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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Dragon10
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements

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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Anila Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:20 pm

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Commission__angelic_dragon_by_pinali
Personal Info
Name: Anila
Alias: Goddess of the Elements
Age: She is 80 years old, but she appears around 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Anila thinks she use to be absolutely fabulous when she is wearing her armour, and shows it off almost wherever she goes. She will sometimes use simple or sophisticated language depending on who her company is, so that she will not confuse them. She thinks-and she knows, that she is absolutely gorgeous and most male dragons would watch her intently. She often tries to show off, wanting the attention of every dragon there-although, she isn’t much of a flirt when she is around other dragons who she doesn’t like or find attractive. That’s an entirely different story when she is around the dragons she likes, she will be rather flirtatious. However, in a group, if people are too forward, she will try and psych them out with her choice of words so that they back down and leave her alone.

She is, however, super sensitive to negative comments to the other dragons around her. Often she will just laugh them off like they didn’t really do much to her, but inwardly, she’s aching and just wants to go away to cry. Anila is extremely sensitive to negative or derogatory comments which others can say to her.

Alone, she is almost a completely different dragon.

She has thrown away the facade of ‘oh look I’m so glorious’ and turns into a caring, compassionate dragon who wants the best for the one who she is with. Even though she isn’t a very physically strong dragon, if intruders barge in on her, she will snarl and become protective to try to scare them away. If they continue their advance, well . . . she wouldn’t be in a good way. Sadly, her arrogance that she’s ‘so pretty’ still shines through sometimes. She is like a mother to every hatchling, her incredible soft spot for them obvious.

AFTER the addition of her previous 'semi-goddess' powers
Anila is extremely quiet in crowds, preferring to hang back and let someone else talk instead of her. She doesn't show off, instead wanting to go and hide her scrawny and small form. Internally, she's miserable, having hurt so many dragons in the past and thinking that it's unforgivable. She wears a veil of seemingly calm, trying to rid herself of the emotions which cause her powers to form.

In one word... Anila is broken. Especially when compared to her past self.

However, when the other elements start to show their faces, Anila was a little puzzled. But as she realized what was happening, she is slowly becoming that show off dragon again, but she would only do that when it's appropriate. For example, if she visited another tribe. Anila is also learning to demand more respect from the others around her due to her position, but she doesn't expect more than a slight bow with the head.

Something that will always be a problem to her is the fact that even the slightest amount of harsh words are able to cut Anila incredibly deep. Sarcasm or not, if someone were to say a mean thing about her, Anila would take it seriously and be incredibly hurt by them.


  • The Show Off
    Anila loves to show off how she looks with her slender body, amused when she sees other dragons that either blush rather deeply or look away because of her gorgeous figure. She also finds it amusing if she tells someone of her true position, and they just are silly enough not to believe her.

  • Flight
    Anila also enjoys flying, taking dives from incredible heights and performing rather random maneuvers in the sky.

  • Painting
    She also enjoys painting, using the tip of her tail as a brush or a few claws depending on the look which she desires. Sadly, painting quickly tires Anila and she isn't able to do it as often as she would like.

  • The cute and cuddly
    Anila also has an incredible soft spot for hatchlings, which will basically shatter her facade in an instant. She also enjoys spending time around anything which she considers cute and adorable, willing to even go out of her way to pick them up and snuggle them.

  • Mortals
    Anila really enjoys spending her time with the mortal SkyWings, but even if they were under attack by another tribe and even though it would break her heart to see them hurt, she wouldn't use her powers to step in and stop the invasion in its tracks due to what she is learning that the Goddess has to do and be.


  • Conflict
    Anila specifically hates the thought of conflict for her home tribe, the SkyWings. However, even if she hates that they go to war on another tribe, she knows that she cannot help them and would have to turn a blind eye to anything which happened in the wars. By turning a blind eye, she won't interfere and heavily aid the SkyWings like she wants to.

  • Being Useless
    Anila, even with her powers also gets the feeling that sometimes she is utterly useless. She all but hates this feeling, but she understands that she cannot freeze time so she can go and fix several things at once while watching mortals fight between each other.

  • Boredom
    Anila hates being bored. It's just boring and she, if not needing to tend to anything else, would go and visit other tribes if she was bored.

  • Arrogant and rude creatures
    Everything demands respect, so Anila hates arrogant dragons who are completely full of themselves. Some might think they are glorious, but Anila knows that they really aren't. After all, nothing could be more glorious than the Goddess of the Elements.


  • Isolation
    Anila has a rather great fear being alone or trapped inside a cage where she couldn’t feel the breeze beneath her scales.

  • Death
    Specifically, Anila fears the death of the ones which she loves and cares about. She has an incredibly deep fear in which she will come back to the SkyWing palace and find out that Tion has been killed. By another goddess, or by other means, she is in a great fear of her mate dying.

