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The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges Dragon10
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The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges

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The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges Empty The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges

Post by Athos on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:06 pm

The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges Tumblr_mp5f0usJzu1s9gsu0o8_250
Personal Info
Name: Komar Prizrak.
Alias: Athos.
Age: Ten years old.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Personality: By nature, Athos is chaotic and his inner mental state is unstable, always having dark thoughts oriented to violence and destruction. However, his willpower and training allows him to remain calm, doing a great job to control his actions. Nevertheless, once he loses control, is really hard for him to regain it by will. So even though his psyche is considered malevolent, he really attempts to do well on to others. Maybe one day Komar will be able to overcome his evilness.

"The real courage is to for see all the dangers and despise them when they get to be inevitable."
Brave. Not only he has a strength of unbreakable will, but also claims to feel no fear. The effort he makes to get something has no limits, and is able to deal with dangerous moments. He sure feels death and fears about being in it, but if the reward is beneficial, he'll cross the Hells; he will effectively control his fears.

"I prefer to set my mind free moved by curiosity than closing it nailed by conviction".
Curious. He enjoys learning new things and exploring unknown places or asking the minutest matters. Often asks and inquires to learn more and have a broader view about life. Leaves no room for doubt and is willing to accept any truth.

"If I do not live to serve, I do not serve to live".
Generous. Athos doesn't mind sharing what little he can come to have, or lend their time for anyone, much less sacrifice himself for a well. Gives away and provides much as he can, to whom he can, where he can, when he can. It is not like he enjoys or feels some satisfaction; it is simply his way of being and/or the right way to live.

"Always reveal the truth and don't profane with dark secrets, just so the light shall shine within you".
Honest. He never lies and expresses reality as it is, even if it may mean an inconvenience for others. He does not become reckless; he knows when to speak and when to shut up. In addition, Komar strives to everyone to speak the truth, so that sincerity leads to confidence and this into peace. This also includes avoiding any reservation of few comments because the words saved are another way to lie to himself or to hide the truth.

"Appreciate the basics, understand the essence of existence, comprehend the reason and reach a conclusion".
Logical. He's really skillful to discern an idea from different and lacking data, answering to problems of certain degree of difficulty and grasp the solution of a crossroads. Always acts with a reason justified and reaches to glimpse light in the darkness.

"Wait the precise moment, in silence, that is the key to success".
Patient. He knows to cope with the bad times, being able to withstand different circumstances for more irritating or painful they may be. Of course, if no why waits, there is no point to, but if he knows that the wait will be worth it, he is going to wait hours or days. However, this might be dangerous to himself, for his mind is fragile and an extreme waiting will unleash his bloodthirsty.

"We all have the right to live".
Protective. Athos would give his life to protect others. He has a great respect for life, so he'll give his best to preserve it. Puts his safety in the line of fire in order to keep others safe. Unknown opponents, animals, friends, murderers, thieves, foes... they all enjoy the protection of Athos.

"Respect for the rights of others is peace".
Respectful. Athos has a great consideration for others and to the rest. He gives the value it deserves to everyone and recognizes everything as a single entity that deserves a friendly deal. Values, therefore, the interests and needs of other individuals, and even inert matter. Thus avoid causing damage to the integrity of his surroundings, which also means it will not allow someone else to do it.

"The waiver is liberation. Not wanting is power".
Unattached. In order to keep himself under control, Komar does not have a real binding to the material or sentimental. Thus, according to him, it is avoided the great suffering and serious pain of losing a loved one. He does appreciate the details, but will never hold dear anything, knowing that everything stops being as it is, which is fine, because when something good goes away, it will leave room for something better.

"The language of truth should be, no doubt, simple and without artifice".
Simplistic. Athos keeps, both his actions and words, as direct and understandable as possible. This way no one around him will be confused because of him, therefore no conflict will born due to him. It is also a great way to avoid any overthinking.

"We live to make possible the impossible".
Tenacius. As long as something is worthwhile and positive, Athos will give it all just to see it through. Even when the odds are not in his favor, Komar's determination will never break down before he ceases to exist. But when it comes to trivial manners, he won't have a problem to give up just avoiding conflict or a waste of energy.

Interests: Despite his benevolence, Athos finds joy in competition, especially the friendly combat. He is also into strategy games and philosophical topics. He entertains with puzzles and will often listen to others with pleasure. Music will always be welcome as other forms of art. Flying around will never cease to be interesting. Last, but not least, Athos enjoys the comedy, although he is not really funny... he tries.
Dislikes: In truth, pretty much everything, but that's because of his chaotic personality; he'll figure out a way to avoid an aggressive response. But!, there are some things that will never tolerate: senseless war, hurtful lies, unjustified irresponsibility and surrendering without trying or simple laziness.
Fears: In his effort to shut away his emotions, he somehow, in a level, managed to dissolve most of his fears. At least, he lacks major phobias due to his un-attachment. Anyway, Komar's greatest fear would be falling into madness, being involved in pure darkness.

