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Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Dragon10
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Lost in Time (Open to All)

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Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Lost in Time (Open to All)

Post by SolsticeEquinox Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:25 pm

First topic message reminder :

"Where am I?"
A whole world of colour faded into vision as her eyes adapted to the light. Greys and shadows, beauty. Greens farther before her. She stood, her legs quivering. She stumbled, falling on her bum. A haze clouded her mind, like she had just woken from a long nap. She remembered nothing but a string of two words.

 Solstice Equinox.
It rang a bell, and immediately, the hatchling knew it was her name. Solstice stood once more and walked forth, managing to remain stable despite her limbs being asleep. It was clear she knew how to walk, though she felt very out of practice. Reaching the entrance of the cave, half asleep.  
 And then one cautious step forward into the grass. "Hello?" yelped the child. Her legs were shaking. SHE was shaking.

 Before her stood long green grasses. A steep hill led gracelessly down into a valley. Rock ran along the sides, falling into the crevice. To the left of the valley was a clear pond, obviously alive with fish of some kind. Massive green trees formed a canopy over the horizon, tiny black silohuettes rising and falling from the tree tops.

 She shook herself, trying to wake up. "Anyone?" She called once more. Solstice prayed someone heard her. You figure for such a massive place, there would be another living creature willing to help. While her calling could attract danger, she took the risk. Someone had to explain these strange happenings to her, or at least where she was. Who she was.

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Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost in Time (Open to All)

Post by Aviur Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:34 pm

(Sure! Well, if the others think it's okay, but I'm all for it!)

Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Fire_Dragon_1

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Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost in Time (Open to All)

Post by SolsticeEquinox Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:43 pm

The small hatchling scoffed when she realized that they moved farther away, very clearly whispering about her now. Annoyed, she began to pluck and preen her feathers. This was none of her concern, as she could tell, though she was indeed curious. She strained her ears in the hope to catch a few, maybe just one... she wanted to hear their words. There were a few strays, though they disclosed absolutely none of what they were discussing. All three participants appeared rather antsy, as though something she'd done made them nervous. The mini ice dragoness could think of nothing that could possibly upset the group in such a way. Adults are stupid, she thought to herself.

Solstice rolled her eyes when the male guard approached her, fed up with this behavior already. Her tiny mouth fell into a frown. Despite the fact that she had only been self aware for the past couple minutes, she was growing irritated.  He cooed carefully to her, as she vaguely remembered adults tend to do to children. Her eyes suddenly widened and she struck her chance: reaching out a paw quickly, she battled his ankles and attempted to wrestle his paws. Lashing her minuscule problems out felt good.

"Ha!" The mystery hatchling yelled in victory, although all she had managed to accomplish at this point was rustle her feathers. She was having absolutely no affect on the dragon, whose thin but muscled body was clearly far superior to her much weaker four foot body. It was a shame that the others were not willing to play with her. If this were a party, they'd be asleep and Solstice would be the only one having fun. She assumed that this man would not be interested in her play either - though she was indeed fun, he was an adult. And in her mind, the second you become an adult, you become boring. It's how it worked.

She laughed playfully and for now, had chosen to ignore the others who chose to instead whisper and gossip instead of pay attention to her. The hatchling began to wonder how long this stupidity would go on for. While she was not aware of the presence of a queen, Solstice gladly held herself in the highest regard as a regal, fancy lady. As she was. It felt odd to behave in such ways, though, like this was unacceptable. Like she should be acting older. She shrugged it off, ignoring the nagging voice in her head. At the same time, it was a pain to have to be a child here already.

"I'm gonna get you!" Solstice shouted, trying to wipe that smile off of his dumb adult face - or maybe make it bigger.

(I'm perfectly okay with it!)


