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Mythryl Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Mythryl Dragon10
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Mythryl Empty Mythryl

Post by Mythryl Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:54 am

Mythryl Akatsuki_black_dragon_by_noona_ninna
Personal Info
Name: Mythryl
Alias: The Unknown
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: She doesn’t really enjoy talking with dragons who she finds dull and uninteresting. She isn’t all friendly to everyone, but tolerates having to talk to them. Worst comes to worst, she knows that she can always force them to forget having a conversation with her and therefore, forget her in the process. If she is ticked off by the dragon who has ignored her ways of telling them to drop the conversation, she will track them down, then punish them badly for angering her. Examples of punishments include mental torture and physical torture, in a way.
Even though she is rather brutal with her punishments and that she isn’t a rather friendly dragon, she is extremely loyal to her leader and her mate (if she gets one). She is loyal to fault, often can end up hurting herself because of how stubbornly she will follow her orders or believe what they tell her. She will always believe that she is right with what she knows and what she believes, and she can defend that to the point of savagery if the dragon angers her enough or greatly questions what she believes.  
Puzzles which challenge her mind, as she enjoys being challenged by intricate puzzles.
She also enjoys creating different types of poisons as they are a silent way to get rid of annoying dragons that just treat her like dirt or annoy her to no end.
Mythryl also enjoys practicing her seduction skills as it is extremely helpful to infiltrate dragons and gain information from them.
Idiots, because, well, they are kinda stupid sometimes.
Being out in the open and easily visible places, as she has bought herself up in the shadows and making sure that she is basically not seen by much.
She also dislikes being told that she can’t do something, or being told she is worthless. Dragons who do this can often end up going missing... then returning later rather bruised and mentally scarred from Mythryl.
Believe it or not, but she fears that her loyalty will be misplaced and she will be rather injured from what she tries to do for the ones who she is loyal to.

General Appearance
Height: In her natural state, she is around 71 feet tall and is around 100 feet long, the majority of it being her tail.
In her Chaos state, she is around 77 feet tall (Due to the massive spikes she has now), 110 feet long and her weight looks as if it has increased by 4 tonne.
Scales: Her scales are rather flimsy, but are absolutely pitch black. Aside from random red circles on her hide, she is completely dark.
Eyes: In her normal state, her eyes are a magenta. In her alternate form, they are a blood red.
Normal State
She is a slim, elegant and long dragon with muscular legs, tipped with midnight coloured claws. She has a red fin which she can raise while flying to help her guide her long body and it reaches to about where her hind legs start. Her tail is tipped with a scythe, long and thin at the tip, but thick and sturdy at the bottom. Her wings are large, black and red, at each ‘finger’ it is tipped with a solid red claw, as well as the first bend. Along her midnight hide, she has red lines down her neck randomly, as well as a few red circulars. On her head, all of her face is red aside from 2 black horizontal stripes on her face and a black lower jaw. She also has two elegant and long horns which are covered with smaller triangular growths on it. She also has magenta eyes.
Mythryl Akatsuki_black_dragon_by_noona_ninna

Chaos State
Every single part of her has turned to tough and sturdy spines. Her scales have darkened, becoming extremely blackened and slightly redder at her paws and wing tips. Her shoulders have giant horn like features, which are basically present all over her body. Her tail tip also is somewhat lost, replaced with plates as well. The image explains her looks much better.
Mythryl Black_dragon_by_oniongod-d7bsnsa
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing
Rank: Tracker
Family: She was abandoned when she was young, due to the red circles which they had passed on. To her parents, it was hideous and disgusting, not what they were wanting from their offspring. They wanted the prettiest dragon in existence.
Mate: None as of yet
Hatchlings: None as of yet

Skills and Abilities
Normal form
Not only is she intelligent, but she is also very clever in the sense that she can easily trick her opponents to think she is either taken a hit or is rather injured. She can do this by imitating the cries of her in pain, then dashing away from the potential danger with her great speed. This can sometimes allow her to get out of a close or lethal situation without so much as a scratch on her.
She can also use her mist to help her achieve this as well. She does this be first using her emotional mist, transferring what she is feeling to the target if they are exposed to it. Depending on what she transferred, for example it could be the feeling of complete and utter trust. She then acts on what they are feeling to gain the information which she herself wants. Afterwards, she often tries to lure them in for a kiss before expelling her forgetting breathe, which makes them forget the conversation and ever seeing her for the past few minutes. They are completely unaffected outside of this. (Limitations on her breathe are explained below)

She greatly prefers to run instead of fly, her ability to jump between two things at a high speed and land silently is almost only topped by SkyWings and dragons who are masters of silent movements. However, she really does prefer to travel on foot as opposed to flying. Due to her increased amount of time on the ground running, she is able to reach sprinting speeds of up to 100km per hour. The time it takes for her to be able to even get close to reaching these sorts of speeds in around 15 seconds. Due to the speed at which her muscles need to operate at to keep this speed up, it puts an incredible strain on her legs. After several kilometres of travel she will need to stop to rest.
She is also able to cover ground silently while she runs at speeds up to 80km/hr, any higher than this and she starts to make a little noise which would be able to be picked up by any dragons which were listening for her, or listening in order to pick up anything out of the ordinary.