General Appearance
Height: 25 feet tall.
Scales: His scales are black, smooth and flat. They do extend in a pointy way.
Eyes: Red.
Appearance: While his appearance lacks muscle and volume, his body possess a very light and dynamic body, allowing him to move quickly and change direction without too much effort. His anatomy grants him the ability to stand in a vertical position without sacrificing horizontal movement while in four legs. His neck is long, but fragile, and his wings are not potent enough to carry more than his own weight without giving away speed. His firm and sharp claws are excellent for combat and to grab applying a great pressure. His tail lacks strength and works more like a balancer; it is also not very large.
The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges Red-Eyes.Black.Dragon.full.1461032
Athos DOES NOT breath fire

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing.
Inheritance: Pure breed.
Rank: Trainee.
Family: Porthos (father, alive) | Mariya (mother, alive) | Ingrid (sister, alive)
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: His best physical qualities rely on his speed and agility, compensating his absence of brute force. His coordination permits him to focus on multiple targets at the same time, avoiding distractions easily. In another area which he exceeds is the great amount of stamina that he owns, being able to keep it up for a really long time without getting exhausted. He uses his tactician mind to overcome most of situations with minimum effort.
Special Abilities: By focusing on one mind, Athos can create visual mirages onto his victims. These illusions are harmless and can only confuse, however, if the hallucination is intense enough and the opponent is weak, she/he might fall asleep or lose consciousness. Athos can only perform this ability while his target is 35 feet close to him. While is very hard for the victim to banish the mirage, once she/he realizes it's not the reality, it becomes easy to ignore.
This ability grows with him, progressing into more complicated illusions, eventually allowing him to disturb other senses.
Weaknesses: Komar usually relies in his illusion to cease battle, so once his mirage is broken or acknowledged, enemies won't be easy to distract. Also, Athos can be overwhelmed by numbers, because he can only focus his mirages onto one mind alone, leaving him vulnerable. His defense is not high, easily damaged by simple physical attacks.
He tends to trust in others without needing any guarantee, making him a very easy target for betrayers and backstabbers. Giving him a false sense of victory or opportunity to turn the tables will lead him to a trap effortlessly.
Combat Style: He tricks his opponents to make them think they have win so they will stop fighting. If this fails or is not convenient, Athos will try to low his enemies' guard in order to knock them down. In any case, his fighting style involves, while he is in control, precise and fast attacks to put an end to the conflict as soon as possible. However, before engaging combat, he will analyze his foes looking for weak spots. But, if he ever loses his mind in combat, Athos will rush with aggressiveness, steadfast claw attacks and quick charges.

RP Sample:


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The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges Empty Re: The greatest Light lies in the Darkness | Athos emerges

Post by Oculus on Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:14 pm

Well, first let me apologize as a representative of the staff for not getting to this sooner. I really hope i can speed you through this so you can get this going asap.

"However, his willpower and training allows him to remain calm, doing a great job to control his actions."
As you do not have a history, I do not believe you are trained, especially since you are only ten years old. So unless you can explain this training in the history, I think it should be removed.

Alright, now to your individual characteristics.
Brave is a characteristic, but you are more of listing his strengths instead of saying what makes him brave.
Curious is fine
Generous is fine
Honest is interesting. "He does not become reckless; he knows when to speak and when to shut up." Isn't your character ten, and didn't you just say he was constantly having dark thoughts of violence?
Logical is a fine characteristic, but it is again being spoken like a strength instead of a characteristic.
Patient: You say he has a weak mind, but didn't you just say he was logical and always solves problems?
Protective is fine, but remember, you are still a young trainee without much experience
Respectful. How is he respectful if he is constantly having murderous thoughts? Is it a facade?
Unattached. This is contradictory to your protective characteristic. Why would he give his life to someone if he was unattached to them?
Simplistic. In the above you said he was logical and always thought things through, and now are saying he avoids things like overthinking?
Tenacious seems fine.

Overall, I believe you tried to make too many characteristics because of interesting quotes you found. I think you should really take a moment and think, who is Komar? What makes Komar, Komar? Don't get me wrong, quotes are a good idea, I just think you are stretching yourself and contradicting yourself.

"In truth, pretty much everything, but that's because of his chaotic personality"
This is contradictory to your characters personality and interests. I suggest removing this and just leaving the "senseless war, hurtful lies, unjustified irresponsibility and surrendering without trying or simple laziness."

Just to clarify, is his fear darkness AND going mad? Or was darkness a metaphor?

Special Ability:
Specify when he can make the hallucinations intense. Remember, he is still a trainee.

"Giving him a false sense of victory or opportunity to turn the tables will lead him to a trap effortlessly."
I find this contradictory to you personality of being logical, but it is a valid weakness to keep.

Combat Style
"He tricks his opponents to make them think they have win so they will stop fighting."
That makes no sense....wouldn't they fight harder since they think they HAVE to win?
"Athos will try to low his enemies' guard in order to knock them down"
How does he lower their guard down?

I highly suggest putting something down in the history as your character is not a newborn. Also, give an example of an rp post of Komar

Overall, I believe you have some parts of your character well thought out, but then begin to wander, like in the personality. Make changes and bump when ready.

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