General Appearance
Height: 32 foot tall, 78 foot long with her first pair of wings having a wingspan of 86 foot and her secondary wings have a wingspan of 56 foot.
Scales: She has soft fish scales which form the patterns of feathers and they are mainly white. Across her shoulders and her back, she has light yellow coloured scales which are designed to be in a scattered blotchy sort of pattern.
Eyes: Anila has brilliantly bright turquoise eyes.
SkyWing/Natural state
She has a white and golden appearance, a striking and gorgeous colour for the SkyWings. On Anila's face she has a golden eye ridge and there is 4 short sets of horns which trail along her jawline and up her skull. She then has 4 pairs of golden horns, which have varying sizes along her skull. The second largest is in front of the largest, then the other two become smaller down the sides of her face. Behind those golden horns are a thick set of black feathers. Down her neck is a yellow, plain backline. She also has 2 sets of graceful wings, her largest being at the front and the smallest down near her tail. Her wings are large, beautifully crafted and are a pure white in colour aside from the splash of yellow at their top. Behind her last pair of wings she has a set of feathers there which goes slightly down her tail. Her tail is long, beautifully in proportion to her body as it is long and perfectly shaped with a gorgeous feather tip. Her legs are perfectly muscled, her claws delicate and thin as well.
SkyWing/Natural Form:

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Commission__angelic_dragon_by_pinali

In this form, she stands 37 foot tall, an increase of her normal 5 foot. She also has only one set of wings as well, which only reach around 70 foot in total for the wingspan and she is around 90 foot long. She has blood red eyes, with two fin like ears in the place of her norms. Starting on the back of her head, she has watery fins which trail down her neck. However, they only reach her shoulder blades before they somewhat stop. On her rather large, membrane wings, she has two claws on her joints, and her wing membrane stretches from her shoulders to past her hind legs. Her legs are rather muscular and on her paws she has 3 claws on her back hind legs’ paws, and 4 on her front paws. Her tail has a something like a fish tail end to it.

SeaWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Water_dragon_by_lumaris-d3c23ti


While she would be visiting the NightWings, she would stand at 40 foot tall, but is significantly shorter in length than her other two previous states. She only is around 60 foot long, having a rather small tail, and her wingspan is around 70 foot long as well. In this form, her eyes are normally inverted, with black iris and a white pupil. On her chin, she has a small amount of fur, but on her cheeks and down the back of her neck, she has the blue grey fur as well. She has two short horns, just a bit shorter than her face is long, with small little circles across it. Her back and tail is rather plain, however, it has small blue circles down its length. On her ribs, leg muscles, trailing across her neck, and on the edges of her wings, she also has these smaller, glowing circles. Anila’s wings are separated by 4 ‘fingers’ which are tipped with a black claw. She also has a claw on her wings where these ‘fingers’ originate from. Her scales, while in this form, are incredibly dark blue and are almost black in colour. Their form is fish scaled, however, their separate scales are almost impossible to tell apart.

NightWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Blue_dragon_by_dark_sheyn


If Anila takes this form while she visits the LightWings, she would stand around 42 foot tall, and is rather long in this form, around 120 foot long due to her incredible and rather plain tail. Her wings are beautifully white, with gorgeous feathers which reach 100 foot from wing tip to wing tip. On her head, she has a somewhat of a main set of horns down the centre of her head, with two smaller and larger horns which act as a ‘main’ set. Anila’s eyes are also a rather vivid red color. She has a greatly furred neck, body, chest and start of the tail. On the underside of her neck, she has clear scales with no fur on it. Her arms are paired with 4 grand claws on her paws, with 6 tiny horns on her elbows. Anila’s hind legs have 3 claws, with two horns on their ‘back’ knee. She doesn’t have any plating on her chest, or underbelly, just ‘normal’ scales.

Note, with this form, her exposed neck scales would change colour with her feelings to match dragons around her. For example;
Red would equal anger.
Blue would be sad.
Green would be envious.
Orange would be happy.
Purple would be adoration and love.
Pink would be confusion
No colour would be calm, or emotionless.

LightWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements 3b0b712e99bc310ae5fc727ff45754a4


The IceWings would see Anila as a 44 foot tall dragoness, with a small wingspan of only 60 foot and a length of 110 foot as well. Her entire appearance is like blue ice, some of her would appear to be tougher than others, an example would be her underbelly and under her tail. These areas are a darker blue, which represents the more condensed ice. Her scales are also quite large in this state and everything is incredibly bulky. On her head, Anila has two smaller ramming horns which are quite ‘tough’, her head and neck crowned with dozens of sharp spikes. Her eyes are also rather large on her head and they take a light blue color. On her shoulders and down the side of her neck are 4 large spikes, and her wings are just beneath her shoulders. They are giant icicle like wings, with large ice spikes which seem incredibly sturdy as well. Anila, on her paws, has 5 claws on her short and strong legs. On her hind legs, she has only 4 claws, 3 normal claws and 1 thumb. Her tail is smooth, long, and at the tip of her tail, the naturally thick form becomes incredibly slim and is built into the shape of a scythe.

IceWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements C9bbb64405474daf7902e0735c02894c-d9tkxf6


While visiting the FireWings, Anila would take the form of a 49 foot tall fire dragon, with a long and thin, whip like tail which leaves her body to be an incredible 120 foot long. Anila’s head is a bit of a mess with her horns, which are a red to a yellow colour. She has these horns across her chin and along her jawline. She has short horns running down her neck and across her tail, which are thick at the base and a bit longer than they are thick, leaving them quite stubby in appearance. Her naturally red, scales across her back and tail are overlapping fish scales. On her underbelly, she has soft-looking grey plating. Arms and hind legs have five almost glowing orange claws on her paws and have rather chunky elbows as well. Her wings are around 86 foot across in their wingspan and have similar patterns to having naturally feathered wings. However, instead of having larger feathers, she has puffs of flames across the edge of her wings. Anila’s eyes are also a dull, yet bright orange-y colour.

FireWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Red_crystal_dragon_by_sandara-d9xs66f


Anila is 52 foot tall, her legs a bit sturdy and large, the majority of the bulky form coming from her chest. In this form, she has a length of only 100 foot, but is sturdy and strong. Her scales are pointed, overlapping fish scales, and on her underbelly and back she has brown plating which matches her scales. In-between her back plating, she has a brown and green fin, which matches her wings which reach 80 foot in their wingspan. On her wings, she only has two ‘fingers’ which are attached to one another by the green and brown membrane, and where they meet, she has two brown claws on its edge. Her hind legs and front legs have the top of them plated, and their paws all have 3 claws each. Her head is covered in a bit of a fin across her jaw and on her chin, which also forms something similar to that of ears. She has a brown pair of horns, which are incredibly small as well. Her eyes are a bright green in colour, with her iris being similar to that of a cat.

EarthWing Form:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Earth_dragon_by_shadowdragon22

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SkyWing
Inheritance: Pure SkyWing
Rank: Goddess of the Elements
Family: From as young as she could remember, Anila was always alone, having hatched from an abandoned egg.
Mate: Tion Xithyl
Hatchlings: None as of yet

Skills and Abilities
Mental/Natural strengths

Natural Resistance to Psychological effects

As a goddess, Anila has a naturally high resistance to a wide variety of psychological attacks. Her natural resistance works extremely well against attacks that affect her brain or emotions. For example if there was a dragon who tried to use a mist based attack on her that made her see things, it wouldn’t work due to her resistance. Other attacks which she would have a resistance to would be venoms or poisons which were targeted to make her feel a certain emotion, made to sway her to try to convince her to do something which she naturally wouldn’t do, or something similar. Another example of what couldn’t work on her would be spells or abilities which would make her forget memories.

However, other creation OR destruction gods/goddesses would be able to have a small impact on her psychological welfare as they are just as strong as she is. As such, she would have a much harder time trying to resist them, their poisons or their powers compared to other mortal dragons. However, this doesn’t mean that sharp words of the tongue won’t cut Anila deeply, as she is still a sensitive dragon. Paralysis drugs, potions, abilities and venoms also still have an effect on her but what actually happens to Anila when compared to other dragons is drastically toned down. For example, if a bite were to completely paralyse her, Anila would still be able to move around, but her leg or area that was bitten would be completely paralysed.

Naturally High Intelligence

Anila, despite her younger-ish age, is quite a clever dragon and is almost to the point of being a cunning dragon due to how she can word things to get her way with others. However, her cunning mind would only really come into play when others around her are being completely disrespectful to herself or others around her which really do need to have respect given to them. As such, Anila has a great distain for rudeness and arrogant dragons.
But for her age, Anila is smarter than most, if not all, dragons outside of the other full god dragons. Compared to the other full gods, Anila still has much to learn as she is still sliding into her position as the goddess of the elements. She, compared to them, could almost be considered foolish as she doesn’t know the rules and boundaries of the gods. The only thing that she really knows is that she cannot completely interfere with quarrels between tribes. She also knows that some things she has to let slide, but what these things are, Anila simply doesn’t know and needs the aid of the other goddesses and gods to learn.

Physical strengths

Catch me, if you can
In the air, Anila all but dominates the skies. Her wings can naturally beat faster than any other dragon-aside from a particular goddess of gods, who is almost impossible to be faster than. Anila, however, will beat anyone else in a speed competition. Another thing to note is that with this speed strength is the vast depths of her endurance. Her endurance, specifically for flight and not for running, in all of her forms is absolutely immense and she is able to fly at speeds that, normally, the dragons who she is visiting could never achieve.

However, her endurance is only coupled to her ability to fly. Running, especially running, is a giant problem for her. The best she can do would be to manage a fast trot as she isn’t exactly built for being able to run. Her frame is built for the speed which she has in flight, which is why she prefers not to be on the ground while she travels. It also is the reason that she just can’t and doesn’t run when she apparently might ‘need’ to.