Deadly tail blade and claws.
Her tail and claws have a special and unique coating. This coating is almost like a secondary layer and is a incredibly dense compound which is incredibly hard to break. What makes it hard to break is that it is created and derived from almost a dozen different plants and minerals. She has managed to make these materials actually fuse together to be the denseness and sturdiness which she needs in order to pierce the dragons coating. Due to the nature of the compound, it is rather flammable in her normal state. Although, that being said, outside of the ranges of the fire, the compound is virtually impossible to break. Underneath it though, her claws and tail scythe are still able to break if she applies too much force behind them.

Chaos/Guardian form
Even though she changes her shape to become more of a bulky and sturdy dragon, she is still able to retain her quick-thinking abilities. She is able to figure out solutions to seemingly bad situations, or able to solve riddles and puzzles with ease still. She is also still able to judge things which are rather sudden in a slightly calmer sense than other dragons would be able to if she were surprised. She is can sometimes come to a safe conclusion to some situations. For example, she would know how to; a) Get herself out of an incredibly bad situation, or b) Get her partner/mate/dragon who is accompanying her out of danger.
She also knows the limitations of this form compared to the other, knowing approximately what it will take to make her fall. However, she is rather painfully aware that she has had to sacrifice some of her agile speed for more strength and bulk in this Chaos form. She is down to sprinting at speeds of 60km/hr instead of her sprinting at 100km/hr because of the amount of muscle she has gained while she is in this state.

Thick hide/scales
In this form, her very fine and leathery scales are replaced with hard, armoured plating. Her wings also become tougher; the membrane thickening to be able to take the extra load, her hide also becomes stronger and thicker. Due to these drastic changes her weight is also increased by a fair amount, slowing down how fast she is actually able to move and it also increases the muscle mass of her form.
The upside is, while she is in this form, she is able to take many more hits than normal. Her plating and hide protects her from lethal hits, but she can only take around 3 of these before she would still go down. Smaller attacks seem to bounce off her as well, due to the thick hide and sturdy plating protecting her. She is almost like a moving wall in some ways, but parts of her neck, leg and face don’t get the same strong and thick protection that the rest of her obtains, so they are more vulnerable to attacks compared to the rest of her body in this state.

Fighting skills
If she were to actually spend a majority of her time practicing with her fighting techniques in her Chaos form, she would be unmatched in the close combat skills by any NightWing she meets. Even though she is incredibly clever for someone of her age, it still remains unknown to her as to how strong her Chaos forms’ true strength is. Due to this, she prefers to stay in her normal form and practice more with what she normally can do. It also doesn’t help that she splits her time between all of her skills when she is in her chaos form, so that she is able to slowly master them one at a time and increase their potential instead of completely mastering one. Sadly because of her sharing, she isn’t the most perfect or wonderful with fighter. However, she would still rank in around the ‘excellent’ mark, way beyond the average. She would even be able to go toe-to-toe with some of the more crazy FireWings (if it weren’t for her flammable coatings on her claws, she would do so more often). She is able to easily hold her own against another dragon, even if they are more experienced in close combat compared to her thanks to her thickened hide and scales. Her increased muscle mass also aids in being able to fight against stronger opponents.
That being said, even the most fantastic fighters have their weaknesses. If she were to be assaulted by more than 2 dragons, she would have an incredibly hard time keeping up with them. This is because she isn’t as quick and striking as she use to be. She has to be much more wary of her movements, sadly she will take more hits until she is down, and she is unable to silently get away from the dragons who are seeking her blood IF she stays in this form. While the dragons are still tracking her down, her forgetting breathe is also rendered inert as their adrenaline for a fight is able to overpower the mist with ease.
However, this all being said, if she were defending her mate, she would be extremely vicious, striking almost wildly to try and scare them off in order to defend them.

Special Abilities:

Midnight Claws
She can embed her claws with the power of the darkness around her, making them able to pierce almost any substance aside from sturdy metals, annoyingly thick plating, dense and thick stone. These things which have the ability to resist her midnight claws are only left with either dints, scratches or small holes compared to what her claws can normally cut through things with a bit of force. She can also damage dragons rather badly with this as her midnight claws have tendrils which wrap around her arm.

Changing breathes.
She has two states of her breathe, one being a mist which can transfer emotions onto another dragon depending on how she is feeling. The other makes them forget her or talking with her, but is only able to be used outside of combat.

