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Vaara, the broken warrior Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Vaara, the broken warrior Dragon10
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Vaara, the broken warrior

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Vaara, the broken warrior Empty Vaara, the broken warrior

Post by Vaara Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:22 am

Vaara, the broken warrior 2mm8xav
Personal Info
Name: Vaara
Alias: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Vaara is a very quiet dragon who is commonly seen alone and separate from any social gatherings. She hardly has any friends, and is known to have even rejected those who tried to open towards her. Very little is known about her, except she continues to wear a saddened expression, as if she had lost something very dear to her. She rarely speaks to anyone, and only does so if needed, such as if she were to report to any dragon. Her voice is always calm and gentle, but very firm. Despite her fragile appearance, she possesses a very strong mind and will not back down from what she perceives as the right thing to do. She always seems to be very deep in thought. It is presumed that her mind was always on some tragic event that happened. This is yet to be made known to anyone. Whatever had happened, it shaped her to what she is now. However, Vaara had seen her fellow dragons fall in combat around her, especially when her entire platoon fell to the humans, leaving her as the lone survivor.

She perceives herself as a guardian figure of the Lightwings, willing to forfeit her own life if she can save more than one, or the life of a hatchling yet to blossom. At one point, she took a fatal blow for a mere soldier that nearly took her life. It can be assumed that it is because of her selflessness that she refuses to befriend a lot of dragons, fearing that the loss of her life will drastically affect them. Vaara refuses to bond with any dragon and will try to discard all her emotions whenever she is in battle. She perceives such bond as nothing more than a burden, in that if a dragon on one end dies, the other will become heartbroken and lose their will. Thus, Vaara is the type of dragon who only fights alone.

Because of her attitude, a lot of dragons viewed her quite negatively. They see her as a dragon of a cold, insensitive heart who has no fear of isolation or even being exiled from her tribe. But deep down, only a handful knows that this is only a ruse from her, to keep everyone away from her so they will not open up. A lot of people believed that Vaara used to have a lot of friends, even a lover in the past, but they have all fallen, leaving her completely alone. Thus, Vaara continues to see herself as nothing more than the blade of the Lightwings, with no other purpose than to become a tool of protection.

-Nature. Vaara likes to be left alone in her thoughts, and being with nature helps her.
-Dancing. Vaara has a hobby, in that she enjoys dancing, preferably those that involve elegant movements.
-Music. Listening to the gentle rhythms of music soothes her from the pains of her past.

-Loud dragons. They only become an annoyance to her.
-Crowded places. Not only because they are noisy, but it’s because she cannot see a lot of the environment.
-Dark. The dark is more of a nuisance for her in that anyone can try and creep up on her.

Vaara fears having to face a situation where she must forgo one life to save another. This is the exact same dilemma that made her see her friends and comrades fall in the past, and she wished not let history repeat itself.

General Appearance
Height: 50ft
Scales: White scales
Eyes: Glowing blue
Appearance: Vaara is a white oriental dragon, though her body is not that long. She stands out from other dragons thanks to her snake-like appearance and her long green mane that freely floats in the wind. She has claws of falcons and white feathered wings, as well as ears almost akin to those of a deer. Overall, though she is among the tallest of Lightwings, she slim features allow grace and elegant movements wherever she goes.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwing
Inheritance: Pure Lightwing
Rank: Guardian
Family: Deceased
Mate: Deceased
Hatchlings: Deceased

Skills and Abilities
Although Vaara is rather strong willed, her experience in previous battles allows her to become somewhat of a strategist. She is not among the most physically strong within the Lightwings, and both her mind and speed compensates for this. Vaara is a dragon who has no fear of putting herself in the frontline and test the strengths of her opponents with seemingly random attacks. Until she finds a weakspot, she will exploit it. However, Vaara cannot predict what her opponents will pull, unless they performed the same attacks over and over again.

Vaara’s best physical strength would lie on her speed. She is not along the fastest of dragons, but she is very quick on her feet and can strike her foes before pulling back to her resting position within a second. Her legs have powerful flexors, allowing her to jump high in the air as well as striking incredibly hard with sheer impact of her claws despite having barely any muscles at all. Vaara can react quickly enough to dodge any blows that would force a block from another dragon, but only to some extent. This does not mean she is physically strong, her limbs are still rather scrawny and can break with enough impact. And she cannot dodge ALL attacks. There are some that can go too fast for anyone without superspeed to dodge, and this would require Vaara to block instead. However, she has high evasiveness, rendering basic abilities or claw strikes rather useless against her.

Vaara herself cannot take too much damage from her foes, and she heavily relies on her speed so she can dodge enemy attacks.

