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Where Is It?! (For SkyWing Passerbys, Alistair, and Jolt) Dragon10
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Where Is It?! (For SkyWing Passerbys, Alistair, and Jolt)

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Where Is It?! (For SkyWing Passerbys, Alistair, and Jolt) Empty Where Is It?! (For SkyWing Passerbys, Alistair, and Jolt)

Post by Alistair on Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:30 pm

It was the darkest night that had befallen upon Pyyria in a very long time, and travelling to the SkyWing Territory was an issue for Alistair. Sideways had just left the NightWings to embrace the ways of rogue life, which left his mate alone to ponder if she had made the right choice to persuade the soon-to-be traitor away, despite him being her beloved mate. Alistair kept repeating to herself, I'm a NightWing, I serve my Tribe--

Even if that means sending Sideways away.

Alistair had time to think of a lot of things as silence and solitude made its nest on her den. The empty space beside Ali's sleeping spot made her think of her banished love, which made her sad. But a NightWing had to do what a NightWing had to do.

Alistair had a new problem. She realized she made an awful mistake, but it wasn't persuading Sideways to leave. How could she have agreed to let Sideways abandon their egg near SkyWing Territory?! Peaceful Skies or whatever it was called... How could she be so stupid? The egg-- her egg --was due to hatch tonight. Though being separated from her unborn son for about two weeks, she knew he would come on this very night.

Alistair landed abruptly in her flight.



That was it. Even though the hatchling was curled up peacefully in his glossy black shell, Alistair's mother instincts demanded that her unborn dragonling was a handsome boy. Her anxiety and excitement caused the female NightWing to break into a sprint. Two weeks. Was her son found? What if some animal ate the egg? Or what if he had hatched early, and died from starvation? Alistair didn't know, but she was desperate to find out. She had to know her son's fate, and bring him to the NightWings if she could.

Alistair fast-walked near the border, sniffing around in hopes to catch a scent.

Please, the usual feisty and cold-hearted NightWing murmured in her mind, my child, if you're here, let someone give me a sign...

[17:24:12] @ Celestia : taking my motercycle
[17:24:27] Alistair : oo motorcycle
[17:24:31] Alistair : vroom vroom
[17:24:45] @ Celestia : no cars go vroom vroom
[17:24:51] @ Celestia : motercycles go
[17:24:53] @ Celestia : zeeewwwww
[17:25:06] Alistair : and buses go honk honk <3

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