More often than not, Anila will open her wings and take to the skies in the times of danger. For her, being in the sky gives and offers her more protection than anywhere else can.

Special Abilities:

SkyWing Aspect

  • Speeds
    As mentioned earlier, Anila is almost completely unmatchable in terms of her flight. She can take extremely tight corners which would knock any other dragon out. However, she will not black out at the speeds that she can travel at. Which is a rather surprising feat.

  • Hurricanes, Whirlwinds and Wind Scythes
    Hurricanes, which can only form 1-2 at a time, can stretch up to 300 feet wide when Anila calls them down to the earth, which last for 3-5 posts before they calm down. Although Anila does try to keep them at bay, sometimes for the good of creation, she has to create them. Often, she will try to form them over unpopulated areas of water, where nothing will be hurt by the terrible winds. These aren’t entirely meant or designed for attacking or being an offensive tool, but dragons caught in these will be ripped away from their normal and steady flight patterns. They would be completely thrown around and flight would basically not be an option within 300 feet of these giant hurricanes.

    To try and ensure that these giant ones don’t occur too often and damage the environment too much, Anila can form smaller whirlwinds around her to slow down the rate at which the deadly hurricanes would form. These are much less destructive, and she is more likely than not going to form them in the deserts away from the dragon to ensure their safety. Dragons caught in the whirlwinds wouldn’t be completely grounded, but would have a harder time flying than on a still day. These only last 2-3 posts and are only 20 feet wide.

    If the dragons around her cause a lot of damage to a mountain side, Anila can use precise strikes with air to be able to cut into the mountain. With the addition of more of the mountain from her EW aspect, Anila can perfectly reform mountains. This wind blade can cut through anything aside from diamonds-which she would just collect and add to her horde anyway.

  • Floating Islands
    Ever wondered how the SkyWing islands managed to actually float above the grounds aside from blaming it on magic? Anila has the ability to form small islands of around 500 foot in diameter and raise them into the sky. This would be to replace any islands which could get damaged from the wars with the humans-and after enough time has passed so that the dragons have learnt their lesson, or so that they are no longer in a conflict.

    These islands would last forever, or until they were destroyed and needing to be replaced.

  • Storms and Giant Winds
    Anila can use the winds to push warm air up to heavy rain clouds to cause a small, or large, lightning storm to form. These are just ordinary lightning storms, which can last anywhere from 2 posts, to 12 posts-or even so long that they keep going through the next few days. However, if Anila deems that it's time for the storm to stop, she will cease the thunder and the lightning before sending the storm clouds away. If she wanted to, Anila can choose the areas which the lightning would strike the ground, but more often than not, she just lets nature take its course and allows the bolts to hit where ever they were going to hit.

    Another thing which she has kept from her apparently original SkyWing Semi-Goddess powers is the fact that she can have her gales. However, her previous gales have no comparison to what she can do now. Here are examples which Anila can use her gales for, however, this is but an example of what she can do with them;
    -Direct wind currents with perfect precision
    -Use the gales to form protective wind shields around herself
    -Allow her powers to help gently speed up other dragons in their flight
    -Ground basically any other dragon completely and be able to hold them against the dirt
    -Cause rather wonderous sounds by having them go through small holes of chimes
    -Disperse weather effects
    -Anything which has to do with winds, Anila can do.

SeaWing Aspect
Note, these abilities can only occur if Arkhor, God of Life and Seas somewhat allows it. At any time, if Ark doesn’t approve it, he is able to just override her abilities and shut them down.

  • Rains and Flooding Waters
    Calling the waters to her will, Anila can cause clouds of rain to form. She can somewhat make these clouds of rain to become darker with time, allowing them to fill with rain, before she can release it in the form of a light shower, bucketing rain, or even to help her with her thunderstorm formations. She can form the clouds to be up to around 3000 feet in a spherical diameter, which will last until she dissipates them, forgets they exist, or if 5 posts have past. This rain also helps with growing the surrounding planets and trees, or getting that water to somewhere which has been deprived for far too long such as a desert.

    If flooding rains occur, she can also call the water back away and cause it to go into dams, lakes, rivers or back into the ocean. However, Anila can also cause the opposite. She is able to use the waters partially in a rush of anger and cause the waters from oceans within 3000 feet to come crashing down upon her foes in order to drown them. Although she would want to kill them, she never would or could as it would be going against what she believed in. However, Anila still has to learn what she can and cannot do and, sadly, this could end rather badly. IF she ends up killing someone, she would most likely have to go and seek advice from another creation god to see what she is meant to do aside from curl into a ball of misery and cry for her sins.

    Another thing to note is, that with this ability, she is able to make different shapes with the water. However, this is greatly limited by the fact that she can only make things which she has seen and as soon as she stops concentrating on it, it pops and the water comes crashing down.