Special Abilities:

Ethereal Tears

Vaara fans her wings in any direction, shooting her tear-shaped feathers in a large area towards that direction like throwing knives. These feathers are very light but very sharp. Against any normal dragon hide, they will pierce until they are halfway into them, but it will not be enough to severe any important organs or muscles. If Vaara strikes at any critical nerve points or any spot on the dragon where the hide is much more shallow (most commonly the underbelly and neck), she can cut vital organs and vessels, further crippling them.

Ethereal tears are Vaara’s primary long-ranged attacks. Although they are deadly, their accuracy is very poor. Vaara cannot control where her blades will come out, hence why she needs to shoot them in volleys than one at a time. Even so, Ethereal tears are subjected to environmental conditions, such as strong winds. Their penetrating power is very poor. Any cover thicker than a slab of concrete is normally enough to block this.

Enigmatic blades

Vaara’s bread and butter ability for close-ranged assault and defense. With a bit of concentration, she creates 10 floating blades than seem to be made of transparent glass around her. They seem to resemble swords but with no hilts or guards, making them sharp all around. Telekinetically, Vaara can manipulate these swords to strike or defend. Due to their transparent nature, these blades are very hard to see. She can also lunge those blades towards her foes, but she normally would not do that, since it leaves her rather defenceless.

However, these blades are not completely invisible. If anyone can look carefully, they can see light of every colour reflecting along the edges whenever light passes through them. These will outline the blades, momentarily giving away their appearance or position to enemies. Enemies can also grab a clawful of dirt and throw it at Vaara’s blades, and the stain may reveal the blades much more clearly. Although these blades seem to excel in physical combat setting, they are inferior to most magic and abilities, since they cannot block some of them. Additionally, the blades are very light, weighing around 2kg each. They can be knocked away by any spurts of high-pressure water or a huge gust of wind.


Whenever there is a source of light, Vaara is able to manipulate it, visually distorting reality for her enemies. The effects of this can include making objects seem farther than they appear, superimposing them seemingly to another location, or even making them see doubles. In addition to this, Vaara can conjure visual illusions that will disappear if enemies got too close to it or if they attempt to throw something at them. Note, Vaara cannot completely manipulate everything her enemy sees. This ability makes her deadly, where she can distract her foes with her lightbending abilities before finishing them off with grace with one of her blades.

Lightbend will not work in the dark because there is not enough light energy for Vaara to play around with. It also has a small area of effect, covering 400ft in diameter.


Note, Vaara does not possess any specific weaknesses any enemy can directly exploit. The only way to get around her abilities is to rely on a barrage or a series of attacks in sequences. Foes cannot hope that they can fire just one attack and see what happens. The following would provide some idea on how to bypass her defence.

Ranged attacks
Despite her advantage due to Lightbend, Vaara’s defence against ranged attacks is very subpar. Her only way of defending herself is either dodging or using her blades to block. Because she is using her blades, energy-based attacks will bypass them and will force her to move. It is then vital for opponents to attack her as she is moving, giving her no breathing space as she tries to recover. But when they do so, they need to keep an eye on her blades.

Cannot take a lot of damage

Vaara is speedy but she can still go down after a few hits from enemies. In a sense, she is somewhat of a glass-cannon. Her attacks are strong but she is fragile and can fall quite easily if caught offguard. Because she cannot really predict what moves her opponents will make, any surprise moves may throw her off guard, and that will provide the window of opportunity to reach and attack her.

Combat Style:
Vaara normally begins by conjuring her Enigmatic blades and Lightbend the area around her. Using Lightbend, she can easily fool her opponents into guessing where she is really positioned or how many blades she has really conjured. She will then proceed to attack her foes, attempting to close in any distance and keeping herself close to her foes.

Being of a speed specialty, Vaara will try to dodge any attacks towards her if she can, but she knows when she will need to block instead. Thanks to her slim body and light weight, she can almost effortlessly maneuver around almost all kinds of attacks. If she needs to wait for a window of opportunity, she would continue to dodge until she sees it.


After being out on hiatus to deal with her tormented past, Vaara returned to deal with the recent attacks and disappearance of her fellow kin, which she was able to put a stop to. Since then, she served as an unofficial bodyguard for the then crowned queen of the Lightwings, Aurelian. However, since the queen's death, Vaara was rather heartbroken and was taking time off yet again to deal with the recent loss and failure.

RP Sample: N/A

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Vaara, the broken warrior Empty Re: Vaara, the broken warrior

Post by Ignatius Sikum Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:49 am

Yup! Looks good to me!


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Vaara, the broken warrior Empty Re: Vaara, the broken warrior

Post by Tahki Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:06 am

Out for edits! 26/6/2017

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Vaara, the broken warrior Empty Re: Vaara, the broken warrior

Post by Vaara Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:09 am



-Height adjusted to match the new height limits
-Added history
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Vaara, the broken warrior Empty Re: Vaara, the broken warrior

Post by Tahki Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:46 pm


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