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Krystal, the Exile Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Krystal, the Exile Dragon10
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Krystal, the Exile

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Krystal, the Exile Empty Krystal, the Exile

Post by Ignatius Sikum Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:15 pm

Krystal, the Exile Eeb2412aded5b83b5367484a031aaa55
Personal Info
Name: Krystal
Alias: The Exile.
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: In one word, she is resentful, and another word, broken. She is bitter, being wrongly accused changed her from a kind to a fault attitude, to a miserable dragon. She is harsher to dragons who she deems unworthy of her time, as she has been more than verbally abused by dragons around her. Especially male ones. She is angry towards the world, as it had seemingly turned its back on her. In the years which she wandered, she eventually began to turn her back on the world.
She would put up with dragons talking to her, and would engage back with them to be polite. But if she found that they were boring, she would leave the conversation and talk without a second thought. However, for dragons to be able to have a chance of holding a conversation with her, they need to be able to get her talking and try and get on her good side. Krystal also just needs a lot of time to get use to them, as she had began to turn her back on the dragons around her. She can be feisty towards dragons who she doesn’t like, or can just be a bit more playful when she begins to trust another dragon.
When her trust is earned, she is quiet, respecting of what they say and waits until the other has spoken before voicing her opinion. She is also rather playful, loyal, protective and caring of those who she loves. Due to her loyalty to these dragon, she would do anything to protect them.
However, to the world around her, she is a shell, a furious shell of resentment and defeat. Slowly, she was being consumed by the feelings of bitterness, hatefulness and vengefulness, wanting to take it out on every living thing. She was very tempted to even return and strike down the ones who decided to cast her away. Then she heard rumours about Kayin. A dragon of time, and maybe a dragon who knew of her past.

 Krystal enjoys learning about Kayin, and striving to follow what she stands up for. She also wishes to learn more about the dragon of time, and eventually, if she was extraordinarily lucky, meet her.

 Puzzles, as she enjoys spending the hours to solve them. She finds them mentally stimulating, and enjoys that no one will be watching her while she tries to figure out some of the more complicated ones which even some of the smartest dragons avoid.

 She also enjoys playing in the snow, as it reminds her of the icy lands of her home, which she longs to go back to.

 Krystal is also interested in looking after dragons younger than her. However that would almost never happen as she is an exile. Krystal does enjoy protecting hatchlings and young dragons from the dangers of the world as she knows the ramifications of the actions that Pyyria can throw at them. To her, it’s not a pretty sight at all. She would do almost anything to save them and help them.

 Even though she is an exile, Krystal still enjoys sparing as she also needs these skills to help her to survive in the wilderness. She still wouldn’t kill a dragon if she had a choice around it.

 The final thing which she enjoys doing is flying, because there is no way that anyone could anger her up there, or see how free she is when she is there. While she is flying, she often decides to just drop and close her eyes. When she feels she has plummet for long enough, she spreads her wings and stops her decent, gliding to the ground.

 Krystal hates the people who threw her out of her home and accused her of a false murder. She wants to bring her own justice down on them, but she never would be able to.

 Dragons who try and take advantage on the younger ones, especially hatchlings. She will never stand for this and would do whatever she could to stop them from being so rude to the younger ones.

 She also dislikes it when people try and sympathise with her, especially when they have never experienced anything close to what she has.

 Krystal fears that she will lose the beauty of the colours she has, the one thing which she still loves about herself.

 She also fears that the rumours of the time dragon she heard were false, and she hoped beyond all reason that they weren’t.
General Appearance
Height: Currently, she stands at 113 feet tall or 116 if you include her horns, is 318 foot long (mainly due to her tail), has a wingspan of 778 feet from feather tip to feather tip.
Scales: She has fish shaped scales, which cross over rightly. They range from greens on her underbelly, claws and lower jaw, to purples on her back, front of her hind legs and top of her head and then blues on the rest of her.
Eyes: She has darker blue eyes.
Krystal, the Exile 7155220-original

Her dark blue eyes are when she is without her armour, with her unlocked/gifted protection armour, her eyes become a light blue.