  • Formation of Water Bubbles
    Anila, as a punishment to other dragons for being rude to her, or other creation beings, can cause water to come around a dragon. Here, she is able to hold the dragon in the orb of water for up to 3 posts. Instead of drowning, if the dragon inhales the air, they will still receive oxygen through the water as Anila will infuse it with oxygen specifically for them to be able to survive in the orb. However, Anila will only do this when she feels like she has no other option left.

    Anila, although mainly for a somewhat of a defensive or punishment move, can still use this to help other dragons. She can cause the bubble to form around them, or herself, so that they are able to travel through waters in order to visit the SeaWing kingdoms.

  • Healing Waters
    Pouring forth all of her care into this move, Anila can form something similar to a fountain (with the help of her EW aspect powers) which produces healing waters. She can also form small bubbles of this water, which, when either consumed or poured directly onto the wounds, has the ability to heal virtually any wound after 2 posts of the consumer. For example, if a dragon had some of the water, the injury they had wouldn’t completely heal until 2 posts AFTER they consumed the drink. However, severed heads are a rather permanent thing, and Anila cannot heal that.

    Thing which Anila would be able to heal include;
    -Damaged internal organs (excluding the heart and brain)
    -Deep external wounds
    -‘Normal’ wounds
    -Poisons (if the liquid is consumed)
    -Venoms (if the liquid is basically forced into the veins)
    -Broken bones (if the healing waters are massaged into the area around the broken bone. Short term pain in exchange for a quick recovery)

NightWing Aspect

  • Void Manipulation and Creatures
    Anila has the ability to open rifts up to 'unoccupied' areas of the void. From there, if she wished, she can pull through tendrils of the void to intimidate dragons who would wish to cause herself, or a follower, harm. These tendrils, if they attack, can only really try to pin a target for a single short post, before the tendrils release them and they retreat back into the void.

    She can also form a void shield around herself which, if anything non organic or attached to something living, were to touch it, it would vapourise into nothing. However, other full god dragons are able to still have their abilities go through this shield as they are much more powerful than mortal dragons. As such, Anila wouldn't even bother to use this shield as protection against other creation or destruction dragons.

    She can call upon a creature type from her realm to aid her, which is shown later in her realm information. These things are basically creatures which do heavier lifting for Anila, as she cannot lift anything greater than a hundred or so kilograms as she is, physically, weak. These creatures are able to hold those sorts of weights for her and carry it around, but they are non aggressive and are incredibly fragile. As such, Anila only uses them around dragons which she trusts and when she's alone. These creatures only are present for 1-2 posts before they return back to Anila's void realm.

  • Void Stepping
    By connecting with her wonderful realm of weirdness, Anila can form two portals. The exit and entrance of the two portals show up as an inky darkness that, when peered into, looks like either a green mist, or a lattice of purple and black sheets as their minds cannot decipher what the portal is showing. However, as they step through the portal, it basically teleports them from one location to another. The portals last for only 1 post, and vanish a soon as Anila posts again in the topic.

  • Eternal Darkness
    Anila is master of creating darkness, and can form an area of up to 4000 feet around her, as the darkness comes from her being. The area around her that she decides to make dark would sink into a pitch black darkness, something so dark that nothing can see in, and nothing can see out. When this barrier isn’t needed anymore, it automatically lift without too much effort from Anila. She would use this ability as a somewhat for a protective barrier in case the creation and destruction god/dess’s needed to talk about something of dire importance. The inky darkness would serve to deter dragons away from investigating the dome while the dragons talked.

    Anila, if needed, can use this ability to almost ensure her escape, if the goddess was ever tried to be captured by mortals. She could also use a smaller version of this to aid a dragon get a much needed good night’s rest.

LightWing Aspect

  • Eternal Light
    This works in a similar pattern to the darkness, and she can form a dome of up to 4000 feet in diameter which emanates from her. This lasts until it’s no longer needed. She would use this ability to provide light to the plants which are under a cover of darkness, or a canopy of leaves, to aid them and help them to grow while they had still struggled to gain enough sunlight.

  • Light Manipulation for Appearance Change
    Anila is able to bend the light around her to suit her needs, and specifically, she is able to use it for changing her appearance. How she changes isn’t a true physical change, but a change which is basically a perfect hologram which forms around her. The hologram is so realistic that mortals cannot tell the difference between them and a real dragon. A full creation or destruction dragon would be able to see through the disguise.

    Anila mainly changes from her normal SkyWing appearance to the others while she is visiting the other tribes and chooses the dragon which best suits her hosts. These last for as long as Anila needs to use them for, and the list of what she turns into can be found in the appearance section of the app.

  • Light Beam
    Anila is able to call all physical light to her within a radius of around 250 feet around her, turning everything from a natural light to darkness. She can concentrate the light into a thin beam of 1/2 a foot, and release it in either a small and condensed shot or a constant stream that grows to be 30 foot long. She would use this for more precise cutting than her wind blades while she would remake a mountain, valley, or other terrain which was destroyed due to conflicts of dragons.

