighthood, portraying a highly courageous, honourable, dutiful and just personality in accordance with the laws of chivalry. Seen as an intelligent man, who usually excelling at anything to which he put his mind to, from his youth he grew up to be a grand Knight and a skilled musician, however at first in his life he was considered bookish and didn’t seem initially inclined to martial habits, often choosing to read than play with his brothers or the younger sons of the courtly retinue what made up his father's household. This changed in his adolescent years however when he became a squire to his eldest brother and suddenly was overcome with an almost fervent desire to prove himself.

Solomon's fairness is a particularly noteworthy element of his character. Always seen as seeking to do the right thing, Solomon is at times conflicted when presented with difficult moral dilemmas, such as being torn between what is expected of him as a member of the nobility of Leostonnia and protection of the innocent which in truth is one of the many internal moral conflicts what reside within Leostonnia as the code of chivalry demands protection of the innocent, while the law of the land dictates sometimes that the lower classes of Leostonnia suffer innocent or not. Solomon is a talented and charismatic leader, capable of inspiring great loyalty in people, though at times he doubts whether or not he deserves such devotion. However, since he would never ask his men to do anything he would not do himself, loyalty is generally forthcoming. Many characters have remarked on Solomon's good nature, and to this end he is far more at home on a Knights errants quest with his companions than he is at lording over his Dukedom (To whose duties he leaves in the capable hands of his Steward).

Despite being a hardened soldier and Knight with an appearance of arrogance and violence, Solomon has proven himself to be empathetic to those under him and particularly to those in need who are helpless, this has even been documented of once aiding Serfs. He maintains an idealistic belief of respecting fellow warriors even with his aristocratic background (A trait not often seen in the Nobility of Leostonnia as they view themselves superior) to value all enemies and allies alike as equals. Even with his devotion to the Light and his desire to bring what he believes righteous retribution towards all enemies of Leostonnia and the Dragons he never underestimates their resolve and is frequently impressed at their tactical abilities even with their lack of morals.

Within his personal cadre of companions and friends, the facade of stubborn regalism and image of piety as expected of a Knight falters. Retains some of the boyish elements of his personality from before the time he took his oath as a Knight and later his oath as a Duke, particularly when regarding those closest to him. Often teasing his companions and joking with the playfulness of a spirited youth, Solomon has a passionate belief in enjoying life, despite the harshness what can be displayed in court, the Prince is often seen smiling and being light hearted while out questing, hence one of the very reasons he is often absent from his own court of Candor and his father's court in the Capital. Solomon’s extensive adventuring has led to him becoming one of the most well known Knights of the realm, unlike his brothers who Solomon is often seen all around Leostonnia appearing at tournaments or questing on behalf of the small folk. This notoriety has been noted to the degree Solomon is known as the Hero Prince.

Fears: Never surpassing his Father. His Older brother. Being inadequate. Failing in his quests.
Strengths: Political acumen. Jousting. Swordsmanship. Chess. Gardening. Horse Riding.  
Weaknesses: Vanity. Refuses to use Ranged Weaponry personally outside of hunting.

solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Pygyqu10
Personal Heraldry of Solomon Wyrmfyre, the Wyrmfyre's of Candor

solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Pygyqu11
Crown Heraldry of House Wyrmfyre

Life Info
Home: Candor Keep, Kingdom of Leostonnia.
Profession: Prince, Duke, Knight.
Alexander (Brother), Landuin (Brother), Lucretia (Sister), Taranaw (Illegitimate Sister), Solayn (Brother), Liam (Illegitimate Brother), Mallobaude (Deceased Grand Father), Damitian (Father), Helena Wyrmscar (Grand Mother), Lucinta M. Wyrmscar (Cousin), Gilford J. Wyrmscar (Cousin).

General Appearance
Height: Six foot two.
Hair: Silvery-Blonde
Eyes: Eerie Sapphire
Solomon is known for his defining features such as his eerie metallic sapphire gaze and his silvery-blonde hair which gives him both an almost unnatural appearance and a domineering sense of authority, these qualities are also present in all members of the royal family of Leostonnia. Unlike many who claim aristocratic blood who are clean-shaven with smart hair, he has shoulder length hair to his shoulders and a small beard as remnants to his expeditions and Quests as a Knight. Other than having a muscular build despite his age of Twenty six he remains lean and tall, in all Solomon has been described as handsome and attractive yet unnerving and intimidating as a whole.

solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia 86f2e110

Skills and Abilities
Skills Like all members of the Nobility of Leostonnia Solomon can read and write, having been trained by Monks as a child. He is famed throughout the Kingdom for his mastery of the Joust and unseating his opponents in tourneys.
Armour -

Under his tabard, Solomon wears a long-sleeved mail coat laced up the front with leather lacings. The hooded coif comes to a point in the front. The shirt and coif have three rows of gold links on the outer edges. He also has leggings of chain mail, under which he wears the brown hose of his camp clothes.
On his upper body, Solomon wears plate armor mostly on his right side, the side not protected by his shield. His pauldrons have four lames (plate layers) each, held together by steel rivets. In the middle of the lowest lame is a gold medallion. The highest lame on his right side extends straight upward from his shoulder about 1 1/2 inches. Solomon often also chooses to wear ailettes for lighter based combat. The vambraces on the lower arms are full-circle, wrapping all the way around the arm. He has black leather gloves, but the right glove is covered with small steel plates, while the left glove (holding the shield) is bare. His legs are girded with greaves for his shins and sabatons for his feet. The greaves have a gold medallion in the kneecap area.
All the plate armor is edged in gold and etched in places with "bands" of tiny Dragon Busts (Solomon's motif). The plates have been worked to form smooth, veinlike lines on the pauldrons, vambraces and greaves. The straps that buckle the plates in place are red leather with gold buckles.
When riding, he wears a basinet-style helm with a folding visor. The visor has holes so he can breathe and leaves a small space for him to see through when it is down.The basinet has a ridge running from the center of the forehead to the back of the neck. In the center of the forehead is gold bar extending from the gold edging surrounded by etched oak leaves. The etching wraps around the helmet and meets in the back with a gold medallion.

Bergen and personal admin kit -
Eighty Litre Bergen - two detachable side pouches, small front pouch and finally a compression strap top flap.
Cutlery - pewter spoon, steel knife and fork, pewter goblet, wooden bowl and plate.
Washing kit and Straight Razor (Cut throat Razor).
Entrenching Tool (Shovel).
Basic sewing kit for making repairs to rips and tears in the field.
Flint and Striker.
First aid kit including the tourniquet and field dressings.
Sleeping bag and roll mat.
Costrel, water bottle.

Additional equipment-
Linen shirt and a pair of breeches.
Coist, to be worn underneath the hat to absorb sweat and keep hair back.
Belt with bandoliers.
Brass sundial compass.
Regional Maps.
Model kit, to plan out battle strategy.
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solomon - Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia Empty Re: Solomon Wyrmfyre, Prince of Leostonnia

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:50 pm

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