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The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP) Dragon10
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The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP)

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The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP) Empty The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP)

Post by Artemise on Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:42 am

I admit that I made this RP out of pure boredom, but who knows, it might be fun.

All you have to do is to role play as any character you like -- but the character won't be at his/her usual age; instead, he/she will be a 7-year-old attending school! Abandon all ranks and just roleplay. Let's see who will wreak the most havoc xD

Teachers (will be roleplayed by anyone who wants to roleplay as them):

~Geography (*yawn*) - Professor Drakienne, a female SeaWing [Professor Flitwick -- female version!]
~History of Pyrrhia (*falls asleep*) - Professor Cosimos, a male EarthWing [An incredibly entertaining, animated teacher who makes his students laugh hard]
~History of the...

-NightWings/EbonWings - Professor Teneibrise, a female NightWing [Professor McGonagall!]
-SeaWings - Professer Drakienne, a female SeaWing
-EarthWings - also Cosimos [Professor Funny!]
-IceWings - Professor Virgeon, a male IceWing [Incredibly stern, composed, cold and sarcastic; no fun at all. Refer to page 394 about Professor Snape.]
-FireWings - Professor Kenuinea, a female FireWing [Professor Tralawney - all sleepy and really doesn't notice when students are misbehaving...]
-SkyWings - Professor Xithyion, a male SkyWing [King Tion's personality]
-LightWings - Professor Virgeon

~Math (ugh!!) - Professor Kenuinea, a male NightWing [Professor Binns]
~Science - Professor Xithyion
~P.E!! - Professor Cosimos


Artemise sat in the classroom, waiting for Professor Cosimos to come in. She wasn't seated on a chair [unlike us humans], but rather curled up comfortably on the floor, in her seat. Each classroom had several seats - more like a rise in the green-coloured floor, specially designed to give enough space for the student assigned to it. The rise in the ground resembled a bowl - it was deeper in the middle. The rise in the ground also had a flat surface within a dragon's reach; and on the flat surface lay a feather and an inkpot. Soon the piece of paper that laid next to the feather and it would be scribbled on; but for now, the piece of paper would remain clean - not really. Artemise absentmindedly doodled on it, drawing eyes and wings and fangs, while waiting for the rest of the students [and Professor Cosimos] to arrive.

Last edited by Artemise on Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:19 am; edited 2 times in total
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The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP) Empty Re: The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP)

Post by Kyht on Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:17 am

(I would try and think of something cause Orion would not be out of his elementXD XD XD but I'm bad at starting something )

[20:13:19] Orion : yes
[20:13:23] Orion : i was saying that
[20:13:40] Orion : >.> who do you
[20:13:43] Orion : <.<
[20:13:47] Orion : >.> who
[20:13:56] Orion : <.>
[20:13:59] Orion : oh god

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I ship Kyhruu
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The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP) Empty Re: The Chronicles of DRF's Academies! (OOC RP)

Post by Artemise on Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:00 am

It's changed now ^^
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Goddess of Ice and Snow

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