    Anila, under no circumstances (aside from her mate about to be killed), would use this ability to hurt, kill or maim other dragons. She prefers not fighting, remaining at the back lines and waiting for natural events to happen before she would step in. As such, this ability would not be used aggressively.

    She might do it to show off, though, but that's just who she is.

IceWing Aspect

  • Hail and Blizzards
    This is a bit more fun for Anila to do, but she can create storms which rain down hail up to the size of her paw. However, she would only create the larger hail if no dragons were around, or if she was visiting the IceWings and just wanted to show off that she's powerful. Otherwise, if she doesn't allow the hail to fall from the skies, it can slowly grow until it becomes even deadly for the EarthWings to be near. To prevent that, she allows the hail storms to occur regularly in IceWing territory, as well as the blizzards.

    Anila, as well, can cause it to snow and eventually have blizzards come forth with her abilities. These blizzards can be incredibly thick with snow, almost impossible to see through, or they could just be a light rain of sleet across the ground to tease that snow is on the way.

    Both of these abilities are influenced by her SkyWing Aspect. She can cause howling winds, or gentle winds, to come forth while the hail or snow falls. Anila can cause these hail storms and blizzards to last just as long as her lightning storms, anywhere from 2 posts till overnight. They would have an impact on a large area. If she really wanted to, she could cause it to hail on all of the lands, but she wouldn't ever do that. But that is how large she is able to make these storms and blizzards.

  • Ice Manipulation and Creations
    Anila has full blown ice manipulation, able to form ice spires and giant walls, cause glaciers to form and crack away from the lands. She can force the waters to freeze, able to make a lake frozen with a single touch, and break the ice with just as much effort. Any normal IceWing ability is something which Anila herself would be able to do, and she can stop their abilities and break them with just as much ease as making them herself.

    Anila is also able to create statues, fountains, trinkets and an array of items with her ice. Something rather important which she would make and guard would be an ice fountain that contained her healing waters. However, these have the natural weakness of being able to melt near fire and heat, as well as be smashed by simply dropping them or hitting them.

    Anila's ice fountain of healing is rumoured to look like this;

    Anila, Goddess of the Elements 2007.089.OslerFount

FireWing Aspect

  • Fire and Lava Control
    Anila, quite surprisingly to her, has the ability to control wild fire and deep running lava around her. This allows her to make even a volcano erupt if she so desires, and she can control exactly where and when the lava comes for from that volcano. Anila can also direct the lava to water, or to part away from extremely injured dragons if they need the help. If she does this though, she would never tell them that she was the one who had done it, preferring her work with lava and volcanoes to remain more of a mystery as she is a bit worried about how destructive lava can actually be.

    Anila also has the ability to influence fire, but cannot, for the life of her, create her own original fire abilities or techniques and must copy them. She can, however, control giant explosions and prevent them from having a giant destructive outcome. If dragons were fighting one another though, Anila wouldn't interfere, but if it was more of a freak accident, the goddess would be more likely to step in and basically dispose of any explosions.

  • Mimicry
    After watching other FireWings use their flame abilities, Anila is able to create a perfect replication as to what the dragon has done, but without using her maw to produce the fire. For example, in order to completely mimic the ability, Anila has to sit down and watch as a dragon uses their move. As they are doing it, she makes mental tabs on how they produce the fire and then the form it takes after they use it.

    Anila would be able to copy abilities like Tempest's Firelings, a regular fireball and flame breath, but she wouldn't be able to copy abilities which interact with the FireWings  physical body. For example, she wouldn't be able to raise her internal temperatures, or make her body become extremely warm, but Anila would be able to heat up an area which was rather cool by using her mimicking skills to create a fire based ability.

  • Extinguishing Fires
    Anila, even if she cannot create her own fire, has the ability to be able to completely extinguish any single flame that she desires. She can even go so far as to be able to completely extinguish a full blown bush fire if it were going to cause too much damage to the mortal world. Anila is also able to extinguish any flames which other dragons attempt to produce around her, which is more of a blink of the eye for her to do against such arrogant dragons. However, the fire must be active before Anila is able to extinguish it. Without flames being there, she can't really do anything.

EarthWing Aspect

  • Earth Manipulations
    Anila has control over the earth similar to that of her IceWing control and she is able to make the earth bend to her wills in a variety of different ways. Unless the structure which she makes is permanent, like a cliff, island, valley, etc, it would only be a temporary creation that is destined to disintegrate after 3 posts. With this ability, she is able to;

    -Form walls of earth between herself and others
    -Create giant cracks in the ground
    -Cause earthquakes to form which last from 1-5 posts depending on their intensity
    -Form tunnels and cave networks (A more permanent thing which isn't destroyed after 3 posts)
    -Create wells and underground reservoirs of water
    -Form spikes of earth to scare and intimidate dragons around her
    -Cause the earth to wrap around dragons limbs, etc.