   -Forgetful mist
If dragons ever had that moment in a conversation where they knew what they were going to say, but lost it in a few seconds, or could have sworn that they had seen someone, this is because of her. During conversations and times of just mindless observing, she can somewhat appear in front of them and breathe her emotion mist against them. They will inhale the emotion mist first in surprise, and then proceed to talk with her. If less than 5 minutes have passed since they saw her, she can then use her forgetful mist. This makes them forget that they had ever seen her or spoken with her and are left in a state of semi confusion. This only ever works if the person isn’t fighting her, if it does, the adrenaline can prevent the mist from working with ease.
   -Emotion mist
She is able to use this to force the other dragon to feel what she is feeling, but at a slightly increased rate. For example, if she were feeling a sense of desire, she can imprint that onto the dragon who will then feel an incredible feeling of need and want. She can also transfer across her pain, which remains at the same level as what she is currently feeling. She can use this in battle, due to it not being affected by the adrenaline.

Eternal Darkness
She is able to call the darkness of the void to her, turning all light into darkness within a 400 foot orb around her. This lasts for around 10 minutes in the middle of the day because of how much light is being taken away, but at night, she is able to hold it for an incredible amount of time because there is much less to take away. If a dragon were to see it at night, it would just appear as if it’s a denser area, like looking into a cave. In broad daylight, well, it looks as if its just an orb of black moving about, so it’s very obvious.

Midnight Empowerment
Using darkness as her strength, she is able to absorb it (both lunar darkness and her own). This empowers her and her abilities.
In her empowered state, she is able to reach speeds of 120km’s per hour in around 20 seconds. Due to the empowerment, she is able to run around 20 kilometers before her muscles start to ache and she has to physically stop herself from running any further.
Her claws are able to form a small and temporary shield in front of her by grabbing the tendrils from her arms and holding it in front of her. This cannot block extremely physical hits, or strong elemental abilities, but has the power to stop a single lightning strike, a fire from long distance (It also blocks the heat temporarily so that it doesn’t burn her claw coatings off), a few ice shards depending on how thick it is, a temporary block of acid, ect. However, this is only able to be formed once before the tendrils wrapping around her arm are completely destroyed and she can only use the claws again.
Chaos form
She is able to switch to this form at will, as it is basically the other half of herself. When she switches, her weight is increased because of the muscle mass which increases, and her plating becomes much denser and more rigid compared to her normal state in which they are rather flimsy. In this form, she has much more bulk to her, is able to take more hits and she is rather sturdy and somewhat harder to move.
However, due to the density of her newer muscles, she does become heavier in the sense that her muscles now weight more. She is a heavier dragon and her maximum speed does drop because of the amount of mass they now have to move compared to her other form.


-Ranged abilities as she is unable to strike back against them. If she is unable to dodge them, and is forced to just take these incredible hits, they will quickly injure her for certain.

-Fragile normal form as she cannot take any significant physical hits in this form, if she does end up being hit by them, they can easily pierce through her small, flimsy and thin scales.

-Fragile claws because if she hits something too hard without the casing, they can easily snap due to their somewhat flimsiness. This is the same for her tail tip as well.

-Flammable claw casing, as if this is ignited, well, she needs to put it out before her weak scales are burned. It is also an extreme distraction for her if she isn’t careful with her flammable coating.

-Slower Chaos form is also a little bit of a weakness as she can’t get out of the road of serious shots as fast as she normally can due to her increased speed from her running form.

-Adrenaline because this is able to just destroy the effects of her forgetting mist when she is trying to use it.

-She is easily tired from sprinting short distances, even though she can cover it extremely quickly. When she is tired, her movements become sluggish until she is able to recover what energy she has lost while she had been running.

Combat Style:
She prefers to try and remain in the shadows, waiting and striking dragons when they least expect it. Mythryl does prefer not to be attacked from ranged and to prevent this, she tries not to let herself be seen until they are about to die.
If she is about to be hit by a shot, transform and take the shot and go forward in her Chaos/Guardian state, pushing dragons around and slamming them down with her paw skills, midnight claws and sheer strength.

She was abandoned by her parents for not being absolutely 100% perfect, since then, she has been surviving in the shadows, a little bitter from her woeful history. Let’s just say, her history is rather brutal so she tries her best not to dwell in the past. Instead of dwelling on the past, she then goes and looks for dragons that she deems are worthy to have her loyalty.
She believes that the NightWing leader deserves this.
Because of this, she decided to try and live among them. Although she finds their dragons annoying, she tries her best to at least talk to them. In order to make herself a bit more relaxed though, she has made her home in a cave a fair way away from the other NightWings. This is so that she can have her peace and quiet and so that she remains unknown to other dragons.
RP Sample: (Please, this is Tempest ;-; please don’t make me do another one)

Mythryl Output_ms3xzd__1__by_kfalash-dagn6jc       Mythryl, the Unknown Shadow       Mythryl Output_b8gzqb_by_kfalash-dagn5nz

Mythryl Akatsuki_black_dragon_by_noona_ninna

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Mythryl Empty Re: Mythryl

Post by Sly Sat Apr 02, 2016 4:11 am


Love this character! :3

Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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Mythryl Empty Re: Mythryl

Post by Cosmos Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:23 pm

Moved back into unapproval for editing. Bump when edits are made.


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Cosmos was the cutest baby..

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