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Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost in Time (Open to All)

Post by Auro Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:57 pm

The chill of the clouds, Auro noticed, were beginning to become a little too much for her. The webbing was rather thin, and she'd been gliding at around 35 miles an hour. She wasn't particularly in the mood to nose dive, the cold made her bones ache. So, she angled herself downward, maybe at a 200 degree angle. Exiting the cloud bank, the world filled with colour yet again. This terrain was a bit different that what she had expected. With the heavy chill in the air she'd thought the terra would be snow covered. She reasoned with herself though, and remembered that it wasn't quite the season for ice. She adjusted to the fact that the world was still green, and noticed the mountain that reminded her a whole lot of her home, a bit Northwest of here.
    It didn't take her a whole lot of time to notice the dragons, once she came within range. She knew her best bet would be to hide, she didn't know if they were hostile, and she didn't want to find out. Auro's degree sloped down to a 270 as she closed her wings. Hoping that these dragons wouldn't see this odd red bullet plummet from the sky she wanted to take cover in the trees as soon as possible. Which, she did perfectly. Auro darted past the tops of the trees and opened her wings to the slightest as she pulled up. The wyvern weaved her way through the trunks, letting her head lead and her body follow, as if she were a levitating red snake through the trees. Eventually though, she lost the speed she had from the dive, and touched the ground with her odd wing arms. Auro stood for a moment to recollect where she was.
No idea.
     She thought about lifting herself up on her hind legs but she didn't want to risk being seen. //Eeugh// She thought, it really was the only option. Aurora placed her odd stub on the trunk of a tree and walked up it with the other stub until her head was just about the treeline.
Auro was much closer than anticipated.. The white, green accented dragon was well in sight. The one she'd been most afraid of, though it seemed as if he were distracted by something in the other direction. A meal maybe? Maybe another dragon.. like her... Auro felt a shiver run down her spine at the thought. It rustled her feather mane, too. Eeugh... This was a bad idea. She couldn't help but be curious though..
  She took a longer look but couldn't see anything else. //Might as well get closer, see what it's up too..// Auro knew that though that beast was big, could probably out fly it. And if it really wanted to chase her, she could out-swim it, too. Convinced she wouldn't be a meal today, Aurora stalked closer. She wished she could make a faster pace but without actual front arms to walk on, this was a task. Not only was it uncomfortable to walk on the appendage, the tip of her wing was getting caught in the trees, making her a little more obvious to anyone around her. She would walk with her wings a little more outreached but there was no room in this forested area, all the trees were to close for her to 'walk' properly.
     Then all at once she could hear voices, two, maybe three. She instantly shoved her body as close to the ground, and pushed her 'wrists' out as far as she could keeping the webs of her wings closed. The wyvern closed her primary set of eyes and opened the secondary, they always made her think harder about things, gave her better critical thinking skills. She now could figure that there were at least three more dragons close by. Maybe within 30-50 feet. She was so low, though, that she could not see them through the foliage. She was hoping that they didn't see her. Either.
           //I need to know what I'm dealing with..// The thought raced through her head. She'd wanted to raise herself just a bit to see these creatures, to see just how many there were and if she should turn around, quick. She debated this in her head for a few moments, then closed her secondary eyes to return to the primary set. She lifted her head above the bush that she curled against, only to find a horror. Three unknown dragons. One immense. It seemed young but it's body was toned. Their value seemed to be similar, but his shade to of red seemed to lean a little more towards natural pastel while Auro's was crimson, and faded to black in her legs, wings and tail tip. Though this brute was huge, Aurora could see past him and make out two more figured, both not nearly as threatening as him. The creme one was rather aesthetically pleasing, she thought, and reminded her of a wolf. //I wonder what her origins are...// Auro put aside her fear of being torn to bits and let her mind wonder. She could see the other dragon was somewhat sized, but again, didn't think her a threat. She looked to gentle. Her feathers fell so nearly on her white grey complexion. Such a graceful creature couldn't be capable of harm.
Aurora lowered her head quickly, hoping she hadn't been seen. She made sure that her wings were brought in tight against her body, and that her tail was directly under her. She closed her eyes now, and focused on the voices, curious as to what they had to say.

Lost in Time (Open to All) - Page 2 Dragon-Whatnots-634379643

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