    Anila can do with EarthWing Aspect, as long as she isn't killing other dragons or interfering with other tribes wars.

  • Sandstorms
    Using her winds to pick up the pieces of sand and dirt, Anila is able to whip up sandstorms with mighty gales being blown through them. This ability is something which naturally occurs in the deserts, however, it can sometimes kick up in forests and IceWing territory if Anila decides that she needs a cover to get away from somewhere and doesn't want to use her void step to do so.

    But, generally, she makes sure to only use this near deserts to cover dragon graves which have perished in the scorching sun, or anything else which does. Anila, even though she wishes she could, isn't able to revive dragons who have died, which is why she would have to go to someone like Nimbus, Kayin or Arkhor and see if they would allow them to live again.

    The sandstorms generally only last for around 1-7 posts, which isn't anywhere near as long as her other weather effects can stick around for.

  • Gem and Jewellery Creation
    Anila, when she has managed to finally picture what she wishes to create, is able to cause precious gems to form seemingly out of thin air. However, what she creates in the mortal realm was predesigned in her void realm and then remade in the exact same shape which she had thought of while she had relaxed. She is able to make any amount of gems which she desires, however, she only makes a very specific gem for her followers.

    She can also use these gems to create jewellery as well, forming the gold alloys and other metal combinations around the gem to create what she wishes to create. A very specific example of what she creates and would give only to her most loyal dragons is this;

    Anila, Goddess of the Elements Il_fullxfull.930775516_qhzn

  • Replenishing the Land
    Anila has the ability to replenish the land of its rare metals and materials which the EarthWings have been taking over time. She can also fly over an area and sense what 'resources' that it is lacking, and cause the rocks and dirt to shift as she remakes rivers of gold, gems, silver, and other rarer materials through the rocks. The longest vein of material which Anila can resupply would be around 500 feet long, ny a maximum of 4 feet wide. She prefers not going to this length, but stays around the 300 feel long mark as it still makes the EarthWings, FireWings, or whoever is digging still need to go to the effort of actually harvesting the materials that she supplies.

Anila’s Realm

This is the place for Anila to relax, try and destress herself from the tasks of the mortal world. Here, she can create different things, ice sculptures, practice fire mimicry, anything she wants without the fear of her accidentally destroying the realm which the mortals live in.

To get there, they have to go through a void step. To mortals, their minds simply cannot understand the initial process which they undergo to arrive at her realms as they step through the void. Due to the this, when they peer into it, or step through it, for the duration of when they travel (which is just a few seconds), they see either the latticed black and red sheets, or a green misty weirdness. This is because their minds cannot understand what they are seeing, which, to any other full-god/dess dragon would just be an image of where the portal leads, with the walls being the misty green or the lattice sheets.

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTty8DXJuyvLiZ9PoPVLneXeoO-RO5ytYfixuNUYEKsGUsTJBMG

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Echoes_of_the_void_1_by_tylercreatesworlds-d6pecov

However, once they arrive there, Anila's realm looks like another few planets lost in the outskirts of space. These are just the things which Anila has formed in the her realm, but they are far too large to bring them into the realm of the mortals, and Anila just uses her realm to relax and take it easy while she is there.

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Pink-sun-over-water-planet

Her realm is actually inhabited by only a few creature, these beings are the ones who she can call upon to help her out with things in her NightWing aspect section. However, the only creatures which she allows to come through to help her are the small cat-like creatures, the others stay in her realm as creatures just somewhat wandering around to keep everything in check while Anila is tending to her, more important, mortal realm. That and she prefers to keep those creatures away from others as they are rather scary for mortals to see, but they are completely harmless and she would NEVER bring them to the mortal realm.

Creatures that inhabit her realm:

Her helpers:

These creatures stand only 8 foot high, are 14 foot long, run at max speeds of 20mph and cannot fly or fight. They are, however, quite strong and are able to carry and manoeuvre things which Anila just can't. But they only stay in the mortal realm for a post or two before Anila sends them back to her home. IF a dragon wanted to kill her pet, they are extremely fragile, a simple blow to the back of the head would kill them.

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Random_creature_concept_by_sulamoon
Other inhabitants:

The only way to see these creatures, ever, is to visit Anila's realm.

These first creatures are there to somewhat ensure that the other two stay safe, acting like guardians. They are 30 foot tall but are 80 foot in length. These do not run, but float around and fly through the air like fish swim through the sea at about 30mph. These are a bit bulkier than their cat-like cousins and need a more significant blow or adequate limb removal to kill them.

