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Echo The Voiceless

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Echo The Voiceless Empty Echo The Voiceless

Post by Echo The Voiceless on Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:19 pm

Insert Image Here
Personal Info
Name: Echo
Alias: Echo The Voiceless(Because her expressions and eyes seem to echo what she wants to say, but with her muteness she has adopted the nickname Echo the Voiceless)
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: Echo is very quite and not just because he doesn't have a voice, she is mute. She also has a weird eye and markings.  This has lead her to be withdrawn and shy, making her a loner among her own kind. She actually is really nice and enjoys to be around others, though its hard to do that since she cant speak. She is often found under the stars because no words need to be said to understand each other. This is often her solace and if she could she would talk for hours about the stars and more, she almost accomplishes this by pestering anyone to the extent of insanity to get them to take her to see the stars.  
Watching the stars: Because of there brightness and lack of needing verbal communication. Echo is often found enjoying there beauty, be warned as usually someone needs to go along or take her and she'll pester you beyond deaths door. This is also one of the only things she will share with others

Drawing: Echo can be found doing something of some creativity. This can range from drawing to building bizarre things, including tree nests.

Death: As bizarre as it is Echo is interested in death, maybe its a hatchling thing because of her young age and shell grow out of it, but until them, death holds many questions Echo wants to find out. Its also one of her fears

Sharing: Echo doesn't like to share, this includes food, toys, or objects that are hers. She thinks that objects or things are meant to be hers and her alone.

The dark: Because of the dark being her fear of course she really dislikes it. Despite being a Night wing, she doesn't like the dark, due to being abandoned that fateful night two years ago. Though its not really the dark itself its what could be in it

Mud: Echo doesn't favor mud, she likes to get dirty but mud isn't her favorite, it often times mats her fur and makes it of course a muddy mess.

Fears: Echo fears the dark(because of being abandoned on a new moon.) She also fears death because of her near experience of it when she was abandoned.
General Appearance
Height: Right now Echo is only around 2-3 feet tall being a hatchling
Scales: Echo doesn't have scales but instead has fur, and instead of leathery membranes echo has feathered wings.
Eyes: The right is a violet color while the left is is a red color with a symbol(looks like a snowflake with edges and stuff but as a circle/spell circle)
Appearance: Echo has pure black fur instead of scales or skin. Along her neck she has a mane of red fur. Along her elbows she has tuffs of red fur. Her tail has fur at the end and is long and silky like. She has elongated ears that at this time because of her age sometimes cant seem to hold themselves up. Along her ears, tail base, and edges of her main wing joints are glowing patches that tend to be a bright blue, and often only show when she is happy, but can appear when she wishes. Like the patches that glow blue her tongue can glow blue too but is red at normal times. The only markings she really has is her feather tips are red. She also has stark white varying markings usually in the form of lines of the left side of her face and around her front right lower leg and paws. A extra tidbit to know is Echo had six legs, these are in the from of two back legs and front legs but a extra set of front legs.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Night Wings
Inheritance: Echo is thought to be a purebred Night wing but that could be questionable due to her light colored markings and more docile and quiet personality, this could be a reason why she was abandoned
Rank: Hatchling
Family: Was abandoned as a newly hatched hatchling so has none as of yet
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Running-with six legs this helps her running speed when on the ground
Stealth- Because of her lack of drawing attention because of being withdrawn and shy she has adopted a aura of her presence not
being often or not noticed by others.  

Special Abilities:
Shadow manipulation: As of yet this ability is harmless and can inflict no damage Its a ability that allows Echo to form in a form shadow hands which can hold physical things, this in the future will allow her to communicate by writing words out as she matures. As of now she can form shadow animals or malformed figures. The figure or shadows of any form can only last about 5 seconds until further training or practice.
Telepathic communication: She has not yet figured the full extent of this ability(in the sense of only knowing how to say a few select words), only able to spout some words in others minds as her way of speech, limited to only those she very close to or touching, while others talk at this point, she can only say simple words like food, mum, and of course sky in this manner. Her vocabulary will extend with time and her ability to say complete sentences. This only allows her to speak to others.
Flying: Despite her love of stars and her feathered wings she lacks the ability to fly, this could be due to her young age but still the other her age can usually glide while she can only hop.

Communication: Because of her muteness and her ability to clearly and effectively communicate make her communication skills low, almost boarding on 0. This makes it hard to make things or plans go smoothly.

Combat Style: As she is still yet a hatchling, her play fighting if any style could include more on the ground style, using her wings to make complicated dodges and moves.

History: As soon as she was hatched she was abandoned on a full moon when the night was at its darkness, causing her fear of pitch blackness of night, she still braves the night to see the stars that lit up her world the very next night.
RP Sample: Echo shivered, she was cold and hungry. Wasn't the one that first picked her up and held her her mum? Why did she leave me here, when is she coming back? I wish she would hurry im hungry and cold. I cant see anything, what is this darkness?

Echo shifted, and rustling could be heard, a low stalking form of a wolf was slowly moving through the brush towards the newly hatched hatchling. Its eyes fixed on the hatchling as the hatchling turned towards it, eyes widening, knowing not what the wolf was but already fearing it. It was something bad, it was what was woven in the hatchings genes. The hatching tried to call out but not a sound could be heard or made. It tried to call its mom, its father, but no words could be heard. Tears streamed down its face as it tried to stand and scramble away but its no her wings held her down. her maw opened and closed in pitiful attempt to cry out, the wolf lunged forward and there a form dove from the sky picked up its form and carried it off, a growl and yipping could be heard before it was silenced. A rouge dragon was hungry and happened to see the wolf before the hatchling and saved the hatchling as it decided to snack on the wolf. The hatchling learned then, what was known as the dark was a scary place, no it was a place that scary things dwelt in. The hatchling blinked once twice its tears dried before curling into a ball and going to sleep.

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Echo The Voiceless

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Echo The Voiceless Empty Re: Echo The Voiceless

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:52 pm

Everything looks good although I would like a bit more clarification on the telepathic communication. While she isn't great at it now I'm looking more towards the future with this ability. This only allows her to mentally speak with someone, right? It's not something like mind reading or anything. And also, can she read what they want to say or only say stuff to them? I just want this to be clear so I don't accidently accept mind reading or something.

Also, is it Venic the Voiceless or Echo? Might want to recheck your title Razz
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Echo The Voiceless Empty Re: Echo The Voiceless

Post by Echo The Voiceless on Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:58 pm

Okay ill fix that as soon as I type this, she can only speak to others this way. And as of now she can only say basic words as she hasn't learned how to fully use it as her way to talk. She only happened upon by mistake. She cant read minds or anything else. Just going to be her way of talking, as she gets older, shell be able to use it more to were her vocabulary extends to full sentences and so on.

And yeah sorry about that, had my mind on two things and use to roleplaying or talking about venci. Razz

Alt characters: Venci The Sinner

One born from shadows, mute, no voice, cast aside, abomination, no place to call home, the worst life one could have....

Echo The Voiceless

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Echo The Voiceless Empty Re: Echo The Voiceless

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:07 pm

Oh no, it's okay, I just wanted to make sure you saw it. Also, thanks for clarifying ^^

1/2 Aprroved
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Echo The Voiceless Empty Re: Echo The Voiceless

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:51 pm

2nd Approval.
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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