Appearance: She has frill-like ears, starting from her jawbone and stretching around to the back of her skull. These extend several feet backwards, behind an elegantly curved pair of horns. Behind her ears are another set of frills, which serve mainly as ‘decorative’ features. She has feathers on her chin (although they are small) and down the middle of her head. This acts like a mane, only reaching around 3/7th of the way down her neck. She has a soft-plated belly, mainly covered with fur on her chest. Her wings are her most outstanding feature, being giant, multicoloured and elegant. Down her back is stream of feathers, before they branch out to cover a larger area after her hind legs. The tip of her tail is covered with fur. On all of her feet, she has 3 forward claws, tipped with sharp yet very sturdy talons. She has no spines or spikes for attacking or defence, but the amount of fur keeps her warm on cold nights in the ice lands.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: She use to be an IceWing, before she was banished and thrown into the wilderness. Krystal now travels the world as a rogue.
Her bloodline consists of 90% IceWing, 8% SkyWing (her ability to fly at higher speeds than an average IceWing) and 2% LightWing (which is where all of her colours came from).
Rank: Follower of Kayin.
Family: To her knowledge, they have all passed away, her mother, father and 4 younger siblings. These were who they were;
Krystal, the Exile Ice_dragon_by_dragonniar
Krystal, the Exile 558349642_tp
Krystal, the Exile 2849f8acaba0713751629e4583020a38
Krystal, the Exile Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTbl3vwlOSnA1yk4Cs5ZFzfafm12dKrlTZ64xF6mGnBiUNhHM16
Krystal, the Exile Ice_Dragon_(detail)
Krystal, the Exile BLUE-DRAGON
Mate: None as of yet.
Hatchlings: None as of yet.

Skills and Abilities
Frost breath
She has the typical freezing breathe from her IceWing heritage, able to freeze very thin object with it such as grass or leaves. Otherwise, it’s just crippling cold and has a chance to really annoy dragons with the sudden temperature drop.
Mental strength
Krystal is rather clever for someone of her age, and can think of solutions of to the majority of problems. She may be an aggressive dragon, almost the temperament of a stereotypical FireWing, but she will still be able to solve the problems which other dragons can face. This is because of her love for problem solving.
Fur coat
She is able to survive in extremely cold wilderness lands because of the warmth her coat provides. She has been able to survive howling blizzards, rainfalls and more due to the nature of the coat. It has 3 sections to it, the outer, which is what can be seen, the middle and then the inner layer. The middle layer has more of an oily layer, because this property allows for the water to wash over her instead of seeping into her skin. The inner layer is basically a fur equivalent of duck down, and is extremely warm.  
Krystal is a very adept flier, able to give the SkyWings a run for their money in terms of sharp turns and speeds. She would never be able to catch up to them, but she also wouldn’t lag too far behind the sky dragons. She does have to slow down slightly in order to make sharp turns, whereas they would be able to keep the same speed. If she kept the same speed, she would surely blackout and crash somewhere.  

Special Abilities:
Shards of Ice
Being born an almost 100% IceWing grants her abilities of the ice, and she is able to form shards of ice from her wings, paws, tail and her back. After forming these shards, she can throw them or project them away from her and towards those who want to do her harm. The size of the shards are heavily influenced by the temperature around them.
If it’s a very warm environment, like the volcanoes, the shards will be very small, almost like needles and would just stick into a dragons’ side.
If it’s a warm environment, the shards would be slightly larger, around the size of her fingers, and would deal slightly more damage to the dragons.
If it’s a neutral environment, the shards will be the size of her paw and will stick into a dragon’s side and stay lodged in there. This would most likely hurt dragons if they were hit by 2 in the same area.
If it’s cold environment, her shards are the size of her front leg, and well, you don’t want these in your size.
If it’s an icy cold one, her shards will be huge, the size of her hind leg, dragons would not want to see these at all.

Her shards are easy for her to use, but continuous use of them will drain her of her energy. When this happens, the shards gradually reduce themselves in size until they are just like needles. After this stage, she can barely use her ability anymore.
She can also launch 4 shards at any one time.
The places she can launch them also have varying capabilities. She can launch 4 from her back, 2 from each wing, one from her front paws, and 6 from her maw if there’s a lag in-between them all.

She can manipulate her shards when she is in a normal environment or cooler to block other abilities. However, in order to reflect abilities, it requires an enormous amount of concentration on her part. In a fight, that is rather hard to come across. It also almost never happens as it is requires precise timing, and more often than not, it is a fluke.
For example in how it works, there is a small few things.
She can use it to block a giant strike of lightning-but needs at least 2 shards to be able do this.
2 shards to block water based attacks for about 3 seconds so she can try and get out of its road.
6 to block fire hits for a grand total of 1 second-like that’s going to help...