Guardian creatures:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Saergathin___creature_design_by_cloister-d93za1p

The second batch of creatures to take note of are the ones which run around and do all the cleaning, scratching away any imperfections which Anila would have left for them to do. It keeps the creatures entertained as if they get bored, they might try and eat one of the other inhabitants of her plane. However, they are, physically, the strongest in a fight but they are the most fragile. A hatchlings playful bite can cut their leg off. The best they can do is take on a dead dragon and live to tell the tale. They stand about 22 feet tall, and are only around 10 foot wide, with their 'claws' being 4 foot long.

The over-confident ones:
Anila, Goddess of the Elements Lurlorach___creature_design_by_cloister-d978zkw

Her trees and such which the creatures tend to are incredibly large, around 120 feet in their height, and range from 20-130 feet in total. However, they are all the same plant as Anila hasn't really brought any other trees or seeds to her realm which she likes from the mortal realm aside from these.

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Nature_big_tree_hd


  • ~Learning
    Anila is still pretty clueless with what she can and cannot do in the mortal realm. The only thing which gives her somewhat of a way to know that what she wants to do is wrong is a feeling of confusion or of doubt, something that would make her hesitate and consider if she was doing the right thing.

  • ~Scales
    Naturally, her scales are pretty much like feathers on hide instead of a protective layer of scales. They are extremely weak and flimsy, not so much that a hatchling can bite through them, but a dragon who can strike somewhat decently can easily break through her scales.

  • ~Pain
    If Anila experiences this, she is susceptible to prolonged pain, unable to stand against the constant ache of it. She would easily break if anything was beyond a deep scratch (like a dragon strike across her hide, leaving 2+ claw marks on her). Snapped bones, fractures, anything more painful than this would cause her to break. If she breaks, she wouldn’t run around crying, but instead take herself away and isolate herself until the pain stopped.

  • ~Tion
    One giant weakness that Anila has which others might have a chance of being able to manipulate is her mortal mate, Tion. She would do almost anything to ensure his safety-but if he were meant to die, she would probably kidnap him and make sure that he never left her side again. However, she would know never to interfere and shove Tion to win-even if that was what she really would want to do

Combat Style:
Sit back and watch as the mortals fight one another, then turn away to make sure she doesn't interfere. Against other creation and destruction dragons, it would be more of a battle of wills than anything else, with no physical fighting from her end.

History: N/A and will be revealed through RP.
RP Sample: Its Tempest. . . AGAIN.

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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:08 pm

Hm. Just a couple things.

"Anila has the potential to be able to dodge most attacks... " "However fellow SkyWings would still be able to take her down if they need to." Really this is just a wording thing. It makes it seem like only SkyWings would be able to take her on, as she could just dodge most/all attacks from any other species.

"If she would need to attack something, it would consist of her ramming her body into them at incredible speeds. Not only would this extremely hurt the opponent, but it would shatter the bones that hit the dragon first from the impact." I assume this is a weakness because it would also do a great deal of damage to Anila as well? Also, the last bit, "...it would shatter the bones that hit the dragon first", is a little confusing. Is this just a typing error, or do you mean to say that depending on certain circumstances, like how and where Anila hits the opponent, and their size compared to hers, that someone will have their bones shattered as a result of the ramming but not necessarily the opponent?

I don't think Anila not knowing how to fight dragons is a very good weakness. You could simply ignore this weakness by stating that a fight takes place after she has learned to fight, even if she hasn't started that training yet.

She has no offensive abilities... So no lightning breath or anything like that? If not, then there's no need to state that her powers wouldn't do much against an EarthWing, since she wouldn't have any powers to begin with.

Just fix these few things and bump when ready. ^.^
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Anila Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:49 am

Fixed up the wording issue, further explained the weakness of her not being able to fight, explained and made sure it stated she had no ranged attacks..

AND ADDED a GIANT list giving examples of what her ramming can do.

So, changes made, done in yellow, it's good to be looked at again ^^

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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:47 am

Looks good. Approved.
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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Ignatius Sikum Thu May 19, 2016 6:38 am

Out for edits-SkyWing Semi position to be updated

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Monster_hunter___teostra_by_zedotagger-d8xz4bz
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Anila Sat May 21, 2016 4:05 pm

Okay... I think this is good to go.
Basically the entire app needs to be looked over again, but mainly in the sections of personality, unique abilities and weaknesses. I've added the semi-god abilities there as well as their limitations and rather huge weaknesses have also been added.

Soo bump!

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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Aero Dynamic Sat May 21, 2016 4:37 pm


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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Ignatius Sikum Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:51 pm

Out for the edits and for the addition of the Goddess of the Elements.

Anila, Goddess of the Elements Monster_hunter___teostra_by_zedotagger-d8xz4bz
Ignatius Sikum
Ignatius Sikum
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Anila Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:55 pm


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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Artemise Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:47 am

How are you so creative with your special abilities ;-;

Nice app, by the way Razz Mind teaching me how to write my personality properly so that it won't sound incredibly long-winded and crappy?
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Anila, Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Anila, Goddess of the Elements

Post by Celestia Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:49 am

good enough re-appproved

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