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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Dragon10
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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!)

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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Empty Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!)

Post by Droplet Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:59 pm

I'll put the picture in once i finish drawing it.
Personal Info
Name: Droplet
Alias: Droplet the Asthmatic.
Age: 19 1/2
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Droplet is extremely friendly, or at least tries her best to be. She tries her best, even though her case of Dragon-Asthma gets in her way sometimes. Droplet gets a lot of her traits from her father. She is a peacemaker, and doesnt like others fighting. She is extremely sociable, and will talk to basically anyone who doesnt attack. She's kinda smart, like she knows to run from vicious dragons who have a large upperhand, but she doesn't quite have 'common sense,' for example she doesn't really go away if you tell her to.
Interests: She enjoys long walks on the bea-- jk
Droplet enjoys training, and swimming around the palace to get her strengths up. She is currently attempting to learn aquatic better, but the only other person she knows can speak it is Jura (even though Jura isnt officially a seawing at the time im writing this). Droplet also, as cheesy as it is, enjoys making others laugh and telling puns to each other. Her favorite food is squid.
Droplet also, as cliché as it is, likes playing around. She can be very sarcastic at times, and will shoot small blasts of water at her friends/family when she’s messing aroung.
Dislikes: Droplet doesn't like drama-like situations. She doesn't like people getting hurt, and she can have a very weak stomach. She doesn't like the heat, as it dries her gills and makes it harder for her to breath. She hates flying long distances, as it also makes her sick.
Fears: As odd as it is, Droplet has a large fear of heights. She can fly about 20 feet above her height, but if she goes any higher, she gets a sick feeling and begins to loose her balance, causing her to crash.

General Appearance
Height: 14 ft, 3 inches
Scales: This color.
Eyes: Teal
Appearance: Her scales are a bit lighter than navy-blue, and the membrane connecting her wings is a soft periwinkle color that fades into a seafoam green, which she had gotten from her mother. She has short royal blue claws/talons, and her short horns are the same color. Her tail has large fins on it, and she has fins going up her legs, on her back, and oh her cheeks. Droplet's build is a little odd; She has a skinny body, and longer legs, helping her run. She has a bracelet that has pink fish scales designed on it, something she had found from an abandoned scavenger place.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SeaWings
Inheritance: Pure SeaWing
Rank: Guardian Trainee (will be Jura's)
Family: Father is Arkhor, Mother was/is Oceana, Siblings are/were Delphin, Fraya, Adra, Kei, Angel, Rose, Dinnozo, and her half-siblings were Thirahan, Aari, Rayla, Vaynad, and Steryln.
Mate: A/N
Hatchlings: A/N

Skills and Abilities
Strengths:  Due to her asthma, Droplet is not the strongest dragon out there. She is more agile then buff, depending on her smaller size instead of her muscles or powers.
Special Abilities: Due to arkhor being her father, she gained a little bit of his powers. She can form water from thin air, an easy power for her due to her constantly having to have a ring of water around her neck. She can control the temperature of the water, but this drains her powers quicker. She can speak to a sea creatures-- well, only one kind, that being seahorses. She has no clue why or how, but it happens. She is extremely flexible, and can do small flips on ground, and larger ones or even backflips in water.
Weaknesses:  Due to constantly having her powers running, she gets progressively tired throughout the day. She takes breaks here and there, but her gills dry quicker than a normal dragons, therefore she gets tired easily. She doesn't have much muscle, so she isn't too strong, this making most opponents overpowered.
Combat Style: Droplet does not usually fight, but when training, hunting, and fighting, she tends to bash them on their heads with her tail, this temporarily stunning them, giving her time to either strike or flee.

History: Droplet was born to Arkhor and Oceana, and looked up to all her siblings. She loved them all, but soon they all disappeared. They stopped coming around, and all she had was a small plush seahorse who was given to her by someone she can’t remember. She ran away, which was a horrid mistake on her part, due to her asthma. She was weakly able to control it, and came back a few months later. She had thought she must be a healer due to her disadvantages, but alas, she was informed that just because she was disabled in a way doesn’t mean she must be a healer, she can be whatever she desires. Wanting to protect her tribe from what she’s afraid of, she decided becoming a guardian would be best for her, and her family.
RP Sample: (I am crystal but I’ll do this for funsies.)
Droplet swam through the ocean, moving her limbs in a sort of rhythm to help her swim. She stopped suddenly, diving down behind a rock. After waiting for the right moment, Droplet swam forward and did a flip, bashing a squid with her tail. It was stunned, so she took a moment to bite down on her pray. Water rushed in her mouth, and although she was a SeaWing, this startled her, so she choked slightly on the unwelcome water.

[19:22:22] * Droplet begins crying because of dead Unicorn

I am really trying to become active again, so forgive me if im not!

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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Empty Re: Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!)

Post by Arkhor Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:52 pm

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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Otp62r

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Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!) Empty Re: Droplet the Asthmatic (REVAMP!)

Post by Astral Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:40 am


I'm a super cute and cuddly little Dragon Cat who loves spaz fish, dragon nip, humans, and being called cute while I'm being scary.
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