Locked/Gifted abilities
Armour of Kayin, Goddess of Time
Bestowed upon Krystal was this armour, which forms around her when she is in danger, or about to have to fight. It is a symbol of Kayins’ protection, and was specifically made for Krystal. It is pure white in colour, and covers Krystal entirely, making her blend into white backgrounds much more easily than with out it.
This armour aids in her ability to block abilities which would be able to severely hurt Kyrstal. The armour basically does it for her, once or twice every fight, but never more than what is necessary. If the strike would kill her, the armour uses her ice powers to deflect the blow. It also increases the amount of hits which Krystal can take before she is down.
This is what her armour would look like.
Krystal, the Exile 3b800774d9a8b47fcf6cf009ca76f6d7

Fur Coat
Although her fur coat keeps her warm, it is extremely flammable and at the mercy of the FireWings, she would be pretty toast.
The heat drains her of her strength, destroys her unique ability and isn’t really the best for fighting in. She overheats quickly in the heat, and won’t be able to fight for long.
Until/If she gets the blessing of Kayin, this ability is basically useless. It is also a last resort to try and reflect an ability which would end her side of a battle.
Close range
She is not the best one on one fighter when it comes to close range, her abilities lie in keeping the enemy away from her, not dealing with them close up.

Combat Style:
Krystal prefers an aerial assault style of combat. She will beat down on an opponent from a great distance, using her icy cold breathe to keep them slowed and guessing, then dive past them and use her shards to attack.

History: Krystal was the oldest of four siblings, whose parents raised them. But as she grew older, her father became more and more closed off for some reason, and her mother constantly left them to see another drake.
Eventually, their mother stopped seeing them altogether when she was just 5 years old. Their father slowly spiralled into depression, eventually ignoring the hatchlings altogether. Krystal took it upon herself to look after them, often going out and using her icy abilities to kill small prey for her brothers and sisters. She faced the freezing blizzards multiple times to save them from starvation, and her father too. She kept doing this, weeks on end, until the months turned into years.
She almost had forgotten her mother, who came back to visit them after 4 years. She was inwardly amazed that they were still alive, but she was also furious that they were. The mother went to visit her father, then called in every child afterwards. One by one then entered. Krystal expected them to come back out. But when her mum called her, she nervously wandered into the room, where her mum attacked her straight away, trying to kill her. Krystal retaliated, shrieking in horror as she jumped back. Her ability activated, striking her mum in the side of her chest.
Seeing her chance, the mother of the hatchlings collapsed, feigning death. Krystal went to try and wake them, calling out their names one by one as she tried to shake them to consciousness. But it wasn’t to be.

The IceWing guards who had heard the dreadful screams came to investigate, and took Krystal captive as she was (not only gorgeous) but covered in blood. They did unspeakable things to the youngling, before they sentenced her to be cast away into a bitter exile. They thought that she had murdered her own family, but her mother still lives to this day in the icy caves with her new lover.

She was confused, lost, and almost willed that she could die. But no matter how hard she tried to forget what had happened, she wandered through the forests, avoiding dragons and sending them on their way when they tried to sympathise with her. She hated it.
She hated what had happened.
She cursed the injustice.
She turned bitter.
Soon, she wanted to kill every IceWing she saw for the injustice done to her, the cruel and disgusting things forced upon her.

Years dragged on and she eventually wanted to murder every living thing, consumed by her anger and rage. She almost ran into a few dragons, but she hid away from them. Then heard something that brought a slight hope into her mind-
a time dragon, by the name of Kayin. She listened intently to the conversation, finding out what she could about the dragon. She was so interested in her, the dragon who she knew nothing of.

Krystal turned away from her anger, instead, finding a new thing to pursue. She grabbed the rope that was basically handed to her, and she followed it. She sought to increase her understanding of this beloved Time Dragon, and what it meant she could do for such an amazing dragon.

RP Sample: (Ya know, this is like, 5 pages long on a word document, WITHOUT the pictures... But fine, I’ll do another sample.)
Krystal raises her head, the mutated deer walking across the snow. Its footprints sank deeply into the ice, but she kept still, her tail the only thing raised over the ice. It blew in the breeze, the deer noticing it for the first time. It tilted its head, wandering over to see if it was food...
A flick of her tail and a few ice shards later, Krystal was dragging the carcass back home, the weight of it almost too much for her to carry. But still, she dragged it and continued. It was needed for her beloved sisters and brothers to survive, and she couldn’t let anything happen to them.

Krystal, the Exile Monster_hunter___teostra_by_zedotagger-d8xz4bz
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Krystal, the Exile Empty Re: Krystal, the Exile

Post by Sly Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:45 pm


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